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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Special)
Opened: 13-Mar-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 13-Mar-2001 1:00AM EST

1. Brian Goudie -
Hello, I would like a this time to put my name in for the position of Ventrue Justicoord. I feel that I can bring a good deal of experience and energy to this job, while maintaining continuity with what we have established in the past.
My availability is good, school not being a major drain on my time these days.
In terms of experience I've been involved in role playing games since the early 80's. I've run numerous games and systems (including one campaign that lasted 11 years). I've been a part of OWBN as a player for the last four years, and as an St for the last two. My pc, Pavel Nadolski, has been one of the main archons for the last two ventrue justicoords. I've been involved in ventrue clan matters for the entire time I've played in OWBN. I've handled a large amount of the interactions between the Justicar and players, on both an ic and ooc level. I've had a great deal of first hand experience with how the office operates. I've also had a considerable practice in working with local STs on implementing the office's intentions, and coordinating how they would like things handled. I believe I can say with some certainty that those games I've been directly involved with will attest to this. Finally I have worked closely with most of the other justicoords during this time.
It is my belief that the justicars are one of the most useful tools we have for creating and maintaining a sense of connection and a larger world for OWBN as a whole. The justicars serve as our front piece.
When players think of the "elders" "Europe" or the "Camarilla" the justicars are what they use as a base. The justicars are the common tool we STs have, the means to speak as group, rather than as scattered games.
The justicars are the most visible expression of the story of OWBN, the vision we has ST have created. I feel it is vital for our justicars to be consistent, fleshed out entities. It is important to the cohesion of the whole for players to have an image of a justicar that stays the same, from game to game, from night to night. As the justicars are often the face of the "justice" of the WOD, this even more important. Players must feel that such decisions are based from an ic level, rather than the arbitrary hand of ooc matters. I feel the office of the coordinator has the job of maintaining this consistency, balanced against the specific needs of each game and its players. The justicar coords set the stage according to the council and story tellers word, while making sure that the continuity of the part is not violated.
Should I be elected one of my main goals is to continue the efforts to see the Ventrue clan become organized. I hope to see that this is done in such a way that we implement the clan as delineated in the books, while not tossing aside everything good that has been built by the players and STs of OWBN. We must always strive to gain the soul of the WOD while not sacrificing the heart of our own story.
I would also like to make some efforts to arrange for a larger degree of connection between games on the level of the clan. I would love to see North America develop a sense of the clan as whole in the way that Brazil has managed to do. All our various ventrue elders, sires and npcs should have a place in the larger context of the clans. I think we have a very rich and fertile ground for cross chronicle plot and story there. The subtle rivalries and jockeying for position between these scattered elders could do much to enhance the idea of the jihad, and the ancient history of the clan. I would be very willing to serve as clearing house for those games who would be interested in such.
In closing I believe that I can do a great deal of service for the game as whole, and the clan specifically.
At this time Jason Robinson ST for Iowa City and the Chicago Garou game, Carrie Matras, the Brujah Justicoord, and Susan Benson, AHC for OWBN have all offered to act as references for me.

2. Jon Matras bridge mediaMens Flynit Trainers

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