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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 04-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST
Closing: 17-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Lee HighfieldApplicant Email: leehighfield@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Dayton
Support From:


Support from:
Tzimisce, Secundus Surrectum, Shadow of The Phoenix, KoNY, AHC 1, Columbus In Darkness.

I started playing strategy games like Star Frontiers and MechWarrior back in '84 or '85. In High School I started gaming in table-top RPGs like Robotech and some others, eventually making a transition to other RPGs like AD&D, Rifts, Cyberpunk, Beyond The Supernatural, and Call of Cthulhu.

Larping/ST Experience: I started larping while I was in the Marines in 1994, finding the nearest game as soon as I returned home to Dayton in 1995. Although playing off and on in various troupe throughout, most of my LARP experience has been in Org Games. I started playing in a Dayton, Ohio Shared Universe game in 1998, taking over as HST in 1999. The game which I current am HST for, Dayton: Dying Embers; is just the latest incarnation of that same chronicle which I have been HST for the entire time. When the Shared Universe imploded several years ago, myself and the other former SU games local to me formed our own group that we called "Nocturne". That group ran for several years but is now defunct as I understand it. I took the Dayton Chronicle and left Nocturne to setup things to join OWbN, which we did of course and here we are now.

WoD Experience: Although I've mostly been playing V:TM for the duration of my LARP experience, I've also played Werewolf and KoE, just not to the extent that I've played V:TM.

Experience with Clan Tzimisce: I've played two relatively Long lived Tzimisce, one while the SU was still together. And my current Tzimisce PC, Victor Agbe, of which I've been playing for something like 3 years or so, currently a Ductus, a Templar, and all of that fun stuff.

Additionally, I'm currently serving as Koldunic Sorcery Sub-Coord for the Tzimisce Coords Office, and a lot of my time has been spent re-working the re-work of the re-work of the Koldunism Packet. More on that later.

Personal Statement:

My goals for The Tzimisce Coordinator: A lot of great work has been done by Lou and Keith in regards to creating a "sense of being" amongst the Tzimisce players. I hope to continue to encourage that environment by attempting to
promote the idea of an "elegantly twisted yet bizarrely alien aristocratic" feel that I've always associated with playing a Tzimisce.

Although nothing has been propped in regards to them, "Team Tzimisce" is currently still working on a Vicissitude packet. This work will continue and we should all see something early next year.

A few words about the Koldunism Packet:
I understand that there is a lot of concern about the functions of Koldunism in OWbN. To a degree this is understandably so. Although limited in overall capacity, Koldunism appears to out-strip some Thaumaturgy in some Case-by-Case situations. Koldunism lacks the overall adaptability of the other forms of Blood Magic though and it's my opinion that that is where the alance between the different types of Blood Magic vs. Koldunism occurs. I'm hoping that a balance can be found between the concerns about the power-level of Koldunism and a level of fairness regarding those Koldunists already in play. I'd hate to see the Koldunism packet be updated because these concerns couldn't be laid to rest.

Continuing on, I hope to coordinate with the CBC on a document regarding spirit interactions. It's my personal feeling that a specific "Koldun vs. Spirits" document isn't necessary. I feel this way mostly because I don't feel that is the issue because although a Koldun can summon up spirits, it cannot force them to do anything. In this regard, the STs have complete control over what the spirits in their chronicle will and will not do and I
don't think it's appropriat for a Coords office to attempt to interfere with that. I think that a document covering how to RP/ST for spirits would much better serve the OWbN Community.

If you have any other questions for me about my application, the Tzimisce, or Koldunism please feel free to ask away at:

AIM: schlgrmstr
I hope you will give me an opportunity to serve the OWbN Community as Tzimisce Coordinator.

Thanks for your time.

Lee Highfield


Applicant Name: Robert Hayward
Applicant Email: Neosabbat@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: CarpeNoctum
Support From:


Shadows of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)
Memento Mori (Kenosha, WI)
Under an Eerie Moon (Cleveland, OH)
Night...Falls (Northern Virginia -aka- NVA)
Philadelphia: Nusquam (Philadelphia, PA)
Santa Cruz by Night (Santa Cruz, CA)
Secundus Surrectum (Phoenix, AZ)
Whispers of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA - Georgia Tech Campus)
Under Night's Cloak (Tampa, FL)
Sabbat Coord

I began playing in OWBN in the summer of 2000. I played a
Camarilla Malkavian for a few months and got back stabbed by one of my
friends......It was sneaky and mean.....and that is why I love LARP.

I've played in the Sabbat genre for almost 5 years. I've had a few tours of
ST duty in Carpe Noctum , I was a Sabbat Subcoord in 2002, I've helped run a
few events, and most recently I am HST of NEO Sabbat a probationary game that
hopefully will become a full member in early December. I've also recently
started playing werewolf at Under an Eerie Moon.

Gaming and being a ST- I've played and ran too many Table Top games
to be listed and have been gaming well over decade. I'm well versed in most
genres of White Wolf and have an extensive library of White Wolf books
to draw from. As an ST I try to be as fair as possible, I try to make cheese an
appetizer and not the main course. I like to run plot that players
can be the center of instead of watching from the outside. I believe in
running plots and games that players of any power level can be a part of.

Administrative- I am currently an HST and Council representative for NEO
Sabbat. I have also been an ST for Carpe Noctum in the past. My
career as a Security and Fire Safety Inspector at a major university
shows that I'm well organized and dedicated. I have constant email
access and I'm very quick to respond.

Personal Statement:

If elected I plan to "flesh out" the Tzimisce genre of OWBN. I would
make a genre packet covering the different factions in the
Clan, the Revenant families, and of course Koldunism. While the existing
Clan Book and source materials are a wonderful, I think that a genre
packet could help players that may not have access to these out
of print sources or to new players who just want the basics in order
to start their characters. I would make this information available on a Clan

I would also like to make a non-binding Vicissitude packet.
Vicissitude is discipline that has endless possibilities but very
little live action mechanics outside of the rules for making szlachta
and vohzd. I believe it should be non binding because I don't want to
limit an ST's ability to judge what can and cannot be done with one of
the most versatile Disciplines. I would also like to put in costume ideas to
represent body modifications instead of wearing a tags such as
"inhuman monster with 6 arms".

I would work with the Garou Coordinator to flesh out the uses and
types of spirits that interact with Koldunists. I would appoint a
Subcoord that had extensive knowledge of the Garou Genre, Umbra, and
Spirit interaction that could arbitrate Koldunists and Garou. Which I
believe will have issues in the future as the Garou Genre
and Sabbat Genre of OWBN is growing.

I wish to make Koldunism fair and playable in Live Action without
being too restrictive to a magic that can be extremely powerful. I believe way
of the Spirit as it is currently is unsuitible for larp. The concept of
seeing "everything" is game breaking and borders on Metagaming. I think that
it needs to be reworked to suit live action. I would work with the games that
currently have Koldunists in order to balance opinions in order to make
something enjoyable and playable.

I also would focus more on the non-Koldunic Tzimisce. Being that they
are the majority of the Clan I think they deserve a lions share of the
attention. I would do this by providing genre information and setting
up Subcoords for the various revenant families and factions of Clan
Tzimisce. I would also like to encourage more plots and NPCs regarding non-
Koldunic Tzimisce.

Thank you for your time,

Robert Hayward


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