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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 23-Nov-2005 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2005 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Chris RiccardinoApplicant Email: criccardino@snet.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: LONE
Support From:


OWbN: I've been playing Pc's for nine years now.
I've been on the staff of EoTR, KoNY, CoS, and finally
made my own game, LoNE.
Gaming:Xmas 78 started it all with basic d&d. Since then I've played
a great number of TSR games (star fontiers, Top secret,ad&d, ect)
The various whitewolf table top games (werewolf, and vampire)
Various ccgs
Battletech, fadingsuns, justifiers, cyberpunk, shadowrun
Admin:I haven't held a job in the last 18 years that hasn't been a management
style job. I've been a foreman for a construction company for the last
10 years. I have to manage and account for all the people and material
on my jobs.

Personal Statement:

I like doughnuts. and cake. good whiskey and beer.
Oh yeah and GENRE. I love GENRE.
I'd like to make genre packets for the Tzimisce;
koldonic sorcery, Revenants, the clan itself.
I have a few good ideas for global plot.
I want to see something actually done with this coord possition.

-Evil Chris


Applicant Name: Lou Gluchov
Applicant Email: glucovis@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Frederick
Support From:


1977, Born with an "overactive imagination" in Cleveland OH
1990, 1st gaming experience (1st ed AD&D)
1992, 1st exposure to White Wolf (Mage 1st Edition)
1996, 1st LARP in Cleveland OH (Masquerade 2nd Ed, as a mortal and then a
wraith pre-Oblivion)
December 16, 1997 1:30pm - Moved to Florida, haven't been able to get out
permanently yet
1999, 1st OWbN Game in Tampa FL & 1st ST experience (small invite-only troupe
game, Sarasota FL)
2000, Founding ST/Books of the attempted OWbN-applicant game Orlando FL &
joins the Camarilla, specifically playing only in the Garou venue
2001, Admistrative ST for very large Orlando FL troupe game (300+ people
membership, average 150 people at each game)
2002, Ventrue SubCoord: East Coast US, eventually adding South US and NZ, for
Jon Matras
2003, Ventrue SubCoord: Chronicle Recon, traveling in person from game to game
across the US, for Jon Matras
2004, 1st Gaming Con (KublaCon '04, OWbN) & moderator for email list of local
chapter of the Camarilla; 2nd Gaming Con (SERE '04, Camarilla)
2005, Sabbat SubCoord: South for Ian K & Council Member for Fredericksburg VA;
3rd Gaming Con (SCaRE '05, Camarilla, where the Garou venue was permanently
ended for the US & my Silver Fang was finally sacrificed after 4.5 years of
being in play); Founding player of the local Camarilla Requiem game for
Orlando FL; Sabbat Narrator for Nonclave '05 (unofficial); AVST Forsaken for
the Camarilla (Orlando FL)

OWbN Characters: Max (Nos, Tampa FL, deceased), Daniel Lancing of Lysander
(Ventrue, Tampa FL, GNC'd), Jack Jackson (Toreador, Tampa FL, shelved), Rabbi
Yakob ben Moshe (Tremere, Fredericksburg VA, active), Steven (Tzimisce, Tampa,
retired), Caleb (Tzimisce, Tampa, active)

Camarilla Characters: Silver Forger (Garou: Silver Fang Homid Theurge, of the
Science Incarna, Orlando FL, the pattern web between Malphaeus & the Cyber
Realm during the final event of the US Garou Venue), Colin Lancing (Requiem:
Ventrue Circle of the Crone, Orlando FL, active), Lieutenant of the Empire of
Stone aka Enki, Ea, Armaiti and, Shabah to the World of Men (Changeling:
Glome, Orlando FL, active), Parker (Forsaken: Hunter in Darkness Rahu, Orlando
FL, deceased)

As for non-Game related things...
* Office Manager for a retail jewelry store for 5 years
* Database design, AP/AR, bookkeeping for a glass artist / cermaic mold
company for 3 years
* Private tutor specializing in math for over 10 years
* Customer service in multiple fields for 2 years
* Management for the following: sales staff, human resources, payroll and
company statistician for a year and a half

Personal Statement:

I know that I asked more games to be references for me but, those emails
didn't make it out. I only had ideas and notions before and didn't have them
down to send out. Now, that it is time to finalize them and bind them to
print, they're there and here we are. So here goes...

My name is Lou Gluchov (yes, I do have a last name) and I'm running for the
Tzimisce Coordinator. I have a few more common monikers, such as Lou the
Wandering Jew and Lou from Florida (amongst the MidAtlantic) but, most
commonly, I just go by Lou. You're probably wondering why I'm doing this or
why do I think that I'm qualified. I don't know who my competition will be or
if I'll even have any but that doesn't matter. You're going to make your
decision based on the merits of what I write here today.

While there are a large number of Tzimisce PCs and NPCs in active play, they
are a very under supported clan. Not that they do not have assistance from the
Sabbat side of things but that they do not have proper support from the clan
side of things. The Tzimisce have a rich culture and social structure that is
being under-utilized. Their spirituality is not called upon. Their magics are
not complete enough and their enemies are not present. I want to change all of

I have some concise goals that I would like to see started, if not completed,
when I become Tzimisce Coord.

First and foremost, the players and STs will be given the proper support and
aid that they require and desire, be this in the form of NPCs or ideas of plot
to be run in their games. The clan has a rich selection of stories just
waiting to be told.

Secondly and along with my first point, the social structure of the clan will
be re-established. Clan Prestige will mean something. Clan positions will be
given form again. Social societies, bloodlines and, pedigrees will be made
available and more developed, given a centralized and organized system of
putting them into place. This point will require work from both players and
STs as I want them to help give form to the social setup of their chosen clan.

Thirdly, do what I can to help bring the fabled spirituality of the Tzimisce
back to the game. The Tzimisce's unique Morality Path: Metamorphisis is one of
faith and evolution and the theme of Faith is held deeply within the
literature published on this clan. It isn't the power structure that in
required but the act of belief and devoutness that is.

Fourth, Koldunic Sorcery... yeah... The version in the present blood magic
packet is a good start but, I know that too many games have issue with it,
especially the Way of Spirit write-up. I plan to create a new Koldunic Sorcery
packet, with the aid of all the games that are interested in helping. It is
with this point that I have some unorthodox ideas that will need the
compromise of working with every game willing to help.

Fifthly, I believe that there should be a consequence for Non-Tzimisce blooded
individuals having Viscissitude. The Discipline is an extension of the
Eldest's Will and Power, meant for only Its Childer and their creations. I
don't want to bring the Soul Eater plot into play but, I do want to have
people with Out of Clan Visc having a heavy price to pay for the power to
alter the static form permanently.

Sixthly, I want to work with the other Clan Coords to develop the inter-clan
interactions between the Tzimisce and those that they shape.

Finally, the traditional enemies of the Tzimisce have been too silent for too
long. I plan on working with the games involving Tzimisce, the Garou Coord
and, the Garou games to help push forward Tzimisce vs Shadow Lord, as it is
was in the Old Country. They might not be there but, who says the the old
prejudices go away when ones moves to someplace new. Also, Kupula has been
silent for too long. The spirit/demon of the Carpathians is the source of
Koldunic Sorcery and its veneration / cursing is vital for that magic to work,
be it gifted by the creature or stolen from it during its slumber. Kupula is
intrinsic to Tzimisce history and mythology yet, it is rarely mentioned. I
want to have this element brought closer to home and nearer to the surface.


There it is, take it or leave it. Some of my goals are plain, others grandiose
but, that are the map to a well developed and complete clan. And, I want to be
able to increase the enjoyment of both Tzimisce players and storytellers. My
name is Lou and I'm going to be your next Tzimisce Coord.


Sport mediaAir Jordan 1

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