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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 23-Nov-2004 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2004 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Glen CoppersmithApplicant Email: saintly@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: EotR
Support From:


HST and CM of Boston by Night: The Midnight Ride from it's inception, in
September of 2000 (A Giovanni controlled chronicle).
AST of Kings of New York for about 6 months in early 2002.
Giovanni Subcoord for the past year.
House High Saturday Subcoord [on the Giovanni Side] for the past year.
Serpent of the Light Subcoord for the past year.
Giovanni ListMod for the past six months or so.

I've been gaming for what seems like forever, just like everyone else in this org.

As far as administration goes, I have been running my own contracting company
for the past 8 months. Our primary communication has been via the internet, so I
am very familiar with how to get things done over this medium.

Personal Statement:

I don't feel the need to write a huge personal statement, as there are plenty
more applications to read. As such, I will bullet out the points I feel are
important and leave this application at that. If you have any questions, feel
free to email me, I tend to respond quickly.

One of the largest complaints about the previous Giovanni Coords was their lack
of communication. I have been on top of things for Jim even though he hasn't
always had regular email access. I have had a couple Giovanni players thank me
for this, and don't intend to change that level or responsiveness.

I see the position of coord as a liason between the players and STs/Council.

I am here to write some very basic metaplot and work with ST teams to write
specific 'modules' to be run in their games.

I am NOT here to play all the big NPCs.

I am NOT here to put on NPC theater.

This game is about the PCs stories, and how badly we as STs can mess up the poor
PC's world.

What I would like to get accomplished over the next year:
-Repair the rift between many STs and the players of the Giovanni characters.
Whether there was a reason for this rift or not, we will see. Fact remains that
there does exist this rift in the minds of many of the Giovanni players, they
feel persecuted, and want someone to stand up for them. I am not going to be
their champion, but I will be their mediator.

-Foster the feeling of a family within the clan. Some feel that there has been
too much stress placed on the Directorate and it's structure, some feel that
there hasn't been enough stress placed on it. I'm going to find some middle
ground that will still maintain the family feel of the clan and give the players
some bit of internal clan politicking to do.

-Get some metaplots out there to give the Giovanni PCs a reason to interact with
the Giovanni from other games (not to mention the other clans). Boredom has been
a major complaint of the Giovanni players, and I would like to fix that without
taking up too much of any single ST team's resources.

-Get some DIFFERENT plotlines out there, instead of the generic Harbinger of
Skulls plotline. There is so much that can be done with the fact that this clan
is a Family. You can't just off your relatives (as much as some of us may want
to sometimes), and that forces a more societal and intrigue heavy game.

-Put together a Giovanni Players Packet to deal with the deviations from the
Clanbook that exist within Owbn.

With regards to my storytelling ability:
I am told that I am an 'excellent storyteller' (a direct quote from a few people
who have played under me). I will gladly put you in touch with some of players
to ask them about the way I weave a story. I have never played in one of my
games, so I cannot honestly give you an opinion on myself.

With regards to dealing with the Organization:
I have run Boston for approximately 4 years in Owbn, and am intimately familiar
with the workings of it. I have been Council Member, Storyteller, Subcoord, and
experienced the application process. I have always been able to get things
accomplished and work with other chronicles on a variety of levels. I will
gladly put you in touch with some of the people I have worked with on an Org
level, if you are not one yourself.

Giovanni PC?:
No, I have never played a Giovanni in owbn. I think this is a boon, considering
that I have not had my opinions swayed either way by those I played with. I have
always written plot for the Giovanni clan, not played in it. In my eyes, this
has allowed me to see the clan from a different perspective from the majority of
the Giovanni players, and to take into account the rest of the world out there
instead of focusing so completely on the clan. Thus I am better equipped to
write plots that affect more than just the Giovanni, and bring the rest of the
org into the stories that I and my fellow Coordinators weave.

I know that I have some competition for this position, always there are
differences in opinion. May the best man win, and I would gladly work with you
to better this clan. Whether that means that you will work as my subcoord or me
as yours, I would embrace the opportunity.


Applicant Name: Daniel L Gill Jr
Applicant Email: Marcusoftremere@aol.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Nusquam
Support From:


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