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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 07-Oct-2011 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 14-Oct-2011 11:58PM EDT

Greetings, Citizens of One World by Night!


Pursuant to By-Law 4.C: Special Elections


         i.            i. Should any Coordinator position become unfilled during a term, a special election must be held.

       ii.            ii. The Head Coordinator may appoint someone to fill the position until the special election is completed.

      iii.           iii.  The appointee will be treated as an Elected Coordinator, except that the appointee will only serve until the Special Election is complete.

     iv.            iv. The Head Coordinator will announce the Special Election on the Council, ST, and OWBN-OOC mailing lists and will accept applications for fourteen (14) days.

       v.           v.  The vote will then proceed following the bylaws in Administrative Bylaws, Section 4, Subsection B, Other Coordinator Elections.

     vi.           vi.  Should the position become vacant within one (1) month of the Head Coordinator Election, an appointee may serve until elections are complete.


The following candidates are running:


Brad Klinger
Alden Shadrick
Erik Sullvan
Reject All Candidates



Can also be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g2bfWFnb_hnmeLdahL7zFDexnHDJo7SFP1RLAcRo6XE/edit?hl=en_US


Salutations and thank you for taking the time to look my application over!

I am Brad Klinger and I am applying for the position of Assamite Coordinator for the remainder of the 2011 term.  I'll be available for questions either on Council or in private as needed.

Email: iowasabbatst@gmail.com
Home Chronicle: Crusade of Ashes  - Cedar Rapids, IA

Chronicle Support:
Crusade of Ashes
L'ange Noir
Dark Colony: Hartford
Kings of New York
Black Hawk County by Night
Motor City Monsters
Winona Dark Haven
Fredricksburg Caine’s Chosen

Coordinator Support:
Adam Sartori - Sabbat Coordinator
Rob Beckett - Demon Coordinator

OWBN Gaming Background:
HST and CM of Crusade of Ashes 2006-present
HST of L'ange Noir 2010-present
Assamite Subcoord 2008-present
Sabbat Subcoord 2010-present
Giovanni Subcoord 2010-present
Demon Subcoord 2010-present
Temp Assamite Coord July 2011

I've been LARPing for 12 years, and HSTing a variety of games for 11.  I've run Camarilla, Sabbat, Hunter, and Demon LARPs over my time and had a blast doing so.  As much as I enjoy playing my own characters, a big part of the fun for me is getting to watch other people's stories unfold.  It's why I keep running games and keep seeking out new ways to assist the players of OWBN and our elected Coordinators.

As a storyteller I've held a simple motto, "No ST ever improved without someone screaming at them along the way".  I'm a firm believer in seeking out criticism of my actions as it can, at times, be hard for an individual to see their own faults.  As a Coordinator I would continue that ideal and encourage both players and storytellers to let me know when they think I've crossed a line.  I think each member of our organization needs to be capable of introspection, but that is most important in those who are elected to guide the wider aspects of OWBN.

Administrative Experience:

I stepped up to serve as the Unconquered Subcoord under Kory McJannet in 2008 because I have long felt that the Sabbat halves of many clans get overlooked.  As the Assamite Antitribu actually had a clan structure and hierarchy, I was added to the team to help flesh that out and give the Unconquered more of an identity that differentiated them from simply being "Assamite Sabbat members".  To that end I wrote up the Unconquered Packet, taking the few blurbs from the clanbook to what I felt was their natural conclusion.  Though I do not encourage the spread of blood magic within the Sabbat, I supported the reduction in rarity for Sabbat Assamite Sorcerers to open that facet of the clan up for play a little more.

Under Cheri my duties were expanded to include all non-Schismatic Assamites, though truth be told that didn't add much to my responsibilities.  Due to the Camarilla-centric nature of OWBN it's natural that the Schismatics vastly outnumber the other factions and that leaves little room for Dispossessed or Loyalists.  I have offered advice and commentary, and occasionally arguments, to the Assamite Team on many occasions and try to keep abreast of clan-wide issues despite my narrow focus.  As such I was called upon to serve as temporary Coordinator when Cheri took her month-long break earlier this year.  I still haven’t figured out if that was meant to be a recognition of exemplary service or some kind of punishment because fuck you, that’s why.  :-)

I've contributed to a number of efforts by Coordinators of OWBN.  I've written sections of the Sabbat Factions Packet, the Assamite Genre Packet, and was the original author of the idea that eventually became the Year of Fire.  Although I assure you the original idea had far fewer demons and Baali all over the place, and focused much more on the struggle between out-of-touch elders and modern vampires.  I've been consulted on many other efforts as well including the Infernalism Packet, last year's NOLA plots, and the Brujah’s Cruce Signati.  I've also written the unofficial Demon: the Fallen LARP conversion that's currently being sent to White Wolf so we know if there will be any legal barriers to it's use.  In all I enjoy contributing to the stories told throughout OWBN and am more than willing to put in the work necessary to take part in it.


My goals for clan Assamite might be less ambitious than expected.  We just had a Genre and Sorcery packet passed recently and I see no reason why they should need updates.  What our players need is stability rather than ever-changing rules and regulation based on the whims of whomever gets elected each year.  So unless the future exposes some massive flaw in the current Assamite packets I'll be leaving those alone.  The sole exception is the Unconquered packet which requires a long-overdue update to account for the change in the Sabbat Status Packet.

My primary concern is providing PCs with IC support.  During my brief tenure as temporary Assamite Coordinator a number of players confided in me that they feel disillusioned with the Schism, some even seriously discussing leaving it.  They feel that their clan elders are either ignoring them or are otherwise engaged in petty behavior unbecoming of their station.  While elders can and should have their own goals and rivalries, the players should never feel like they’re being ignored in a rigidly hierarchical clan like the Assamites.

I am not a fan of railroading PCs onto a particular agenda.  So while I would like to increase the exposure of the clan hierarchy for the PCs, it will take a largely mentor-like advisory role rather than a commanding one.  PCs, ultimately, should be the masters of their own destinies and unless their actions are particularly out of line should not be subject to any kind of forced behavior.  I will encourage my subcoords to portray the Council of Scrolls and especially to have those NPCs seek apprentices from among the PCs, both as a means of increasing dialogue with the clan elders and as a way of showing favor to those PCs who enact the elders' will appropriately.

My other main goal is to work with storytellers to bring a better understanding of the Loyalist faction to OWBN.  For so long they've been used as simply faceless murderers and monster-of-the-week challenges that much of the point of this faction has been lost.  Not only are they the largest faction of the clan, but therefore also the most active and diverse.  The Loyalists should not be simply obvious "bad guys" for the Schismatics, or even the Camarilla, but rather should exist more as a counterpoint to the Schism.  Their motivations and actions should make Schismatic Assamites question themselves and if they truly are serving Haqim's will.  To that end I have already begun writing what will become a non-binding Loyalist Genre Guide to help players and storytellers better understand this mysterious faction.

Personal Statement:

Several people have told me that they’ve lost faith in the Assamite Team.  They feel that we've dropped the ball on some things and come down overly harsh on others.  The PSM process was a disaster for so long requiring numerous levels of approval from mutliple sources, and though while it's improved somewhat, it's left a bad taste in many people's mouths.  The changes in several packets and removal of items of PC's sheets over the years hasn't helped the situation any either.  All of this has built up to a number of people who’ve express dissatisfaction and/or hostility toward the Assamite Team.

While I'd be lying if I said I thought I would be able to make everything better, I will do my best.  I don't have a blanket solution or anything solid I can say I will do to try and win back those players and STs that we've lost, I will do my best.  I will be taking a look at issues brought to me, past or present, to see if a mutually agreeable solution can be found.  Clan Assamite is the most diverse collective of PC concepts in OWBN and is populated by some of the best players I've ever gotten to be in scenes with and we owe it to them to be worthy of trust.

I make a habit of not holding grudges and attempting to be as lighthearted as possible about LARP things, even though that is sometimes difficult to communicate over the medium of email.  Anyone who’s been on Council for a couple years may remember that for a while my posting policy seemed to consist of “screw everything Sartori says”, and yet now I’m on his team and am sharing a room with him at NOLA.  I have a multitude of other examples as well if needed but the general idea is that I’m quick to move on from a disagreement I might have with someone, even apologizing if necessary, and don’t hold things against people.  That’s a quality I feel will serve well in this role as it’s almost inevitable that there will be disagreements along the way.

Also, while I am personally against the idea of an Assamite Justicar, that is a determination best left in the hands of the players.  If it is something they collectively wish to continue pursuing then they will receive their Coordinator's full support.  The ground work will largely be on the players in collecting boons and other necessary elements to make it happen, but I will gladly advise and encourage them and make any necessary proposals in that regard.  I’ve already been in discussion with a few people about it and a plan is in place if the PCs can get the issue on a Conclave docket and make it pass.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this application and I hope you'll support me for Assamite Coordinator.  If not, then vote for Alden so I can have fun yelling at at least one Shadrick for the rest of the year.  :-P

Brad Klinger
HST, Crusade of Ashes
HST, Ashes of Eden
HST, L'ange Noir
Harbinger of Skulls Subcoord
Assamite Factions Subcoord
Midwest Sabbat/Cult of Lilith Subcoord
Demon: the Fallen Subcoord

Can also be found online here:  Brad Klinger's Assamite Application

Applicant name: Alden Shadrick

Email: awshadrick@gmail.com

Home Chronicle: Hartford: Dark Colony

Position Sought: Assamite Coordinator

Chronicle Support:
Under Night’s Cloak: Tampa, FL
Sacramento By Night: Sacramento, CA
New Haven by Night: Chico, CA
Baltimore By Night: Dark Harbor: Baltimore, MA
Gainesville New Confederacy: Gainesville, FL
Chaos and Entropy: Bradenton, FL
Faces of Change: St. Petersburg, FL
Whispers of Atlanta: Atlanta, GA
Hartford: Dark Colony: Hartford, CT
Stolen Hours: Macon, GA
Fortaleza by Night: CE Brasil

Coordinator Support:

Cheri Foster, Assamite Coordinator
Geoffery Combs, Assistant Head Coordinator I
Adam Sartori, Sabbat Coordinator
Chris Foster, Toreador Coordinator
George Dommit, Brujah Coordinator

Gaming background/experience:

Assistant Storyteller -- Wasting the Dawn -- Berkeley, CA: March 2006 to November 2006
Head Storyteller -- Wasting the Dawn -- Berkeley, CA: November 2006 to January 2008
West Coast Tremere Subcoordinator: November 2007 to July 2008
Head Storyteller -- Wasting the Dawn -- Berkeley, CA: October 2008 to November 2009
West Coast Tremere Subcoord: December 2008 to present
Assamite Subcoord: March 2009 to present
Wraith Coordinator: January 2010 to present


I have been role playing for as long as I can remember, starting with the Star Wars RPG (before d20 system no less) and moving on to Dungeons and Dragons, Rifts, Shadowrun, AD&D first edition, and Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition. By 1999 facilitating the fun for every gamer I knew. :)

In 2001 I was introduced to Vampire the Masquerade and found a game that I have loved since then.

As a storyteller and subcoord I have always maintained that it is my job to present the shared universe to the players and assist my fellow storytellers in telling their stories while maintaining a balance between creativity and the genre that has been agreed upon, and in some cases created, by the Org.  

Being involved with storytelling for the majority of my time in OWBN has allowed me to understand the frustrations STs can have when interacting with Coords.  Alternatively, serving as a Subcoord ensured my understanding of the frustration coordinators have when interacting with some games. These perspectives allow me to maintain what a very difficult and, sometimes, controversial Genre. Most importantly my interactions provided me a great deal of empathy with players.  I may disagree with their views and perspectives but I listen and take their concerns to into consideration offering legitimate and well formed reasons for my decisions rather than a simple denial.   


Having been part of Team Assamite for three years I have been a part of many goals that were set forth by Cheri as Assamite Coordinator. My overall goal is to improve on a system that I have helped improve since I stepped up as a subcoord three years ago. Having served in a variety of roles as a subcoord I have had an opportunity to see the merits and weaknesses of several aspects of Assamite genre. Many things that could use slight tweaks or improvements on are ranks, PSM removal, NPC portrayal, Loyalists, and the future of the clan overall.

While taking over the rank process there has become holes that I have recognized and wish to address. There has been a vast improvement in the rank process overall. However, I feel that there needs to be more PC involvement in allowing PCs to go up in rank. While I do not necessarily believe that PCs should become Council of Scrolls members, I think allowing higher ranked PCs to make a determination over those of lower rank seeking promotion is a good idea and one I would like to implement.
I don’t have a clear vision on how that might happen, but I have the foundation in mind by giving those PCs of higher rank an opportunity to join in testing PCs of lower rank. This will allow for a greater
opportunity of PC to PC role play and promote interclan nationally, as well as internationally among all the players. I also plan to take on a Brazilian rank subcoord who would be doing the same function that I and the other rank subcoord have been doing.

The PSM removal process when first created was a disaster. There were literally well over one hundred people who needed to have their PSMs removed once the process was approved by Council and it just sat on the way side till was taken over by the current administration. While this
process has been improved over time, there are still kinks in the system that need to be worked out. With the possible help of the Camarilla Coordinator, I have a few ideas, and I would like to work with Council and the other Coordinators to improve this process so that players are not hindered by unnecessary bureaucracy in regards to their characters. A few ideas are having it so that Viziers are allowed to start without a PSM or making a final push for its overall removal via Council.

I know that many people would like to see more Loyalists in the Org. I am one of them. We have worked with several chronicles that ran very successful local Loyalist plots. I would like to see more of these success stories, and would encourage STs to work with the Assamite office to use Loyalists in such a way that would take them out of their role as “monster of the week.”

The biggest push for Team Assamite over the last few years has been the desire for an Assamite Justicar. I can see the arguments for and against this push, and it is something I will push for if a majority of the Schismatic players would like me to. If they want it to happen, I’ll help them to see that goal done.  In the end, we have to make this for the players. I do think that sometimes we forget that goal.  While the Schismatic players are looking for an Assamite Justicar as the immediate goal, I would like to work with STs and CMs and Coordinators to explore the many other possible stories for the clan.

Personal statement:

I have been playing, STing, subcoording, and coordinating in One World by night for almost eight years now. In that time I have met a lot of awesome people and have shared amazing stories. Through all of this I have learned many things about the Org and the people who play in it. One of the fundimental things I learned is that everyone who plays, subcoords, CMs, STs, or Coords for this Org does it because they find it fun to do. It is that basic fact that I want to bring as a Coordinator. I want my players to have fun. I want the STs who run Assamite genre to have fun doing it. I hope to work with players and STs alike to bring that fun back to the genre that many feel is missing.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my application.

Alden Shadrick

----------------------------VERSÃO PORTUGUESA-------------------------------------

Nome do Candidato: Alden Shadrick

Email: awshadrick@gmail.com

Home Chronicle: Hartford: Dark Colony

Posição Desejada: Coordenador Assamita

Crônicas que estão dando seu Suporte: 
Under Night’s Cloak: Tampa, FL
Sacramento By Night: Sacramento, CA
New Haven by Night: Chico, CA
Baltimore By Night: Dark Harbor: Baltimore, MA
Gainesville New Confederacy: Gainesville, FL
Chaos and Entropy: Bradenton, FL
Faces of Change: St. Petersburg, FL
Whispers of Atlanta: Atlanta, GA
Hartford: Dark Colony: Hartford, CT
Stolen Hours: Macon, GA
Mossoró By Night, RN, Brasil
Pernambuco By Night, PE, Brasil
Secas By Night, PE, Brasil

Suporte de Coordenadores:
Cheri Foster, Assamite Coordinator
Geoffery Combs, Assistant Head Coordinator I
Adam Sartori, Sabbat Coordinator
Chris Foster, Toreador Coordinator
George Dommit, Brujah Coordinator

Histórico de Jogo/Experiência:

Assistant Storyteller -- Wasting the Dawn -- Berkeley, CA: Março de 2006 até  Novembro de 2006
Head Storyteller -- Wasting the Dawn -- Berkeley, CA: Novembro de 2006 até Janeiro de 2008
West Coast Tremere Subcoordinator: Novembro de 2007 até  Julho de 2008
Head Storyteller -- Wasting the Dawn -- Berkeley, CA: Outubro de 2008 até Novembro de 2009
West Coast Tremere Subcoord: Dezembro de 2008 até Hoje
Assamite Subcoord: Março de 2009 até Hoje
Wraith Coordinator: Janeiro de 2010 até Hoje


Eu jogo RPG a bastante tempo, eu me lembro bem de começar a jogar com o Star Wars RPG( antes do sistema d20) e depois ir para o D&D, Rifts, Shadowrun, AD&D Primeira Edição, e D&D 3º edição tudo por volta de 1999,  sempre tentando divertir todos os jogos que eu conhecia.

Em 2001, eu fui introduzido ao jogo de Vampiro a Mascara e encontrei um jogo que eu gosto muito ate hoje.

Como narrador e subcoord, eu sempre mantive  a opinião que meu trabalho até hoje é compartilhar este universo com os jogadores e ajudar meus companheiros narradores(Storytellers) a contar suas historias, sempre mantendo a balança entre a criatividade e o gênero que foi acordado, na maioria dos casos criados pelo Org.

Estar envolvido com a função de narrador (storyteller) na maior parte do meu tempo no OWBN, me levou a entender a frustração que vários narradores possuem sobre interações com os Cords. Alternativamente, desempenhando a função de subcord, percebi a frustração de que alguns Cords tem em interagir com algumas jogos. Estas perspectivas fazem com que manter o gênero seja difícil, e as vezes controverso. Porém o mais importante é que esta interação me rendeu uma ótima dose de empatia com os jogadores. Eu posso até descordar das suas visões e perspectivas, porém eu irei lhe escutar e considerar suas preocupações, sempre lhes explicando as razões de minhas decisões em vez de um simples não.

Objetivos :

Tendo sido parte do time assamita por três anos, eu tenho muitos objetivos que em parte foram estabelecidos pela Cheri como Cord Assamita. Meu objetivo geral é melhorar o jogo assamita, eu tenho ajudado a melhora-lo desde que eu entrei na subcord a três anos atrás. Tendo ocupado diversas funções como subcord assamita pude perceber os vários pontos fortes e fracos do gênero assamita. Muitas coisas das quais podem ser usadas e melhoradas são os Ranks, Remoção do PSM, Interpretação de NPCs, Legalistas e o futuro do clã como um todo.

Durante o processo de rank existe buracos que eu reconheço e desejo soluciona-los. Já tem havido uma grande melhora no processo de Rank. Porém, eu sinto que é necessário o maior envolvimento de PCs no processo de subida de Rank, eu não pretendo colocar jogadores como membro do conselho dos pergaminhos, mas pretendo fazer com que PCs de rank mais alto participem do processo de rank para PCs de rank mais baixo, eu não tenho essa idéia muito clara na minha mente mas já tenho o fundamental em mente. Eu também planejo manter um Subcord de rank para o Brasil, para fazer a mesma coisa que eu e o outro rank subcord.

O Processo de remoção do PSM(Membro Probatório da Seita) como foi criado é um desastre. Existe literalmente mais de cem pessoas que precisam ter seu PSM removido desde que o processo foi aprovado pelo Council e isto foi simplesmente posto de lado pela atual administração. Então, para o processo ser melhorado, existe algumas coisas que devem ser trabalhadas, com a possível ajuda do Cord Camarilla eu tenho algumas ideias que eu gostaria de trabalhar com o council e os outros coordenadores para melhorar o processo para os jogadores não serem prejudicados por um desnecessário processo burocrático. Algumas das ideias são os Vizires serem permitidos começar o jogo sem o PSM ou fazer um esforço final para remover todos os PSM pelo council.

Eu sei que muitas pessoas gostariam de ter mais legalistas no Org, Eu sou um deles. Então nos temos trabalhado com muitas crônicas e tivemos muitos bem sucedidos plots locais legalistas por isso eu gostaria de ver mais dessas bem sucedidas historias, e encorajaria os narradores(Storytellers) a trabalhar com isso a Cord assamita para tirarmos a visão de os legalistas serem “os monstros da semana”

O grande propósito do time assamita nestes últimos anos é o desejo de possuir um Justicar assamita. Eu consigo ver os argumentos a favor e contra, porem isto é algo que vou tentar realizar dependendo da maioria dos jogadores cismaticos, se eles quiserem que eu faça, eu ajudarei a atingir este objetivo, afinal estamos fazendo isso pelos jogadores. Neste momento os jogadores cismaticos estão buscando um Justicar assamita como um objetivo imediato, então eu gostaria de trabalhar com narradores, CMs e coordenadores para explorar mais possibilidades de outras historias para o clã assamita.

Declarações pessoas:

Eu já Jogue, Narrei,  já fui Subcord e Cord no One World By Night por mais ou menos oito anos. Neste tempo eu me reunir com muitas pessoas e compartilhei muitas historias legais. Com isso eu aprendi muitas coisas sobre o org e as pessoas que jogam nele, uma das coisas fundamentais é eu ter aprendido que todo mundo que é jogador, subcord, CM, Narrador e Cord no Org faz isso porque procuram deixar o jogo mais divertido. Isso é o fato básico que eu quero realizar como Cordenador. Eu quero que meus jogadores se divirtam. Eu quero que os narradores que narram o genero assamita também se divirtam fazendo isso. Eu tenho a esperança de trabalhar com jogadores e narradores para trazer a diversão, que tantos sentem falta, ao genero.

Eu gostaria de agradecer você por investir seu tempo lendo minha aplicação

Alden Shadrick

Position:              Assamite Coordinator Application
Name:                  Erik S. Sullivan
E-Mail:                  martinsburg.st.erik@gmail.com

OWBN Credentials
Been around the org for 10 years
HST of Winchester by Night: Sins in the Valley for 4 years (2 Prior to joining OWBN)
HST of Martinsburg by Night for 3 years

This is my 10th year in OWBN. I’ve been to many games on the East Coast and have a fairly good relationship with many players and ST’s here on the East Coast. I spend much of my free time consuming mass media or playing video games. I feel that both TV and Video game have attracted the best writers and thus the best stories. I really enjoy a great story.

I’m a computer guy so I answer emails quickly. I try to be fun to work with and actually listen to people. I am however not quick to say yes to crazy things and take time to think about changes that will have repercussions for years.

I am straight forward and direct, I will not dance around a topic or blow you off.

Feelings towards the Assamites
I love and hate the Assamites. I feel the genre is currently broken and actually hurts the RP possibilities more than help it. I feel many players are drawn to the Assamites as they stand because they want magic and cool powers, without the rigorous “checks and balances” of the Tremere. With the admittance to the Camarilla it truly has become a “Power Gamer’s Dream” and the RP has gotten lost in that culture. The true power of the Assamites comes from being an almost religious clan of Assassins, with strength in numbers and secrets.

I believe the current packets need serious changes.
I believe the ranking system needs revamping, as it stands it’s merely a way to get players to feel like they are advancing and getting cool powers instead of an RP opportunity.
I believe that Thaumaturgy Paths are not what the Clan should be focused on.
I believe that the Combo Powers I have seen need to be standardized as a suggestion to Chronicles.
I believe a Lore list should be created that is the same for both Clan and non Clan members.
I believe the clan needs a Clan Flaw that isn’t “easy” to skirt around.
I believe that Dragons should be made Coordinator Approval
I believe that Viziers should be Coordinator Approval

Short Term Goals

  • Listen to the Assamite players current feelings towards the clan and it’s direction.
  • Create an Anonymous Comment Form for all players and ST’s to comment on the Clan’s direction and genre.
  • Create an ST comment / question system and resource.
  • Get a feel for the Assamite culture within OWBN.
  • Consolidating all NPC’s names and functions.
  • Appoint sub-coordinators for Loyalists, Schismatics and Independents
  • Review the need for Regional sub-coordinators
  • Reimpose “The Curse” on the clan (LotNR, pg47), would be done by the Baali in the Spirit of “The Year of Fire”.
    • With the curse in effect, bring back “Lowering Generation” though blood vials
    • Blood collection of Supernatural Creatures as tithes to the Clan’s need.

Long Term Goals

  • Revamp ranking system to be based on merit and RP rather than just a quantity of XP spent.
  • Move the “Clan Day to Day” back into the players hands.
    • Create a IC Council of Scrolls for character and NPC’s to be on after obtaining a certain level of reputation within the clan.
    • Create a advisement system from elder members to the youngest.
  • Create a yearly “Rank Ceremony” to be held at an event game to make things more “real” for the members (most likely held at Nonclave)
  • Adjust rarity of Dragon and Vizier castes
  • Begin to compile (via web form) list of combo powers for review
  • Have fun with the players
  • Revamp Packet including
    • Combo Powers
    • Updated 5 point lore list
    • Rank Advantages by Caste
    • Advise for new players and role-playing suggestions
    • section dedicated to ST’s of Assamites
  • Revamp Thaumaturgy packet with a focus more on rituals than paths to reflect the “spiritual nature” of the Clan rather than being “Tremere Lite”
  • Impose some fear of the Mountain coming to reclaim the Camarilla CoH
  • Possibly create a new “Mountain” in the Americas for the CoH to have a repository of information
  • Anything else that needs to be addressed.

Reasons For Caste Rarity Changes, Thaumaturgy Shift and Reestablishing the Curse

All of the changes I will make are to refocus the Assamites from the “Tremere Lite” and Power Gamer Clan and return them to a unique place in the Clan base of World of Darkness. I will explain my reasoning for each change below.

Caste Rarity Changes - The Vizier and Dragon castes are supposed to be the rare castes, they were created from the general Assamite stock to fulfill specific tasks over Centuries. They are essentially bloodlines that never left the purview of the Assamites structure and thus are called Assamites. We should treat them as rare and special by the Clan. In my experience they are not, in fact I have seen more Dragon members in recent years than any other. The answer why is clear, because the players want Thaumaturgy but do not want to deal with clan Tremere’s checks and balances. This is a Power Gamer mindset and that is the downfall of all RP. The Viziers are supposed to be a little less rare than the Dragons but still rare and treated with the same approval process. The only way to insure the propagation of the Warrior caste is to make the others harder to play. The Warrior is the focus and most important caste of the Assamites and should comprise 80% of it’s numbers.

Thaumaturgy Shift - The idea here is to continue to carve a unique space for the Clan. Dragons will still retain access to most Paths but adjusted to better fit the new ranking system. However rituals will become available to the clan as a whole, divided by rank and caste. Of course some are still unavailable as the Tremere, Giovanni, Setites and Kuldunists will retain some of their more unique rituals.

Reestablishing the Curse -  The Clan as it stands has little to no drawbacks to it. Working with the Demon Coordinators Office I plan to reestablishing the curse using the Baali as the imposer not only brings back the clan flaw but is perfectly timed with their actions during the “Year of Fire”.

Chronicle Support
Winchester: Sins in the Valley
Capital Rage
Martinsburg by Night

Coordinator Support
Megan McCrady - Malkavian


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