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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 27-Nov-2006 1:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Dec-2006 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Sarah KleinApplicant Email: tinysheepofdoom@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Secundus
Support From:


Fear of Night
Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture
Secundus Surrectum
Wasting the Dawn
WSR: Fargo
Finance Coord
Toreador Coord
Changing Breeds Coord
New Orleans (Probationary)

For previties sake, I am going to only discuss my history in OWBN:

I started playing OWBN when I went to a convention and signed up, recieving a
pregenerated character.

I have been a Setite Subcoord from 2002-2005, under the previous two Setite
coords, and last year I stepped up to Setite Coord when the previous Coord chose
not to run again. I have additionally served as the Silent Strider Tribal
Narrator for the past year.

I have been an ST in Wasting the Dawn, Lux Tenebras and Secundus Surrectum, also
having been CM for all three as well.

I have played in Wasting the Dawn, Always Comes Evening, Sacramento by Night,
Stockton by Night, River of Shadows, Secundus Surrectum, La Sangre de Los
Angeles, Fires of the Rebellion (probationary) and Last Holdout (probationary)
while being roughly local to them, and numerous others I have visited for event
games, or while travelling on the East Coast, Midwest, Southeast, Northwest, and
so on.

I've been working in office administration professionally for about three years now

Personal Statement:

I really like Setites, and other Egytian-genred stuff, that's about
as much as I can say about that.

I'm not terribly sure what to say here, as I don't want to just cut
and paste what I said last year, or repeat it in as many words, so I
suppose I'll start out with what I have planned for the next year:

1. The IC and plot intergration of the changes to Setite Prestige,
positions and social structure, as requested by some of the players.
The challenge will be to make this a subtle intergration rather than
simply a violent political upheaval. Some players want the
change-over to be through plot, after all, whereas some players or
games may not want to address it as much.

2. The "trial" of a Warrior accused of abusing the divine gifts of Set,
to be run with the Milwaukee STs, at Midwinter.

3. Bringing the Camarilla Setite presence to the direct attention of the
rest of the Clan, potentially even a partial Kemintiri plot.

4. Possible updates to the genre and sorcery packets again, depending on the
demand for such. Some players have additional unique rituals they'd like
included, for example.

In my application last year I touched upon how the Requiem releases
were expected to create a vote in the org over whether to switch. As
we all know, this didn't happen, and people who wished to play Requiem
simply made or attended other games for this. So now the question is,
will this be formalized in the next year, or will the potential of a
vote to switch continue to linger?

I enjoy helping people, with a focus on being a resource for STs and players,
since as much as I know about the genre, the ST is always the expert on what is
most suitable for their particular game. Sure, there are things I wish I had
more control of, but I tend to believe the best route to solving genre problems
is to work with individual ST staffs.


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