2002 Election for Nosferatu Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 24-Nov-2002 1:00AM EST
Closing: 02-Dec-2002 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Larry WileApplicant Email: nosnet@juno.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: SotM
Support From:


Currently the Nosferatu Genre Coordinator for OWBN.
Have STed four times in OWBN, three in Night...Falls (Northern Virginia), once
in Vitae Aeternus (Southern Maryland).
Have LARPed in OWBN for almost 7 years, playing almost every Camarilla clan.
Played a Nosferatu PC for almost 4 years.

Personal Statement:

Last year, I ran for this position full of wide-eyed optimism and youthful
enthusiasm. Today, I'm not as wide-eyed or as youthful, but I am still very
optimistic and enthusastic about OWBN and the job I can continue to do as
Nosferatu Genre Coordinator.

Over the past year, I have accomplished many of the goals I set out to over the
last twelve months. We are nearing completion of the Nosferatu Clan Packet,
for which I must thank the many Nosferatu players of OWBN for lending their
aid. I believe we have put together a comprehensive tool that STs and players
alike can use to make the game more enjoyable.

I have continued to push for more interaction across OWBN by Nosferatu PCs.
Via the clan list (SchreckNET), we have been able to bring the Nosferatu as a
clan closer together. With ST assistance and observation, we have been able to
work out a system for information and lore exchanges, a staple for any

I hope to over the next year begin some long-reaching metaplots that will
benefit Clan Nosferatu and OWBN as a whole. And, although language continues
to be an issue, I am trying to work more closely with our sister chronicles in
Brazil and tying them more closely into OWBN.

I believe that I am the right choice to continue the work that we've begun over
this year, and I hope to be able to continue it into the coming year.

--Larry Wile
That Nos Coord Guy


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