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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 26-Jul-2011 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 02-Aug-2011 11:58PM EDT


Please forward this email as needed and discuss openly, as necessary.

Pursuant to Administrative By-Law 4.C, I am hereby nominating the following applicants be considered for the position of Toreador Coordinator, as required in Administrative By-Law 4.B.

Please discuss. Voting will open following one week of discussion. Please feel free to contact the applicants with your questions as well.

The applicants are:

Chris Lemanski
Chris Foster
Jen “Loopy” Smith

This requires no second.


Head Coordinator
One World by Night

Applications may also be viewed here:


Applicant Name: Chris Lemanski
Applicant Email: drdarrow@aot6m.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Westchester by Night
I always find introductions in writing to be funny things. There is always a struggle to connect with your audience and have that long distance handshake or hug that is so expressive in person. An introduction also needs to explain who you are in a short form.

I’ve settled on this:

Hi, my name is Chris, and I love telling stories.

On a personal note, I live in Bristol, CT and am recently a new homeowner. (That means I have crash space if you come to visit!) Grilling has become a recent fascination. I spend most of my time away from work with a beautiful little 4 year old girl and her mother who live with me.

I have been gaming for a solid 11 years and I haven’t stopped since. My first game was a Long Night LARP in which I played a Gangrel. I was soul-stolen my second night. Despite that little setback I persisted.

My first OWbN game was East of the River for one game. I played a Toreador wine maker named Oliver. By his second night, he was granted status and offered a position. Was this by merit of his clan? I think it was. I built Oliver based on my understanding of the Toreador clan in my gaming infancy. He was an artist, a flashy dresser, a social butterfly, and a little catty. I know now how much more Clan Toreador can be.

After that I played a lot of local independent games, built my skills, told my first stories, played some different types of games, and generally learned more about the World of Darkness (and spent way too much money on books.) After a year hiatus from network games due to LIFE, I found myself returning to the games in the Northeast to find everything different yet still the same. The players were the same but many characters had rolled over. I find the constantly changing dynamics in the network exciting.

I became a storyteller and council member, serving for about two years on the East of the River staff until they left the network (and then for a little while after.) During that time I planned, organized, and ran the very successful “Hearts Desire” casino event for the annual November Northeast Event. I was also the storyteller for Clan Toreador (amongst others) during which time I worked with the two Toreador players we had. One I helped from human to Toreador embrace and eventually into the position of Seneschal. She was a poseur by Toreador standards but had drive and passion none the less. The other Toreador player I worked with elevated his game and eventually became Prince. He became so impassioned with crafting the city like he crafted his statues, he was eventually removed from office before his dedication to perfection drove the domain to war.
During this time I also played Adamas Giovanni. To date, I have never used Soul Steal on a Gangrel.

Next I took my time and put together my pride and joy: Austin Matthews. I wrote the character to be a Toreador Prince, and Prince he became after sixteen long months in the Primogen seat of Hartford. The Toreador genre is exciting to me. Like the artists that portray them, they have some of the widest ranges and deepest depths of any clan. Their structure is flippant like their attitude, which holds so much promise for approaching the art vs. life dynamic. The Toreador are the children of the Camarilla who have pursued a liberal arts degree much to the chagrin of their conservative parents. The Toreador clan plays like that child who works to become wildly successful and a social icon so they can come back and gleefully show their parents what they’ve accomplished. They are as much Harpies as they are Champions of the Camarilla. I find the best Toreador characters are played with Confidence, and as their genre coordinator, I would help the players in One World build just that. Any Toreador can have the social firepower and charisma to take a position or even a domain if they want it. I want to be there with that support for everyone from first night characters to decade old PCs.

Administrative Experience:
Creator and Storyteller of an Independent Dark Ages Chronicle 2002-Present (Three story settings over 9 years.) Storyteller “Oncoming Dawn” Vampire LARP 2000-2001 Storyteller “High Moon” Wild West Vampire LARP 2001-2002 Storyteller (Nosferatu, Toreador, Ventrue) & Council Member for East of the River 2003-2005 Plot Coordinator & Storyteller for “Heart’s Desire” Northeast Event 2004 AVST for “Scooter My Daisy Heads” Cam Club Changeling LARP 2005 Former Setite Subcoord (Other Dimensions Subcoord)
Furthermore, I work in the corporate world in a Project Management capacity which makes me very familiar with the process involved in coordinating a team and working them towards an ultimate goal. Think this experience applies to interactions with Coordinators, Storytellers and Players.

• The Toreador Genre is solid and I plan to keep it that way - I have no immediate plans to alter the current genre documents for Clan Toreador. As the expression goes: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. If any changes were to be made, they would be at the urging of the Toreador Players.
• I plan to be responsive and give an open ear to everyone who has thoughts on Clan Toreador - I am someone who believes in constructive feedback. I enjoying hearing the opinions of Storytellers, Players, and Council Members from what they would like to see
• I want the Toreador Coordinator to be there for the players - I will commit to a member of the office being present at all of the major events (if not me personally) and holding meetings and events for Toreador players and characters. I believe in the importance of connecting with your members.
• I will respectfully stand up for my players and my storytellers - I have been on council before. It is so easy to get hooked into a pissing contest. I don’t want to fight, but I will if I have to, but I will also be the better man. Bile and attitude don’t further a discussion. Compromise and respect do. I want to treat members of council with the respect they deserve.
• I will work with Storytellers and Players to make the Toreador what they should be: Grand Inspiration and Passion - Toreador should be the Social backbone of the Camarilla and that should make them attractive to play despite their lack of… unique abilities. As coordinator, I would emphasize this through story interaction and with firm support to the current players.
• I want to stir the plot pot from the inside-out - I want to I would like to take advantage of the dysfunctional nature of the relationship between Camarillan, Anarch, and Sabbat Toreador by offering story points and plots to storytellers across the Org.
• Personally: I plan to enjoy helping members of the Clan reach their goals in and out of character by having a responsive and excited Clan office.

Personal Statement:
I believe a successful clan or genre coordinator needs five key strengths: Command, Adaptability, Strategic, Restorative, and Ideation. Command to gain the attention and respect of those you wish to lead. Adapt to evolve your stories and approach to the ever changing (and sometimes volatile) nature of this organization. You need to have a Strategic approach to reach all of your players and storytellers. The ability to be Restorative in times of crisis is an absolute must. Finally, you need the Ideation to think of something that will fit all of those pieces together. I believe I have all of those qualities. I know those are my strengths.
In conclusion, I am someone who is excited and wants to do this job, and if you elect me to the position, I will do that and more.

Coordinator Support:
Setite Coordinator
Sabbat Coordinator

Chronicle Support:
Dark Colony: Hartford
Gary by Night: Shattered Souls
Kings of New York
UTR: Under the Rock
Whispers of Atlanta

If you have any questions for me you can reach me by any of the following means:

My Toreador Coordinator Campaign Facebook Page:

My email:

Coordinator Position Applied For: Toreador Coordinator
Applicant Name: Chris Foster
Applicant Email: cfoster@irondragongames.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Sacramento by Night


I've been playing in OWbN since 1997 when I was dragged kicking and screaming by a good friend to the Vitae Aeternus Chronicle in College Park, MD. I hated it. I absolutely hated it. I knew no one, everyone was mean to me and I wasn't included in anything. After I was dragged back two more times, I started loving those things that I originally hated. Sure, I didn't know anyone, but I had the opportunity to meet dozens (and eventually hundreds) of new friends. Everyone was mean to me In Character, and they did it with flair, and they played the game the way it was supposed to be played: with fervor. I talked to them after the game, they were great people, and I enjoyed the theatrics from that point on. Finally, I was included in things as I started inserting myself. I learned that I had to, and in part HOW to, insert myself into situations and to both accept what plot was handed to me while simultaneously making my own fun.

I started playing a couple antagonist type characters, a "camarilla" Tzimisce, a Caitiff adopted by gangrel and briefly a Setite in a Camarilla centric game. The first character that I would consider "in genre" was a Toreador inspired by one part Robert Smith and another part Dennis Miller. He was my first character with whom I interacted with characters far and wide, and to this day, I consider that character my favorite to role play. I played this character back when the guild was new and so was the Harpy Council. OWBN Toreador have come a long way since then, and I hope to take them further in the right direction.

Outside of game, I'm a chemist at a bio-pharm supply company. I like the outdoors and get out whenever possible, though I do spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer (q.v.). I am an avid gamer, playing a regular D&D game as well as OWBN. I think I do a very good job balancing my work family and social life, and I'd be happy to serve as the Toreador Coordinator.

Administrative Experience:
Assistant Head Coordinator, 2004
HST, CM and/or AST of the following chronicles: Baltimore by Night (1999-2001), Sacramento by Night (2002-2003, 2010-2011), Wasting the Dawn, Berkeley, CA (2004-2005), New Haven by Night (2008-2010), Lux Tenebrus (2003-2005)

West Coast Sabbat Subcoordinator: 2010-2011
Tremere Subcoordinator: 2003-2004
OWBN Admissions Subcoordinator: 2011

I know OWBN inside and out. I know the bylaws, or at least where to look or who to ask for clarification. I know the people. I know the history. I am familiar with a great deal of the plot, both meta and local, much of which stems from currently playing an insufferable busy-body PC. When I run a game or a plot, the players involved love it. I understand that is one of my strengths and it's one important quality that I want to put toward the Toreador Coordinator position.

I have a lot of time to be on the computer to answer questions and do my job as Coordinator. My job also sends me to different places, including France (a pertinent country to the genre!) and normally, I can steal a weekend here and there to attend a game. I attend event games. In short, I’m available.

As an AHC, HST, CM and AST, I've made just about every mistake one can make. I've allowed goon, made over-powered NPCs, meddled when I should've left things to PCs and even voted for allowing elder powers to PCs (joke alert!). I like to think I've learned from my experiences in such a way that I know the consequences first hand of such mistakes. This experience is the second thing I will put to good use as a Genre Coordinator.

Finally, as I mention in my personal statement, I'm successful in mediation situations, and I bring a lot of OWBN mediating experience to the table.


Communication and flexibility are key to my goals as the Toreador coordinator. I want to insure that the Toreador Coordinator position is both a resource for OWBN chronicles and an over-arching cohesive pillar. To do this, I need to communicate my intentions, my agendas and my challenges with those who need to know them, specifically Council and Storytellers. I will also need to be flexible enough to draw together diverging viewpoints for the sake of continuity and enjoyability for all of those involved. Obstinate attitudes and stonewalling by a Coordinator are not good for the organization, and I don't plan to do it. I will inject the proper amount of "no" for those things I have to, but I want games to run their story. I want to be as transparent as possible and insure that Council knows of my plans to make changes before they see a proposal. This way, I can best coordinate information, plot and administration from the Toreador the way that the consensus of games want me to. I believe that a Coordinator is a resource first and a managing agent second.

I believe that there are few other clans who create story and plot for themselves as well as Clan Toreador. In an ideal world, they are vicious, cut throat, catty and arrogant, and in this respect, the Toreador of OWBN are pretty damned ideal. It's not necessary to initiate much plot for the Toreador, as the best plots are those created by the players themselves. I plan to give the players and their STs support in this through communication and attention. I'd like to keep NPCs out of the direct equation, relegating them to side stage. I believe that a dose of NPCs from time to time is good, but the players are the stars of the show. NPCs have agendas just like any other character in the world, but I think it's the place of the NPCs to attempt to use PCs to push their agendas. Manipulation is the theme of the Jyhad. That said, an appearance or two at an event game gives the characters a chance to see the legacy characters, gives them a stark reminder of the game world they're playing in and gives them an opportunity to be part of those green books they love to read.

There are toreador spread out through the Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarchs. I want to be a resource for all sects. The majority of the characters are Camarilla, but I will not neglect the Anarch or Sabbat games, and will poll them to find out what they want for plot. I plan to remain a sub-coordinator for the Sabbat genre, so I'll be able to easily coordinate Sabbat actions. I will contact and work with the Anarch coordinator to insure that Sect has proper support as well. With respect to NPCs pertinent to the genre of Sect coordinators, it's very important to share control and to keep those coordinators informed of their actions.

My plans for plot and the major Toreador NPCs would mirror their current plans with a few changes. With respect to the Camarilla, the plots I know of and that are ongoing are wonderful, and I plan to keep them going. Petronius has been working to be seen as the "People's Justicar" for a few years, and I want to continue that. I've been dreaming up new ideas on how to do this through his PC Archons without making a big splash with the NPC at every opportunity and while keeping Elder hypocrisy and flight-of-fancy in focus. I believe that the conflict with the Setites has brewed over and it's time to cool it off a bit, but will run with the decisions made at the Conclave that are passed by Council. The Clan will continue it's support of the Children of Haqim and I want to work to new agendas for securing their place in the Camarilla. With respect to the Sabbat, who are very Sect, Faction and Pack centric, I plan to give support to that genre per the current Sabbat Coord's direction. Toreador AT are not a cohesive clan in the Sabbat, so it's important to give life to those important Toreador AT NPCs on an individual basis and leave the plot surrounding them to those people the Sabbat Coordinator has designated as Faction subcoords. With Anarch Toreador, it's similar to the Sabbat, clan cohesion is not as much of a focus as it is in the Camarilla. Therefore, I would work with the Anarch Coordinator and administer and support those plots, NPCs and directions that Coordinator desires. Overall, I believe I want to have a little more involvement in the Year of Fire insomuch as I want to insure that the plot that we, as an organization, have committed to is fleshed out for the benefit of all participants. I don’t want to see players left out or put to the wayside while others have the benefit of participation.

I'm not a Toreador sub-coordinator and I have never officially worked with the Toreador staff of OWBN. I would be coming in cold, and would have to catch up, a process I think would take about two to three weeks. I'm prepared for that work load. I also think it will be important to keep many of the current team of sub-coordinators as they'd be a powerful resource. I would depend on them greatly all throughout the term. If games, players or other subcoords tell me that there have been response or responsibility problems with certain subcoords, I will re-evaulate the benefit of keeping those subcoords on. I will need to hire on more to insure that the work load is spread out, that team chemistry is maintained and that there is new blood injected into a staff that I believe needs it. I don't believe there needs to be much change in the Toreador coordinator office. Monica did a stellar job, as did Kayti and Loopy did before her. I can't remember a "bad" Toreador coordinator. However, I do plan to listen to Toreador players and make action items of their desires for the clan. I can't promise to incorporate them all, nor would I, but I do think it's important that the players of a clan enjoy their experience. That's my ultimate goal.

I plan to support international games and incorporate them into global plot to a degree with which the storytellers of those games and the OWbN council wish. I want international games to feel welcome. With respect to new chronicles, I will work with them with their needs and the continuity of OWbN in mind

Finally, from the players I’ve talked to, there is a need for the completion or re-design of packets. I will make that a priority, and understand that there’s been a lot of work already put into them. Any packets I put out will be for the purpose of genre support and preservation.

Personal Statement:

I have been a member of the org for a very long time. I've served in just about every capacity possible, as you've seen above. I really love gaming in OWBN, it really is that simple. There are always snags and imperfections, but I take each, find the bright side and go with it. I've made more friends because of the org than due to any factor in my life. I love that when my job sends me on a trip to another city to visit a client, I am more than likely to have friends in that city. The organization is just great.

I think being a good Coordinator, especially a genre Coordinator, is mediation ability; the ability to give and take and find a happy medium or common ground that everyone can accept and with which they'll be happiest. Our organization has a dichotomy between Coordinator and Storyteller that many others do not. Ours gives a great amount of authority to it's Chronicles and Coordinators both. As we've seen, with this very Coordinator position in fact, conflict happens when Chronicles and Coordinators rub together the wrong way. I like to think that I have enough give and take to be able to do the job and do the job well.

Support From:

Hartford, CN - Dark Colony
New York, NY- Kings of New York
Sorocaba, Brazil - Abyss Within
João Pessoa, Brazil - Eternal Shadows
Baltimore, MD - Dark Harbor

Rojir McCrady - Current Camarilla Coordinator
Adam Sartori - Current Sabbat Coordinator
George Dommit - Current Brujah Coordinator
Autumn Wright - Current Web Coordinator
Joe Long - Current Tremere Coordinator
Cheri Foster - Current Assamite Coordinator

In Portuguese:

Coordinator Position Applied For: Toreador Coordinator
Applicant Name: Chris Foster
Applicant Email: cfoster@irondragongames.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Sacramento by Night


Eu faço parte do OWbN desde 1997 quando eu fui literalmente arrastado por um amigo para o Vitae Aeternus, que fica em College Park, MD. Eu odiei. Eu realmente odiei aquilo. Eu não conhecia ninguém, e eu não fui incluso em absolutamente nada. Depois de umas duas ou três vezes, comecei a amar aquilo que antes havia odiado. Claro, eu não conhecia ninguém, mas tive a oportunidade de conhecer muita, mas muita gente e fazer vários novos amigos. Todo mundo estava significa para mim o personagem, e eles fizeram isso com um toque, e eles jogaram o jogo do jeito que era para ser jogado: com fervor. Falei com eles após o jogo, eles se mostraram grandes pessoas, e eu gostei do teatro a partir desse ponto. Finalmente, fui incluído nas coisas e também eu comecei a me inserir. Eu aprendi que eu tinha que, e em parte COMO, inserir-me em situações e para tanto aceitar o que foi entregue a mim, ao mesmo tempo fazer a minha própria diversão.

Eu comecei jogando com alguns antagonistas, como por exemplo um “Camarilla” Tzimisce, um Caitiff adotado pelos Gangrel e um Setita, dentro do cenário da Camarilla. O primeiro personagem que eu montei “dentro do gênero” foi um Toreador inspirado parte em Robert Smith e parte em Dennis Miller. Ele foi meu primeiro personagem, e até hoje considero ele como meu favorito para interpretar e jogar. Eu joguei com esse personagem quando a guilda estava começando a se formar e assim como o Conselho das Harpias. O Gênero Toreador evoluiu muito desde aquela época, e eu espero poder ajuda-lo a fixa-lo na direção correta.

Fora do jogo, eu sou um químico de uma empresa chamada Bio-Pharm. Eu permaneço muitas horas no computador sempre que possível, e sou um viciado em jogos, gasto boas horas do meu tempo jogando D&D periodicamente e assim como o OwbN. Eu acho que consigo manejar muito bem o meu tempo com relação ao Trabalho, Familia, Vida Social e também como Coordenador Toreador.

Experiência Administrativa:
• Assistant Head Coordinator, 2004
• HST, CM and/or AST of the following chronicles: Baltimore by Night (1999-2001), Sacramento by Night (2002-2003, 2010-2011), Wasting the Dawn, Berkeley, CA (2004-2005), New Haven by Night (2008-2010), Lux Tenebrus (2003-2005)
• West Coast Sabbat Subcoordinator: 2010-2011
• Tremere Subcoordinator: 2003-2004
• OWBN Admissions Subcoordinator: 2011
Eu conheço o OWbN por vários angulos. Eu conheço o bylaws, ou pelo menos sei onde procurar ou a quem recorer em caso de dúvidas. Eu conheço muitas pessoas, eu conheço os personagens, a história. Sou acostumado com grandes enredos (plots), metaplot (nivel global) ou enredos (plots) locais. E até hoje, sempre que eu fiquei responsável por desenvolver um plot os jogadores envolvidos sempre me deram uma resposta positiva com relaçaõ as ideias, formas de execução e resultado. É esse esforço que eu quero levar para o Escritório Toreador.

Eu tenho muito tempo livre no computador para responder perguntas bem como fazer o trabalho de um coordenador. A compania para qual trabalho, também me envia para lugares diferentes, sempre estou viajando a trabalho (por exemplo, neste momento estou na França). E geralmente eu permaneço uma semana nos locais que visito, podendo atender aos eventos locais e ou com acesso a internet para resolver problemas, etc. Resumindo: Estou bem disponível para excercer o que estou me propondo Como AHC, HST CM e AST, adiquiri a experiência necessária, e cometi todos os erros que poderia ter cometido para me ensinar como um Coordenador deveria agir, caso-a-caso, situação a situação. E espero usar esta experiência para moldar o Gênero Toreador.

Finalmente, como falado na minha declaração pessoal, eu sou muito bom em mediar situações, e auxiliar o OWbN a resolver problemas de ordem pessoal, entre pessoas, dando mais opções para que esses acertos possam acontecer.


Comunicação e flexibilidade são a chave para os meus objetivos no Escritório Toreador. Eu quero ter a certeza que o Coordenador Toreador é uma fonte de recursos para as Cronicas do OWbN e tambem um pílar para o gênero como um todo. Para fazer isso, eu preciso expressar as minhas intenções, meus compromissos e os desafios, com aqueles que precisam saber disso, especialmente o Membros do Conselho (Council) e os Narradores. E também preciso ser flexivel o suficiente para compreender os diferentes pontos de vista para que dessa forma, possa continuar mantendo um ambiente saudável e continuo para todos aqueles involvidos. Atitudes obstinado e obstrução por um Coordenador não são bons para a organização, e eu não pretendo fazê-lo. Eu vou injetar a quantidade adequada de "não" para essas coisas eu tenho que, mas eu quero jogos para executar a sua história. Eu quero ser o mais transparente possível e garantir que o Conselho sabe dos meus planos de fazer alterações antes de verem uma proposta. Desta forma, posso coordenar melhor enredo, informação e administração do Toreador da maneira que o consenso de jogos querem que eu. Eu acredito que um coordenador é um recurso primeiro e um segundo agente de gestão.

Eu acredito que existem poucos outros clãs que criam história e enredo por si mesmos, bem como Toreador. Em um mundo ideal, eles são espertos, viciosos, falsos e arrogante, e neste aspecto, o Toreador de OWBN são bem dentro do que considero ideal. Não é necessário iniciar enredo muito para o Toreador, como o melhor parcelas são aqueles criados pelos próprios jogadores. Eu pretendo dar aos jogadores e seu apoio STs neste através da comunicação e atenção.
Eu gostaria de manter os NPCs fora desta equação direta. Acho que a influência deles é importante, mas quem precisa de espaço para apresentar o show, são os jogadores.

Existem ótimos personagens Toreador na Camarilla, Sabbat e Anarquistas. E eu gostaria de ser uma fonte de recursos para todos os sectos. A maioria dos personagens são Camarilla, mas não vou negligenciar os Anarquistas ou Sabá, e para isso, tenho planos para trabalhar proximo aos coordenadores de gênero, fazendo acordos e especialmente dividindo essa responsabilidade, assim como os NPCs que são importantes.

Meus planos para o enredo e os NPCs principais Toreador se espelhar seus planos atuais com algumas mudanças. Com relação à Camarilla, as parcelas que conheço e que estão em curso são maravilhosos, e eu pretendo mantê-los. Petrônio tem trabalhado para ser visto como o "Justicar do Povo" por alguns anos, e eu quero continuar isso. Eu estive sonhando com novas idéias sobre como fazer isso através de seu PC sem Archons fazendo um respingo grande com o NPC em todas as oportunidades e mantendo Elder hipocrisia e vôo-de-fantasia em foco. Acredito que o conflito com os Setitas tem fabricado uma e é hora de esfriar um pouco, mas será executado com as decisões tomadas no Conclave que são passados pelo Conselho. O clã vai continuar é o apoio dos Filhos de Haqim e quero trabalhar para novas agendas para garantir seu lugar na Camarilla. Com relação ao Sabbat, que são muito centrados Faction Sect, e Pack, eu pretendo dar suporte a esse gênero por direção atual do Sabbat Coord. Toreador AT não são um clã coesa do Sabbat, por isso é importante para dar vida aos Toreador importante AT NPCs numa base individual e deixar a trama em torno deles a essas pessoas o Coordenador Sabbat designou como subcoords Faction. Com Anarquista Toreador, é semelhante ao Sabbat, a coesão do clã não é tanto de um foco, uma vez que está na Camarilla. Portanto, eu iria trabalhar com o Coordenador Anarquista e administrar e apoiar aqueles terrenos, NPCs e direções que deseja Coordenador. No geral, eu acredito que eu quero ter um pouco mais de envolvimento no Ano do Fogo sorte como eu quero garantir que a trama que nós, como uma organização, se comprometeram a é desenvolvida para o benefício de todos os participantes. Eu não quero ver os jogadores de fora ou posto à beira do caminho, enquanto outros têm o benefício de participação.

Eu não sou um Toreador sub-coordenador e eu nunca oficialmente trabalhei com a equipe de OWBN Toreador. Eu estaria vindo no frio, e teria que recuperar o atraso, um processo que eu acho que levaria cerca de duas a três semanas. Estou preparado para que a carga de trabalho. Eu também acho que vai ser importante para manter muitos da atual equipe de sub-coordenadores que eles seriam um poderoso recurso. Eu dependem deles muito durante todo o prazo. Se os jogos, os jogadores ou subcoords outros dizem-me que tem havido resposta, ou problemas com a responsabilidade subcoords certo, eu vou re-evaulate o benefício de manter os subcoords diante. Vou precisar de contratar em mais para garantir que a carga de trabalho é espalhar-se, que a química da equipe é mantida e que há sangue novo injetado em uma equipe que eu acredito que precisa dele. Eu não acredito que é preciso haver muita mudança no escritório coordenador Toreador. Monica fez um trabalho estelar, como fez Kayti e Loopy fizeram antes dela. Não me lembro de um "mau" coordenador Toreador. No entanto, eu tenha a intenção de ouvir os jogadores Toreador e fazer itens de ação de seus desejos para o clã. Eu não posso prometer para incorporá-las todas, nem eu, mas eu acho que é importante que os jogadores de um clã desfrutar de sua experiência. Esse é o meu objetivo final.

Eu pretendo apoiar jogos internacionais e incorporá-las em trama global a um grau em que os contadores de histórias daqueles jogos eo conselho OWBN desejo. Eu quero jogos internacionais a se sentir bem-vindos. Com relação a novas crónicas, vou trabalhar com eles com as suas necessidades ea continuidade da OWBN em mente

Finally, from the players I’ve talked to, there is a need for the completion or re-design of packets. I will make that a priority, and understand that there’s been a lot of work already put into them. Any packets I put out will be for the purpose of genre support and preservation.
Finalmente, dos jogadores com quem conversei, há uma necessidade para a conclusão ou re-design de packets. Vou fazer que uma prioridade, e entender que houve muito trabalho já colocado em-los. Todos os packets que eu colocar para fora será para fins de apoio à gênero e preservação.

Declaração Pessoal:

Sou um membro da org ja faz muito tempo. Eu tenho servido em quase todos os níveis, como você viu acima. Eu realmente amo os jogos do OWBN. Há problemas e imperfeições, mas sempre tento encontrar o lado positivo e ir com ele. Eu fiz mais amigos por causa da org do que devido a qualquer fator em minha vida. Eu amo o meu trabalho que, quando me envia em uma viagem para outra cidade para visitar um cliente, eu sou mais do que provável que tenha amigos na cidade. A organização é simplesmente maravilhosa.

Eu acho que para me tornar um bom coordenador, especialmente um coordenador de gênero, a habilidade de mediar situações, a habilidade de dialogar e encontrar um caminho que deixe os envolvidos satisfeitos, é o melhor caminho para superar as dificuldades e o estigma que existe entre Coordenadores e Narradores do OWbN. Por isso a função chama: Coordenador e não Ditador. E por isso, que eu acredito que possuo as qualidades suficientes para fazer um trabalho onde iremos compartilhar bons momentos, lado a lado.

Suporte de:

Hartford, CN - Dark Colony
New York, NY- Kings of New York
Sorocaba, Brazil - Abyss Within
João Pessoa, Brazil - Eternal Shadows
Baltimore, MD - Dark Harbor

Rojir McCrady - Current Camarilla Coordinator
Adam Sartori - Current Sabbat Coordinator
George Dommit - Current Brujah Coordinator
Autumn Wright - Current Web Coordinator
Joe Long - Current Tremere Coordinator
Cheri Foster - Current Assamite Coordinator

Name: Jen “Loopy” Smith
Email Address: loopy.grrl@gmail.com
Phone Number: 847-287-7441(cell); 702-431-3965 (home)
Home Chronicle: Chicago: Dark Requiem
Position Sought: Toreador Coordinator


I would be honored if the member chronicles of One World by Night would once again allow me to serve as the Genre Coordinator for Clan Toreador. This is a role I’ve held a strong passion for since 2001 – I’ve worked as either the coordinator or as a high-level subcoord for nearly 11 years – and I’d like to offer some stability to that position for the remainder of the 2011 term. I invite you to look closely at my experience, listed below.

Most recently, under Monica Marlowe, I continued to serve the Toreador as the Justicar coordinator. In that role, I was privy to a great deal of Monica’s work and assisted her on several high-level projects. This work has left me uniquely qualified to assume the role of coordinator; I can bring continuity to the administrative work.

Truthfully, the Toreador of OWBN are easy (and a continual joy) to work for, because the clan lends itself to freedom and change, reflected by the cliques, whims and trends of the Toreador players. The true skill of a coordinator, I believe, is in finding the right balance between giving the players the room to play their own game, while also giving them just enough tools and structure to support them on their journey. I have always strived to follow that philosophy, and would continue this approach, if elected.

Administrative background:


• Toreador Coordinator, four terms (Nov. 2007 – Nov. 2008; Nov. 2001 – Nov. 2003; Nov. 2008 – Nov. 2009): Served as Toreador coordinator, creating a number of in-character and out-of-character genre proposals to aid players and storytellers. Coordinated a number of local- and global-level plotlines at the request of OWBN storytellers. Global plotlines included coordination of Sweeney Todd/Jack the Barber plotline and the 2008 Conclave. Coordinated Toreador Event Game in Chicago in May of 2003.

• Toreador Subcoordinator, (January 2001 – Present): Served under Mark Brantner, Rick Klagstad, Kenny Lull, Kayti Holley and Monica Marlowe as Justicarial Subcoordinator and portrayed the NPC of Chief Archon Ophelia. Served under Cass Whittington as Assistant Temporary Toreador Coordinator after Mark resigned.

● Camarilla Coordinator Staff Member (Dec. 2006 – June 2007): Served under Abigail Graham as staff member, assisted in NPC development and portrayal. Participated in Camarilla Coordinator staff discussions and offered general knowledge of OWBN history. Proofed Camarilla Coordinator materials upon request.

● Rare and Unique Coordinator, one term (Feb. 2001 – Nov. 2001): First person to hold the R&U Coordinator position for OWBN, and helped create the position as well as establish a solid working foundation for the position in the future.

● Narrator and Player Representative, Chicago: Dark Requiem – Served as player representative during Chicago Probation in 2000, and stepped up to assist the Storyteller Team as the Administration Narrator afterward. Continued until spring of 2001.

● Council Representative, Chicago: Dark Requiem – Served as interim Council Representative for the Chicago chronicle for three months during a staff changeover. During that time I drafted and moderated the chronicle voting process to implement the game charter.


I most recently played a Malkavian PC Archon, Jessica Kesch, based out of Chicago: Dark Requiem. As an Archon, Jessica was often called upon to offer in-character guidance to other PCs about the operations and policies of the Camarilla.

I have also portrayed a variety of NPCs for various Coordinator positions as well as local member chronicles, including Chief Archon Lady Ophelia for the Toreador Coordinator’s office. I first played OWBN in 1997 in Chicago, but have been a regular OWBN participant since August, 1998.

Personal Statement:


I feel that for the duration of a short interim term, it is wisest to approach a Coordinator position without a complex agenda. If I am elected as Toreador Coordinator, I would make the smooth maintenance of existing projects my highest priority, respecting the work that Monica and her predecessors have done and seeking to keep the office running smoothly with minimal change. I would also seek to continue work on projects already in development, such as the Toreador clan packet.


It should be noted that although I am based out of the Chicago: Dark Requiem chronicle, I no longer live in that area. I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2006.

Some individuals may be hesitant to elect a Coordinator who does not live in an area with a current OWBN chronicle, and this is a concern I can certainly understand. I will note, however, that I have maintained my involvment both as my PC and as Toreador Subcoordinator by utilizing telecommuting technologies. In fact, this year marked a successful text using online webconferencing software to hold Toreador planning meetings for PCs who are allied with the justicar’s office.

If I am elected to serve as Toreador Coordinator, I will strive to compensate for my limited physical availability by making myself as Internet-available as is feasible.

Throughout my previous terms serving in a coordinator capacity, I continually received very positive feedback from my fellow administrators, storytellers, council representatives and players about my excellent communications skills. I wouldn’t submit this application if I wasn’t confident that my communications skills would be more than sufficient for the purpose of serving as Toreador Coordinator.


● Spfld: Capitol City Cauldron: “Loopy IS Ms. Toreador, I am happy to see her back in the chair!” ~Kayti Lake Kawachi

● “In all of my years as a player, Storyteller, Council Member, and Coordinator I have never met someone as dedicated to this organization and Loopy. She personifies what we all strive for in our administration and as administrators. She also looks smoking hot in her Queen of Hearts dress, so you know she gets the core of the Toreador.” - Derek K. Howard, Tzimisce Coordinator 2010- present
● Joeseph Long, Tremere Coordinator
● Stefanie Wuertz, Archivist 1
● LeAmber Kensley, Finance Coordinator

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