[Bylaw Amendment] Reduction, the first (Rarity changes for Changing Breeds R&U's)

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 16-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 23-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT

I, Justin Quigley, propose the following changes to the R&U Bylaws:


From Very Rare (R&U 3.B.) PC: 2/3 Majority Vote, NPC: Simple Majority Vote and logged with the Archivist
to Extraordinary (R&U 3.C.) PC: Majority Vote, NPC: Coordinator Approval and logged with the Archivist


Non-Garou Walking the Spiral (as outlined in 4.D.ix.)

Near-Extinct & Extinct: Changing Breeds (as outlined in 4.C.i.)

  • Ajaba 
  • Apis 
  • Bubasti 
  • Bunyip 
  • Camazotz 
  • Ceilican 
  • Croatan 
  • Grondr 
  • Khara 
  • White Howler Throwbacks
  • Siberakh

Very Rare Changing Breeds (as outlined in R&U 4.D.v. - move from 4.D.v. to 4.D.vi.)  - Rare Changing Breeds (Move from 4.D.vi - Become "Extraordinary Changing Breeds")

  • Kitsune
  • Mokole
  • Nagah
  • Ananasi 
  • Nuwisha 
  • Rokea

From Rare - PC: Majority Vote, NPC: Coordinator Notification and logged with the Archivist
to Extraordinary - PC: Majority Vote, NPC: Coordinator Approval and logged with the Archivist

  • Lost Tribal and Breed Gifts (as outlined in 4.D.vi.)
  • Apis 
  • Bunyip 
  • Camazotz 
  • Croatan 
  • Grondr 
  • White Howler 


Alright, now you're probably wondering about the reasoning for these. Dropping a lot of things out of the "Very Rare" rarity is something that I've been wanting to do for a while, in order to encourage STs to begin using them a little more actively as NPCs. I've heard way too much about how STs will just use "Vicissitude enhanced wolf-based monsters with magic" instead of an Abomination because the vote is prohibitive. So, I want to remove the vote potential for all of these concepts as NPCs and place them in Coordinator hands, while allowing Council to retain control of any PCs that might want to use them.

Oh, and I think that it's an oversight that NPCs can have/use Lost Tribal/Breed Gifts without the CBC being able to weigh in. That's a bridge too far, so that's moving up in the rarity.

Justin Quigley
Changing Breeds Coord

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