[PROPOSAL] [ADMINISTRATIVE BYLAW] Denying Entry, Membership and Participation Standards [AMENDED]

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 17-Sep-2013 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 23-Sep-2013 11:58PM EDT

As Council Member for Whispers of Atlanta, I propose the following additions to the Administrative Bylaws:

A couple of amendments to my proposal. It will now read as follows; 

Administrative Bylaw Change:

1. Chronicles

    D. Denying Entry

        ii. Chronicles have full authority to determine their own admittance policies, with the exception of those persons already under an Organizational Discipline such as Council-Voted Bans, Strikes, or Probation.

9. Internet Presence

     5.  Those designated as Moderators for any type of online forum utilized by the One World by Night community are responsible for setting the standards for membership and interaction on that forum.

13. Minimum Age for Membership and Participation

     A. The default minimum age for membership and participation in One World by Night is 18 years of age.

            i. Minimum age requirements may be overridden by an individual Chronicle if included in that Chronicle’s House Rules along with methods for obtaining Parental or Legal Guardian consent for those under 18.

Trey Naivar


These changes are to set a clear and base expectation of all participants in One World by Night, both in person and online, and allow Chronicles to determine their own level of participation and risk while at the same time demanding a clear stance to the OWBN Community at large should they chose to alter their minimum standards so that every player may make an informed choice when attending any Chronicle.


Trey Naivar
Whispers of Atlanta Council Rep
AIM: WhiteyMcDrow

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