Revision to Administrative Bylaws, Section 8.D.iii.2.

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 25-Jan-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Feb-2008 1:00AM EST

I propose the following revision to the Administrative bylaws, Section 8.D.iii.2. This proposal is supported by the OWbN Archivist and was asked by her that it be propped. The Archivist feels that the current number of chronicle reports may be too many, and a more streamlined system may lead to more useful information being included in chronicle reports. The changes are in bold:

D) Reporting

i) All reports are out-of-character information except as specifically and mutually agreed between Storytellers and Coordinators for the sake of story, plot or continuity.

ii) Chronicles that do not speak or write English as a primary language are encouraged to maintain contact with OWBN as above, as best they can. The Council understands that reports may not arrive in English.

iii) Chronicle reporting

(1) Each member chronicle of OWBN is required to report to the Archivist, Head Coordinator (HC), and Assistant Head Coordinators (AHC) either in writing via email, or via the appropriate Internet submission form on the OWBN website.

(2) The report may be written by any member of the storytelling staff of each chronicle, but must be submitted by either the HST or Council Member, to ensure its validity. These reports shall be due on the first day of February and August.

(3) Chronicle reports are to be submitted in order to:

(a) Keep track of your Chronicle so we know you're still operational.

(b) Track who is supposed to be on which global administrative lists.

(c) Deal with inter-chronicle disputes as they arise.

(d) Log any issues the chronicles may have.

(e) Encourage interaction with less vocal chronicles.

(f) Maintain an approximate census of our population.

(g) Keep record of major events within chronicles.

(4) Historical Report

(a) This report shall consist of:

(i) Chronicle Name/Appellation/Location.

(ii) List of Council Member and storytelling team (including e-mail addresses and/or phone number for emergency access).

(iii) Current chronicle web page address.

(iv) Dates of game(s) played that month.

(v) Approximate attendance.

(vi) In-character (IC) events that may affect the plots of other chronicles.

(vii) Inter-chronicle interactions that affect the plots of any other member chronicles.

(viii) Other matters the reporter feels are relevant.

(ix) Inner-chronicle activity consisting of:

(a) Death or Administrative Removal of prominent characters
within the chronicle.

(b) Political changes within chronicle. Ex: Camarilla domain changing to Sabbat domain, the Tremere killing all of the Toreador, the Prince banning an entire clan, Etcjordan release dateAir Max 270 Men

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