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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 30-Apr-2001 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 03-May-2001 1:00AM EDT

This category is up for line item vote for inclusion or exclusion from our comprehensive R&U list. Since many people have a different view of what is R&U, and what the question What is R&U? means, we will leave it verysimple. Please include ALL comments below.

Category: Daitya
Meaning: Shiva-worshipping Setites based out of India.
Coord's Recommendation: (Setite Coord's notes: the Daitya are rare in the new world, being based out of India... they don't have much to do with Set, really, being worshipers of Shiva... they might cooperate with Setites, however, and so it's not such a big deal if there is one or two in the
games...) R&U, approval required for PCs, notification required for NPCs

Please remember, if any category is considered R&U in any way, shape or form, the character, PC or NPC, regardless of Council s involvement, must be registered with the R&U Coord.
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