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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 11-Aug-2003 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 19-Aug-2003 1:00AM EDT

After a discussion a while back on the ST list about Chronicle Disciplinary Policy, I wrote a mock proposal to revise the section on Chronicle Disciplinary Policy to include a section on reporting. After discussing it with the current Historian, a few changes were made and I sent to my CM. I just found out from Stef that he never posted it, so here it is (below).

-William Genich
-Kenosha: Memento Mori

[Proposal] Revision of Bylaws: Chronicle Disciplinary Policy

Proposed that Section 6: Disciplinary Policy, section A.2.b.3 be removed as it deals with Chronicle discipline, not Council, (note: it will be moved to Discipline Section B.3.b with an addition of whom is to report) and that the
following text replace Section 6: Disciplinary Policy, B: Chronicles:

B. Chronicles
1. Chronicle discipline is the province of the Chronicle Staff, however disciplinary actions passed by Council must be enforced by the Chronicle Staff.
2. Every chronicle must have a written disciplinary policy. These policies must be made available either on the chronicles' website or at the check-in desk.
3. Reporting
a. The chronicle may submit any chronicle disciplinary actions to the elected Historian/Archivist via their bi-monthly chronicle
report, who then will compile and maintain a record of all members given chronicle disciplinary actions. This list will be available to any ST, Council Member, or Coordinator within OWbN. They may ask the Historian/Archivist for the list of players, or may inquire after a particular member in that regard.
b. The permanent banning of a member from a chronicle under Article One or by the chronicle's disciplinary procedures must be announced by said chronicle on the owbn-st and owbn-council mailing lists.
c. A Storyteller from the chronicle that submitted the disciplinary action may have said action removed from the Historian/ArchivistSports brandsNike Air Max 720 "By You" Black/Hyper Crimson-University Red To Buy

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