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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 24-Nov-2002 1:00AM EST
Closing: 02-Dec-2002 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Stefanie MoserApplicant Email: owbnpaperpusher@cox.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: SotM
Support From:


As a player:

-Active member of One World by Night since 2000

As an Admin/ST:
-Served as Influence ST in Night...Falls (2001)
-Served as Player Relations Coordinator under the first Indianapolis OwbN game.

As a Sub-Coord:
-Served as East Coast Historian (November 2001-March 2002)
-Served as Midwest Assistant Historian (November 2000-August 2001)

As a Coordinator:
-Current Historian and Status Coordinator (elected March 2002)
-Served as Historian Coordinator (August 2001-November 2001)

Overall experience:

I have been actively gaming since the fall of 1995. My background is mostly in
the White Wolf Game System. As for RL, I have been working in the Theatre since
1995 and work mostly behind the scenes as a Stage Manager or Production Manager.

Personal Statement:

"I have watched as Stef deftly picked up a challenging role mid-term and
breathed life into an already challenging role. With a flair for
administration, a sound knowledge of genre, and a diplomatic approach she has
proven to be an excellent scribe our organization."
--Carmien Owen-Brujah Coordinator

What can I say about being a Historian?

This job isn't easy. I have held it twice now, both times being elected mid-
term by Council. This year, I hope to see a stronger stance on electing a
Historian and Status Coordinator who will remain in office for their entire
term. I feel that I am the person who can do this, as I have proven that I can
step-up to the plate time and time again. I feel very strongly that the
Historian office needs someone who can commit to their position fully in order
to be effective, and electing new Coords (no matter the position) mid-term does
help the Coordinator Team, Storytellers, Council, or Players of One World.

"Stef has shown a lot of determination in coaxing out the important IC and OOC
documentation that OWbN needs to maintain consistency and stay well informed.
She's worked very hard and been very passionate about fulfilling the
Historian's duties."
--Cass Whittington-Head Coordinator

What have I done these last 8 months?

We hit some Milestones in 2002:

*The Camarilla Status Packet passed by Council, July 2002

*Active online Chronicle/Coordinator Reporting through the Owbn Website began.

*The Historian Website for the Organization's use is finally becoming a reality
as I learn how to do web design. :)

*Year-end archiving for Coordinator Team was implemented.

*Several other projects have also been worked on this year, by the Historian
Office. These include Prestigious Sires, Timelines, and Chronicle Histories. I
don't consider these ever having Milestones, as they are on-going projects that
will grow as the organization grows.

"Stefanie is very diligent in her job as historian, and has undertaken several
projects to help make owbn a more cohesive organization. She's also a pain in
the ass about chronicle reports."
--Josh Strassman CM

What does next year hold if I'm elected?

-An active Historian Website available to the Organization for use.

-An active Online Archive System of Chronicle/Coordinator Reports.

-Regional SubCoords and Status SubCoords.

-A strong commitment to the Organization to remain an impartial member of the
administrative staff, and full-fill a full term as Historian and Status

Thank you for your consideration and time in reading this application.

Stefanie Moser
Historian and Status Coordinator 2002
Washington, DC


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