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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 24-Nov-2002 1:00AM EST
Closing: 02-Dec-2002 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Alex KallendApplicant Email: akallend@lensmoor.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: DarkRequiem
Support From:


OWbN Background:
Started playing in 1999.
In 2000, took over Chicago's website.
Early 2001, took over as OWbN webmaster.
Sept 2001, became Chicago Storyteller.
Nov 2001, elected Giovanni coordinator.
Early 2002, member, server committee

Gaming background - been gaming since I was 9 and playing AD&D and Chainmail.

Admin Background: I've been involved at an administrative level in many
organizations, while at college and since. One example, in 1997 I started a
MUD online and have served as chief administrator since then, growing a
playerbase of over 2000 people, with over 100 connected at times, and notable
players including WW writers.

Personal Statement:

I'm running for this position again because of the overwhelming requests from
the Giovanni players for me to run. I believe that the Giovanni could use some
stability at the coordinator position - there have been 5 different
coordinators since I've been involved in OWBN.

I believe that the Giovanni position in OWBN is one of the more complex. The
clan cannot uphold the strict WW interpretation of where they fit (or don't
fit) in kindred society, because games are held in Elysiums. In order for the
Giovanni to be a playable clan anywhere other than Giovanni only Larps,
extensions must be made to the WW standard.

My highlights of the last year include:

The first Giovanni event game. Set as the April 4th party as detailed in the
Giovanni clanbook, the event showcased the complex relationships between Dons
and Directors, Major and Minor families, and gave Giovanni players the chance
to play without Camarilla interference :) The Giovanni players ended up
tithing over 150 Million dollars back to the clan elders. The second annual
event is due to be held in 2003.

The definition of the Giovanni promise was clarified, so that players and
storytellers across the organization can work off the same page.

The addition of new R&U types to reduce the frequency of plots that should be
rare. This model was also adopted by other genre coords successfully.

I'd like to build upon the strong foundation that was started last year.

One long-term plan, in colaboration with the Sabbat Coordinator, is the
creation of several stresses between the Giovanni and the Sabbat, in an effort
to reduce the trust between those two groups. This plot has been started
successfully, and has signs of accomplishing the goal it was designed for.

I realize that I am as likely as anyone to fly into tangential discussions of
the future of the organization on various lists. However, I believe that the
coordinators, especially genre coordinators, are executive positions, rather
than legislative. In that regard, as a coordinator I have always sought to
find solutions to problems within the parameters set by the organization. I
intend to continue this approach if re-elected. I've had nothing but good
experiences working with the various ST's in the organization (except one
incident very early in my term), and I believe that stems from coordinating the
clan, rather than trying to be a clan storyteller.

What, there's more?

Ok, I got this question a bit: Why am I supporting Carrie for the position if
I'm also running? A bit complex. I believe that competition is good for the
organization. Carrie would make an excellent Giovanni Coord, so I support her
bid for the position. I also think I'd make an excellent coord. I believe
that by giving Council two strong choices, the organization is strengthened.
Carrie and I have both talked about goals for the clan, and will be working
together on some things regardless of who wins.

This is where people usually put quotes from other coords and STs. I'm listing
what the Giovanni players of OWBN responded when I asked if they wanted me to
run again:

You better run again, I cant think of anyone out there who could fill your
shoes, plus we're just starting to get all cozy and stuff.

I would love for you to continue in the position! Pretty please!!!!

You damn well better run again.

IMHO I think you have done a excellent job as Coord. You understand the way
the Giovanni in OWBN are run and how best to coordinate them.


Applicant Name: Caroline Matras
Applicant Email: Mtniel@aol.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: DarkRequiem
Support From:


I started playing D&D while still in gradeschool - during recess at a Catholic
school in a time where they passed out "D&D is the work of the Devil!" at every
mass. I'm sure Satan appreciated my dedication to the game in the face of such

From there I made all the usual forays into other gaming systems - some of them
even homemade by fellow gamers - until one such adventureous sidekick
discovered a Live Action Vampire Game in a jazz club the summer of '95.

I was hooked. Through the years I've been wide roaming gamer, Coord for a long
time, ST for a short time.

My four years as coordinator of the Brujah Justicar - and later on the whole
Brujah Clan - covered a lot of changing ground. I've been instrumental in
establishing solid genre for the clan and the world it interacts in - ensuring
continuity for all those that interacted with the NPCs I was allowed to
oversee. This strong base has generated plot - intentional and spontaneous -
for players (not just Brujah) across OWBN - and has provided a realistic
history and backdrop for the dark world we're supposedly inhabiting.

Personal Statement:

Personal Statements? Is this where I say something witty about loving pasta
and Godfather movies?

I've turned my attention from years of Brujah-ing to the Giovanni. I've had
the privledge to train my own replacement, who's been overseeing this last
year, and could possibly be luckly enough to have another one of my previous
subcoord step up to take over the show - thereby ensuring continued smooth
sailing and continuity for the benefit of the players and OWBN. I feel the
Giovanni could used my dedication to genre - both the WoD and Clan specific
stuff. It is one of the more flavorful clans - rounding out the night - and
needs careful attention to detail to keep thier position unique in the world of

Those that know my work know that I'm committed to the long haul, regardless of
what migraines might await me.


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