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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 02-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: JT WhitneyApplicant Email: logan3311@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: CarpeNoctum
Support From:


Coordinator support;
D Scott-Head Coord
Jehn Bahrs-AHC
Jessica Karels-Admissions Coordinator
Dawn S-Historian/Archivist
Porch-Sabbat Coordinator
Loopy-Camarilla Coordinator
Rojir McCrady II-Changeling Coordinator
Paul Riggs-KueiJin Coordinator
Terra Doe-Assamite Coordinator
Casey O'Brien-Brujah Coordinator
Joshua Wasta-Giovanni Coordinator
Geoff Combs-Lasombra Coordinator
Brendan Ammerman-Malkavian Coordinator
Sarah Himebaugh-Setite Coordinator
Kenny Lull-Toreador Coordinator

Chronicle Support;
Thicker than Blood
New Orleans
Secundus Surrectum
Lux Ten
Carpe Noctum
Shadows on The Mall
Dayton Dying Embers
Caught in Eternal Twilight

I began gaming in One World By Night in Cincinnati back in 1998, 99. I did take
a couple of years off in that time I moved to Columbus Ohio, and returned to One
World By Night there, where I began Playing Michael HeartsBlood. As far as other
World of Darkness gaming, I am an avid fan of Werewolf, and have played that
since it's creation, as well as Mage, Hunter, and Kindred of the East. Before
that, I personally remember when D&D 2.0 was new, and yes I know I just dated
I have also played a great deal of Marvel Super Heroes, Rifts, BattleTech, and
even created my own super hero based game.

Storytelling Experience in One World By Night;
1 year 4 months Head Storyteller of Columbus in Darkness, where the average
player turn out weekly was between 75-100
6( plus or minus )months previously as an Assistant Storyteller in Columbus in
1 year as Council Rep of Columbus in Darkness( during tenure as HST )
2 years as Midwest Sabbat Sub Coord under Ian K
3 months as a Dayton Dying Embers Storyteller

Administrative Experience;
Assistant Manager of both retail sales store, and restaurants.
Store Manager of various Retail Stores for more than 2 years.
Sales Floor Lead for Easyriders Motorcycle shop for one year.

Personal Statement:

I've been Gangrel Coord for a few months, and my first goals were to ensure the
understanding of the Oral Tradition( not that one, get your mind out of the
gutter ). This has begun and is continuing as I type, remind players how
valuable and dear to the clan the Protean Discipline is, and this continues, and
to make Karsh scary again, and this continues.
For the next year I will be tackling the single GREATEST thing about gangrel in
One World By Night, and the clans greatest downfall. What the Genre is, and what
it will be in the future.
I know alot of you reading this may be asking why that is so hard, and I will
explain. The Gangrel players, the story we have brought about from the
beginnings of OWBN, were so powerful, that White Wolf followed in many of our
footsteps. They changed the story a bit, but regardless, WE changed White Wolf
And now there is no more White Wolf cannon. They ended the original World of
Darkness line that the gangrel players of OWBN spearheaded, and Continue to
So how do you write up a Genre that the players themselves have spent so much
time due to various factors creating? I hope to do this, by finding out what
direction the players want to go, and then trying to write up a genre, while
still using what was written by White Wolf as a foundation, that most of the
players will enjoy as story.
I know I can't please everyone no matter how hard I try but I will try.

Detailed Ideas for helping this to blossom.
1) A Gangrel Mechanics Packet- This has been shared with some to edit, or
review, as well as to critique. It will be finished and sent to council should I
get voted in, or given to my successor.
2) A Gangrel Genre Packet- This is almost finished. Originally, I had planned
only for a genre packet, and realized that both this and the Mechanics Packet
are needed. The Genre Packet will include the various bloodlines of Gangrel
current and extinct, the various faiths of the clan, as well as they're opinions
on politics, and other clans as well.

I hope I have brought my ideas across in a way that is clear, but if there are
questions, I am always open to answering them.

JT Whitney


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