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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 23-Nov-2005 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2005 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Sarah KleinApplicant Email: tinysheepofdoom@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Stockton
Support From:


Other support in no order at all:
Ravnos Coordinator
Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture
Caught in Eternal Twilight
The Chaos Within
Secundus Surrectum

I've gamed with OWbN since 2002 and been a Setite subcoord since later in 2002
as well. Prior to that I'd been playing troupe LARPs since 2001 and tabletop
since 1995.

The Egyptian-themed aspects of genre have always been my favorite, and this year
I'm also working with Brian Goudie, as the Silent Strider Tribal Narrator. I'd
help with Mummy and the various Egyptian Awakened Mage and partially-Awakened
Sorcerer/Hunter groups too if it were needful, but alas they're smaller groups
without real PC representation. *snickers* Go figure.

I've STed in two local games, as well as running a troupe game for a time. I'll
admit I wasn't perfect, but I did my best to be fair, not that everyone ever
always agrees with any person's view of what fair is. *shrug*
When I did that, I also did administration for the games, including maintaining
the character sheet database and attendance records, and Council Member duties.
Currently I am not an ST in any game, but I continue to do CM duties and
administrative duties including character sheet database and attendance, for Lux
Tenebras (Auburn, CA).

Beyond game administration, I had four years at Berkeley studying Rhetoric
(roughly persuasive speech and language if you're not familiar) before I ran out
of money. This year I've been working pushing papers and filing, both at my
current college and for other businesses. Frankly, I find the game
administration takes a lot more thought and time than pushing papers for money,
since I just do basic secretarial stuff. The basic principle is the same
however: keep everything in order and up to date, keep documentation of
everything, and back up your records.

Personal Statement:

So I worked for Tony, when he was Setite Coordinator, and I worked for Josh,
until this year, when he said he wasn't going to run again, and that I should.

Why Setite Coordinator? Well, as my previous statement indicated I'm a bit
stuck on the Egyptian stuff, though I of course don't play any of it *sigh*

I said that I played tabletop before I LARPed? When I played only Tabletop I
thought LARP was stupid, thinking who would want to dress up and act pretentious
while playing RPS, but then when I tried it I saw how much more real it made all
the people you interacted with, because the other characters in the game were
played by other real people, and weren't just all NPCs maintained by one or two
STs. Then, when I tried networked, long-running LARPing with OWbN I felt the
same way all over again. Now I could talk with people in different cities, and
countries...now I could play in other cities, or other states, when I travelled.
And it was all part of the same world, and everyone in it was real and unique.
The way that realization made me feel, and the sense of knowing, when I hear
about history in game of, "players made that," is why I game, and why I play OWbN.

I as far as I see the duties of coordinators, I would have to say that first, I
see the game as belonging to the players. There is no game without the players,
and the entire point of the game is for the players to have fun. That being
said, however, the STs have the job of balancing the player's enjoyment with the
rules and what's reasonable under genre, which is a constant struggle, with no
way to achieve 100% satisfaction, because everyone has such different opinions.
The duty of a coordinator in my opinion is to provide resources to STs and
players in regards to genre, and to advise STs on genre.

What do I think is NOT a coordinator's job? I do not think it is a
coordinator's job to run plots at a game, or to take actions against PCs without
talking to their STs, or to give any reward/punishment/teaching without taking
to the pertinent STs. That, of course, being my black and white opinion. I
know sometimes there are times when coordinators and STs clash on genre points.
I know there are times when STs okay something and then change their mind or
step down. I know things get freaking ridiculously chaotic sometimes. The only
thing coordinators and STs can do is try to make things work out for the
players, because when they can't agree, nothing happens.

The next year is going to make or break the org, as I said in my letter to
various people requesting support for this application. I personally think the
org is a good thing, even taking its many flaws into account.

I have no stance on any of the issues which could do that breaking, because I
consider them so situational and specific that I can't say I oppose or support
them universally in any direction. I want the best thing for each game or games
involved, and their players. Mostly, I want the games to be as uninterrupted as
possible for the players, so players can keep having fun. I know that's what I
want to do when I attend games. *shrug*

That's about all I have.


Applicant Name: Christopher Headley
Applicant Email: mewtwo523@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Dayton
Support From:


13 Years gaming in various troupe games around Ohio. Playing many different
Clans and Sects.

7 Years with OwbN both as a player and a Storyteller.
Home Chronicle: Dayton: Dying Embers

Storyteller for the Columbus in Darkness game on several occasions also served
as the HST for 6 months.

4 Years of management experience in the Automotive industry.

Parent and Husband (Full-Time)

Personal Statement:

Well, let's see. A little background on myself, I am a 26 yr old man living in
Columbus, Ohio. I am married with a little girl who is a year and a half old.
My wifes name is Cecelia and my daughter's name is Alyson. My home Chronichle
is Dayton, Ohio Dying Embers. My two favorite clans to play are Malks and Setites.

My positions on Setite genre? Well, I feel that any Setite that joins a sect
(Camarilla, Anarch or Sabbat) is just weakening thier best resource, variety.
As a Setite we can play both sides of the field with great ease. I also believe
that A Setite that joins one of the sects is not working against the Aeons that
they are succumbing to them. If they are working in the sects to gain something
for Set, that is a different matter and the Setite should tell other Setites
what he/she is doing so as to not draw suspicion from thier clanmates. If a
Setite fails to inform other Setites of thier infiltration of the sects then
that Setite should be seen with ridicule from the clan (Lose thier Prestige Pious).

Non-Setites and Heart of Darkness? First, I feel if a non-Setite learns
Serpentis they should have already converted to the ways of Set and have a need
for learning Serpentis. Serpentis is Set's gift to his brood, not his gift to
the Aeons. As for Heart of Darkness, no non-Setite should have it on thier
sheets. I know of a few PC's OOC that have it on thier sheets but that is
another story. Non-Setites that have Heart of Darkness performed on them should
be one of two situations: 1. An already converted member who has earned the
right to be removed from his heart and his heart be kept with his/her respective
Pharoah. 2. A non-Setite who brings a great gift to the Setites in exchange
(i.e. Iron Heart being taught to the Setites and ANY Setite who asks for it.).

As for the Dark Ages material? We are not playing a Dark Ages game so it should
be used as reference material and not as gospel. The clans themselves have
evolved over the centuries and the Setites are no exception. It should be used
more like a Lore Ability to me.

Bloodbonding? Since most games are run at a formal gathering or an Elysium (by
and large), bloodbonding should only happen away from the game in downtime
scenes or otherwise. Since the blood of a Setite smells and tastes like reptile
musk anyways (Clanbook: Followers of Set Prologue) a victim should know that he
/she has drank the blood from a Setite. This can be easily covered up in the
form of Typhon's Brew or some other ritual that has a distinctive odor to it.
From what I have roleplayed with, the PC's are already being very careful about
thier bloodbonding and for the most part, have no need to do it since who they
ensnare are so loyal as to freely drink anyways.

The current Setite Genre packet? For the most part I think that the Setite
Packet is fine, the only additions I would make to it are to include the Path of
Blood which is now only a Serpent of the Light Wanga Path as a Setite Ahku Path.
It says in the 3rd Edition Clanbook that it is a Path that we should be able to
have access to. Another thing I would alter to the packet is give a chart of
reference as to what rarity level means for the Sorcery. (Rarity 1:
Priest/Sergeant approval, Rarity 2: High Priest/Lieutenant approval, Rarity 3&4:
Pharoah/Lt. General approval, Rarity 5: Pharoah of Pharoahs approval) or
something like that.

Jormunandersson Setites? These should be Council Notify for NPC's and require a
simple Majority Vote for PC's. I as a LARPer have never heard of these Setite's

Do I think it would be more beneficial to the Chronicles to have more published
Setite NPC's in use? Yes and no. Yes because it would add a great benefit to
the Setite players out there to have a tangible character to interact with. I
Also feel that it will give storytellers an idea of what a real Setite is
supposed to be. No, because there are some things that should remain a mystery,
such as the Eternals of Sothis. These elders have lived for over 1460 years and
are considered Set's direct childer whether or not they actually are. We as
Players (Setite and non-Setite alike) whose characters have not lived a fraction
of these Eternals unlives should not have the faintest idea of what these
creatures are capable of. So there should not be a published sheet for them.

Those are just my opinions,

Christopher Headley
Player of Osato Osemwengie
Dayton Dying Embers


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