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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 27-Nov-2006 1:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Dec-2006 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Lou GluchovApplicant Email: glucovis@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Frederick
Support From:


Fredericksburg VA
Washington DC
Sabbat Coord
Ventrue Coord
Ravnos Coord
Pheonix AZ
Stockton CA
Lasombra Coord

1977, Born with an "overactive imagination" in Cleveland OH
1990, 1st gaming experience (1st ed AD&D)
1992, 1st exposure to White Wolf (Mage 1st Edition)
1996, 1st LARP in Cleveland OH (Masquerade 2nd Ed, as a mortal and then a
wraith pre-Oblivion)
December 16, 1997 1:30pm - Moved to Florida, haven't been able to get out
permanently yet
1999, 1st OWbN Game in Tampa FL & 1st ST experience (small invite-only troupe
game, Sarasota FL)
2000, Founding ST/Books of the attempted OWbN-applicant game Orlando FL &
joins the Camarilla, specifically playing only in the Garou venue
2001, Admistrative ST for very large Orlando FL troupe game (300+ people
membership, average 150 people at each game)
2002, Ventrue SubCoord: East Coast US, eventually adding South US and NZ, for
Jon Matras
2003, Ventrue SubCoord: Chronicle Recon, traveling in person from game to game
across the US, for Jon Matras
2004, 1st Gaming Con (KublaCon '04, OWbN) & moderator for email list of local
chapter of the Camarilla; 2nd Gaming Con (SERE '04, Camarilla)
2005, Sabbat SubCoord: South for Ian K & Council Member for Fredericksburg VA;
3rd Gaming Con (SCaRE '05, Camarilla, where the Garou venue was permanently
ended for the US & my Silver Fang was finally sacrificed after 4.5 years of
being in play); Founding player of the local Camarilla Requiem game for
Orlando FL; 4th Gaming Con (NonClave '05, NVA), Sabbat Narrator for
Nonclave '05 (unofficial); AVST Forsaken for the Camarilla (Orlando FL)
2006, Tzimisce Coord & Sabbat SubCoord: South for Ian K; AVST Forsaken for the
Camarilla (Orlando FL); 5th Gaming Con (NEGLECT aka USCC '06, Camarilla
National Convention), AST Forsaken NEGLECT '6, Narrator & NPC for Requiem
NEGLECT '06; 6th Gaming Con (ICC '06, Camarilla Internation Convention, where
the Changeling venue was permanently ended for the organization), ST Forsaken
ICC '06, Narrator for Requiem ICC '06.

OWbN Characters: Max (Nos, Tampa FL, deceased), Daniel Lancing of Lysander
(Ventrue, Tampa FL, GNC'd), Jack Jackson (Toreador, Tampa FL, shelved), Rabbi
Yakob ben Moshe (Tremere, Fredericksburg VA, active), Steven (Tzimisce, Tampa,
retired), Caleb (Tzimisce, Tampa, shelved while Tzimisce Coord)

Camarilla Characters: Silver Forger (Garou: Silver Fang Homid Theurge, of the
Science Incarna, Orlando FL, the pattern web between Malphaeus & the Cyber
Realm during the final event of the US Garou Venue), Colin Lancing (Requiem:
Ventrue Keeper of the Outlands (attempt to form a player created covenant),
Orlando FL, deceased), Enki, Ea, Armaiti and, Shabah to the World of Men,
Major of the Pillars of Patience, Rogue Elite Glome Infantry (Changeling:
Glome, Orlando FL, active), Parker (Forsaken: Hunter in Darkness Rahu, Orlando
FL, deceased), Sees the Forest for the Trees (Forsaken: Ghost Wolf Elodoth,
Orlando FL, deceased), Allen Schwartstein (Forsaken: Wolfblooded ADA, Orlando
FL, active), "Wyatt" (Forsaken: Ghost Wolf Irraka, Orlando FL, active).

As for non-Game related things...
* Office Manager for a retail jewelry store for 5 years
* Database design, AP/AR, bookkeeping for a glass artist / cermaic mold
company for 3 years
* Private tutor specializing in math for over 10 years
* Customer service in multiple fields for 3 years
* Management for the following: customer service, credit card processing,
sales staff, human resources, payroll and company statistician for 2 1/2 years
* Apprentice in TV Production with knowledge of graphics & cameras, occational
show direction
* Beginning Host for Live Jewelry Auctions on television

Personal Statement:

Where to begin, other than being at the 11th hour that I'm writing this...

For those of you who are not aware, my name is Lou Gluchov and I've been the
Tzimisce Coordinator for the past year (2005-2006). At present, I am running
for re-election for the position of Tzimisce Coordinator. Please allow me to
go from my application last year and move forward from there.

In the past year, the Tzimisce Clan players and STs have been given the
support that they require. All correspondence was replied to quickly and
completely. By this, my first goal of giving proper support was successful.

My second point was with the creation of more structure for the clan ICly.
This has been begone mostly by player initiative and a few simple words here
and there. Across the Org, Tzimisce players are forming into courts and
broods, establishing local voivoides and looking to regional voivoide NPCs
created and established by the local games, with the guidance of my subcoords.
We are at the first steps here but, they are momentous ones.

My third point was to bring more spirituality to the Tzimisce. I haven't
pushed this goal as far foward this past year but, it is still an aim for this
upcoming year. As the structure is made more firm, individual RP can be
increased by discussing Paths of Enlightenment and how they apply to the

Koldunic Sorcery was my fourth point. While I did not get the packet out this
past year, it is in the finishing stages of development and construction. Upon
my re-election, there will be the packet submited for vote.

My fifth point was for consequences for non-Tzimisce having Viscissitude.
Didn't go exactly according to plan. *chuckles* There is the core of a
Viscissitude packet on my desk as we speak and the formation of plotkits to be
submitted to Council on the further progress of the Camarilla Inquisition of
their own with the Disicipline.

Interaction with the other Clan Coords on Tzimisce relations with their Clans
ins underway. Starting with the NPC from Origins and growing from their into
plotkits to be submitted to Council, the Tzimisce will renew old alliances,
forge new ones, vanquish old foes and, raise new enemies.

Shadowlord and Tzimisce relations was my final point previously. I was working
with Brian, the Changing Breeds Coord, this past year to develop this aspect
of genre more but, didn't get as far as I wished. I look forward to working
with the upcoming Changing Breeds Coord to continue this dialogue.

That was what I set out to do. This is what I am moving forward to accomplish.

1. Continue to support and aid my Tzimisce players and STs in any avenue that
I can.

2. Complete and submit the following Genre Packets: Koldunic Sorcery,
Viscissitude and, Genre/Structure.

3. Complete and submit the follow potential plotkits: Tzimisce Unity in
Romania, the Inquisition of Camarillians with Viscissitude and, the Stirings
of Kupala.

4. Continue to work with all the appropriate Coordinators to further develop
relations between their aspects of Genre and the Tzimisce.

5. Provide further development of Tzimisce Spirituality and their
interpretations on the Paths of Enlightenment, including Humanity.

6. Expansion and definition to the African Tzimisce (Nagalopers) and the rest
of the Laibon from Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom.

These are my goals. I look forward to being able to have the time to complete
them. Thank you.


Applicant Name: Keith Howard
Applicant Email: Templarloki@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Dayton
Support From:


Columbus in Darkness
Chicago: Dark Reqium
Carpe Noctum
Kings of New York
Shadows on the Mall
If I left anyone out it is because I didn't hear back from you in time to list
it before I submitted this, my apologies.

My name is Keith Howard, though most of you know me as "That guy who plays
Loki". I live in Ohio, though my new job allows me to do some traveling.I have
been playing vampire since 2001 in a larp format, my first character was a 13th
gen malkavian in a troupe game, My second character was an owbn brujah who has
recently become an NPC, and I have been playing Loki now for quite some time. I
am a Storyteller for Dayton Dying Embers, I have been on storytelling staff for
the OWBN games at Origins for the past two years, I was an assistant storyteller
for the sabbat at Nonclave this year and I am often called on to be a Narrator
and help people with character backgrounds. I've traveled to several of the
games in the Midwest, such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus Indiana, all of
the ohio games and I've also been to NVA's Nonclave, KONY's Palla Grande and
Festivo, and a number of other large events. I'm a big proponent of PC embraces
and connected characters.

Mundanely, I am a union electrician and have supervised many multi-million
dollar jobs, and right now I am a senior consultant for a national document
assessment team. These two jobs highlight my ability to network, communicate,
and mediate disputes between people.

Personal Statement:

I am running for Tzimisce coordinator because I want to restore a sense of fear
and respect to a slightly broken clan. Tzimisce are a minority in OWBN, but the
clan has a lot going for it. Tzimisce characters are more than just Vicissitude
tickets, they have a clan culture of their own and the people playing Tzimisce
should have access to that culture and a coordinator to go to for help and
story. A lot of Camarilla games use Tzimisce as antagonist NPCs, as well, and
STs should have someone to go to in order to get help creating and using them so
that they can be scary and smart, not just disposable Horrid Forms running
around. For Sabbat and Mixed-Genre games, Sts and players may need even more
support, since Tzimisce are one of the major forces inside the Sabbat. Within
the Sabbat, I would like to see a more petty undercurrent of roleplay
between the Lasombra and the Tzimisce and to encourage the malicious noblesse
between the two Clans. They are the two most manipulative Clans, and they
deserve the level of roleplay that goes with that reputation and history.

In my experience both as a player and a Storyteller, Tzimisce can be a real pain
to deal with or they can be terrific, either as player characters or NPCs.
Koldunic Sorcery and Vicissitude are powerful, and Vicissitude in particular is
a big issue within story right now, especially in Camarilla games. I think we
need some guidelines to help make Vicissitude more ST-friendly while still
letting it keep that creative edge that makes it a useful tool for both STs and
PCs who use it. I also think we need better guidelines for using Elementals, and
that we need to make Koldunic Sorcery a little better balanced within vampire
genre.I think there has not been enough emphasis put on the spiritualism of
koldunism, and I feel strongly that
there is more to it than just cool powers especially in roleplay value.

I've had a lot of fun playing this clan in OWBN, and I've gained a lot of
valuable perspective in the process. I have the time and the commitment
necessary to keep on top of the Coordinator's job, I answer my email, I have AIM
and a cell phone and I'm willing to travel when money and time allow. I'm ready
and willing to work with the other Coords to do help keep genre and story running.

Overall, I really enjoy OWBN as an organization and I'd like the chance to put
my experience to work to help other people have some fun with this challenging,
interesting clan.

If anyone has any questions, I can be reached at Templarloki@gmail.com and on
AIM at Tzimiscekoldoun, I'd be happy to explain my ideas in more detail to
anyone who wants to hear them.




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