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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Mar-2003 1:00AM EST
Closing: 12-Mar-2003 1:00AM EST

The following is based off of the draft proposal authored by Scott Little, and as modified by myself based on the commentary that happened on the ST list.

Proposed that the following be placed in the Character Regulation Bylaws as "Section 2: Character Point Cap", and that all subsequent sections be re-numbered appropriately and all references to said sections be corrected to represent the new numbering.


1: As of (insert date proposal passes) and thereafter, all OWBN Player
Characters (PCs) that have a experience total of equal to or greater then 400 experience points shall be retired to Non-Player Character (NPC) status under the following terms.

A: Such characters immediately become NPCs under the control of the Home Chronicle they are based in at the time of retirement.

i: Coordinators may negotiate with the home chronicle to take over the characters as Coordinator Controlled NPCs.
ii: To facilitate ease of transition, the player of said character may
(with their ST/Controlling Coordinator's and list moderator's permission) remain active on the IC list serves of OWBN as that PC for a period not to exceed 3 months after the character leaves active play.

B: Storytellers and Coordinators are encouraged to take the input of the former player of said character into consideration in any uses after retirement, but are under no requirement to do such except as stated below.

C: Players choosing not to gain experience on a character to keep it below the 400 experience point limit will be able to continue playing indefinitely.

i: For this purpose, experience on a character will be defined as the experience total of a sheet as it stands.

D: Players reaching the 400 experience point limit will retain the following privileges with their former PC:

i: They may choose whom, if anyone, may play their former PC's childer. The Home Chronicle retains control of the character creation process, but the former player may veto the creation of childer.
ii: They must be given the opportunity to portray their former PC in any IC use (in person or on list serves) unless such would cause a conflict of interest or Inigo Montoya conflict with their current PC.

E: Characters reaching the set retirement mark in a sportsmanlike and reasonable manner shall receive the following benefits at that time to thank them for their long term play and contributions in OWBN.

i: Their next PC shall have the point cap in Character Regulation Bylaws Section 1.A raised to 50 points of possible roll-over points or awards.
ii: The Historian shall, at the player's wish, place them in the OWBN
"OWBN Famous, Infamous & Notorious List."
iii: Players who divest their character of all holdings, status, cash, item cards or send out "Up Yours" letters, or "Tell-All" emails just prior to retirement in this manner should not be made eligible for the retirement benefits.

F: Implementation

i: All PCs at or beyond the 400 experience points at the time of this proposal may, with their storytellers permission cut down to 400 experience and continue play or receive the retirement benefits immediately.
ii: Characters that are currently shelved at the time of this proposal passes will be given the same consideration if they return to play at some future date. Such a re-entry into play will be considered a R/U Notify to council.

G: Pre-Mandatory Retirements

i: Players reaching the 300 point mark may retire their characters and receive the full retirement benefits as the discretion of their home chronicle receive the full retirement benefit.
ii: Characters may not receive retirement benefits if they have been retired to avoid plot. Such is to be determined solely by their home chronicle storytellers

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