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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 09-Oct-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 16-Oct-2014 12:00AM EDT

In accordance with Administrative Bylaw 3.A.i. I, Gabriel Trevisan, CM of Vale do Itajaí by Night, do propose the following:

As a gathering representatives of Brazilian Chronicles (the relationship of chronicles who supporting the proposal follows in the end), we come before you to propose that we can use the rules of the BNS (By Night Studios) as house rules while respecting the rules and Statutes of the OWBN.
This propousal would primarily enable BNS rules to be adopted as house rules for  interested chronicles, like almost all chronicles in Brazil, avoiding any conflicts of interaction.

Our intention is to use all the rules of BNS: XP cost, merits (including merits rarity), disciplines and etc, but still following the rules and approval methods the OWBN. For example, a Lasombra Antitribu character must pass a vote in the Council, as indicated in the rules for R & U, and pay the cost of merit of rarity (4 points) as a rule of BNS. Basically, the character need continue follow all restrictions the OWBN and still be subject to the restrictions of the BNS.
We are aware that the adoption of the rules of BNS as house rules, while following all restrictions and approval requirements OWBN, makes our games into something much more restricted, but all who support this proposal are willing to have these excessive restrictions to use BNS rules without hurting the OWBN by Laws.

Games that choose to adopt the rules of the BNS as "house rules" will have the following restrictions:
- If the BNS allows, but OWBN does not allow  = not allowed
- If the BNS does not allow, but OWBN allows  = not allowed
- If the BNS allows and OWBN allows  = allowed
- Obviously, if both do not allow = not allowed
There will be no conversion of powers, disciplines, paths, combos, etc from the Laws of the Night to the BNS. Only the BNS existing rules will be used.

The only exception would be the merits and Techniques that exist in the BNS, but do not exist in OWBN that would be used by us as House Rules. As the rules allow each chronicle of the OWBN can create their own combos and merits, this would not be against the by Laws.
The goal here isn't to change the rules of OWBN, but allow the use of the rules of BNS as a house rules, obeying all the restrictions OWBN.

All chronicles they chose using the BNS as House Rules need to still have all the character sheet of their players in Laws of the night version too, for any interaction with chronicles that do not chose it's use.

Supporting Chronicles:
- Arapiraca, PE: Jungle Stone
- Brasília, DF: Pacis Aeternae
- Campinas, SP: Império das Cinzas
- Curitiba, PR: Curitiba By Night
- Dois Vizinhos, PR: The Kingdom by Night
- Florianópolis, SC: Igni et Moriaris
- João Pessoa, PB: Eternal Shadows
- Londrina, PR: Blood and Vendetta
- Maldonado by Night: Magus et Artifex
- Mossoro, BR: Mossoro by Night
- Natal, RN: Legacy of Blood
- Niterói by Night: The Lost Souls
- Nova Friburgo, RJ: Rise of Kraken
- Ouro Preto, MG: Dying of the Light
- Pernambuco, PE: Pernambuco Imortal, The Land of Chaos
- Porto Alegre, RS: Eternal Blood
- Recife, PE : Blood's Legacy
- Rio de Janeiro, RJ: City of Wonders
- Rio Grande, RS: Sobre a Areia Sempre Hostil
- São Paulo, SP: São Paulo by Night
- Sorocaba by Night: The Abyss Within
- Vale do Itajaí, SC: Fear of the Dark

Gabriel Trevisan
CM - Vale do Itajaí

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