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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 02-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST
Closing: 17-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Peter D BohlmanApplicant Email: dhampir984@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: DarkHaven
Support From:


Support from:
Winona Dark Haven
Obsidian Towers
Sabbat Coordinator
Obsidian Towers
Head Coordinator
Finance Coordinator
Admissions Coordinator


Tremere Coordinator, 2005-Present
Tremere Subcoord for Northern Midwest since Dec. 2002
Tremere Subcoord for Canadian games since Oct. 2003
Assamite Subcoord under Cheri Foster
Tremere player for over 3 years straight

Decades of tabletop RP experience.

Personal Statement:

Personal Statement:

This was a long year being a Coordinator, with many positive changes being
brought about by Tremere players and staff. The organization is an ever-
evolving system, having come a long way from the original Laws of the Night
publication. I respect the role of everyone in the org to propose and vote on
changes to the genre that best fit the actual roleplaying being done, and it
is important to me to keep abreast of these changes. The staff has been
working together to draft a new Player's Packet that will be easier to use and
respond to the needs of the players and storytellers, a project that is
nearing completion.

The players have also requested revitalized House packets, to expand upon what
little text is available in the Clanbooks. I want to see them reflect the way
PCs have driven them; they need to be more than flavor texts to help players
understand each one to find the best fit for their characters and to show the
benefits of membership in each House. With my subcoords driving the increase
in recruiting practices this year, I hope to add to the depth and mystery of
playing a Tremere, bringing together players that have shared interests and
enabling increasing roleplaying opportunities. I intend to propose each House
packet separately to Council and have each one posted on the Clan website for
players review and input. This past year we also brought in more PCs into
Secret Societies, and will be revisiting the supporting documents for any
improvements needed to better serve the players in this area after the House
packets are complete.

I stand by my statement that Genre is a touchy subject, balancing what we as
an World Wide Organization have created and what was printed. I strongly
believe in the role of the Coord as one that assists, inspires, and enables
the roleplay of the players in the organization, with the story itself being
paramount. With that in mind, I have one major org-wide plot ready for
proposal to Council with seeds already to go to PCs, driven by PC actions and
a second one in develompent by the staff that will draw upon many PCs in
Secret Societies and Houses. I don't like to use NPCs in a heavy handed
manner because it takes the PCs actions and crushes them. The NPCs are there
as tools to be used, not as sledgehammers or walls.

I also have been focusing on the "World Wide" portion of the organization,
working more closely with my Brazilian subcoords and STs of the Brazilian
games to help them better integrate into the Org as a whole. Having just run
the North American Grand Tribunal, I am now turning my attention to South
America to guide them in holding a second event there next year. It's a long
overdue piece of genre that has been missing and that error needs to be
corrected. Brazilian games are part and parcel of OWbN and they deserve the
same opportunities to interact and participate that players in North America
have had.

In the end, I'm here as a Coordinator to be here for players and storytellers
of the Org to make and tell their story.


Applicant Name: Daniel B. Karpouzian
Applicant Email: karpouzian@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Flint
Support From:


Home Chronicle: La Crosse: On The River's Edge

Whispers of Atlanta
Vitae Aeternus
Shadows on Cincinnati
Chicago: Dark Requiem
Kenosha: Memento Mori
Gary: Blood & Steel's support
La Crosse: On the River's Edge
Columbus in Darkness
Winona: Across the Valley

Changeling Coord
Nosferatu Coord
Assamite Coord
Brujah Coord
Camarilla Coord
Admissions Coord

Your OWbN/Gaming/Administrative Background:

I have played most games in existence, and have played all WW games except for
Demon and 'the new stuff'. In OWbN I have been a player (both Vampire and
Garou), NPC (including Archons and a Lord), narrator, desk nazi, Web Nazi, ST,
CM, and Sub-Coord. I've been involved in OWbN since before it began. I want to
run for a coord because I know that I can do a great job! I'm an email junkie,
I've got tough skin, I know my genre well, and I am motivated enough to get the
job done regardless of the cost.

I started playing in this shared universe in Chicago . I have played this game
in different countries, states, and cities. I currently live and play in OWbN
games in Minnesota , and play at least one in Wisconsin regularly. Most
recently I have been playing "Snaps X" a Nosferatu based out of Minneapolis.

Personal Statement:

I have played in OWbN as a Tremere for a number of years, both in 'the days of
yore' and recently. I am active in a number of chronicles and just enjoy
playing in general.

Some things I would like to accomplish in my tenure as Tremere coord:


I am getting a Ph.D. in English, I have taught at the college level, I have a
Bachelor's degree in Theatre, and I have worked in the Customer Service field
for years. this means that both Written and Verbal communication are two of my
major OOC Strengths. I also tend to be an email junkie, and have email access
from work. I have also done coursework in small group communication and team
building, so I think that my coord team will find me easy to work with. I want
to be in touch with the games in the org to ensure that things are running
smoothly (as far as Tremere-related issues are concerned) and I want to have an
open mind and ear and be ready with responses as questions come in. I believe
that as a genre coord (or any member of council) that (non-emo) communication is
the key.


I want to be a resource to current Tremere players, future Tremere players, OWbN
Council, and individual OWbN games and STs. I also want to COMPLETELY revamp
the Tremere Genre Packet (not the Blood Magic Packet) to make it a comprehensive
resource for Tremere STs, Players, and other Coordinators in the .org. I want
this to be a document that we can be proud of, and have the desktop publishing,
and team building skills to really make it a great tool. I would also like to
see a little more regional consistency.


Clan Tremere's MAJOR strength is NOT Thaumaturgy (ok, close your mouths), it is
DIVERSITY and the different Houses and Secret Societies in the clan exemplify
that. There are several different "Houses" and "Secret Societies" in Clan
Tremere, and besides just an extra line on people's .sig files, it is an
important part of Tremere Genre, and gives players and STs motivations, RP
opportunities, and networking opportunities. I am aware that a new House packet
is in the works (Thanks Frosty), but I want to see this be a priority for the
coming year. This lets the Tremere fit into any niche that needs to be filled in
the Camarilla, and one of the reason they should be feared and respected. It is
one of the reasons that they have been one of the reasons they have been one of
the leaders of the Camarilla since its inception.


Applicant Name: Ross Anderson

Applicant Email: rosander@dsotm.net Applicant Home Chronicle: N/A Support From:

Thicker than Blood

Blackened Veins

Caught in Eternal Twilight

Winona Dark Haven

Westchester by Night

Admissions Coord

Finance Coord

Wraith Coord

Gaming Experience:

About 18 years of various RPGs.
About 12 years of MET LARP (Predominantly Vampire, but also Garou, Changeling & Mage) About 12 years of OWBN MET (Vampire only)

Plethora of tabletop and loose Running sneakersNike sneakers

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