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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 24-Nov-2002 1:00AM EST
Closing: 02-Dec-2002 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Kate DunlapApplicant Email: sidhekate@snet.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: Westchester
Support From:


-Finance Coordinator since its inception (since May 2002)
-Four years gaming experience in One World by Night.
-Red List Sub Coordinator since its inception (since September 2001)
-Certified Bookkeeper with experience in AP/AR and bank reconciliation
-Experienced Paralegal specializing in Corporate Law
-Currently pursuing a degree in Business Management

Personal Statement:

For the most part, I feel the first five months have gone reasonably smoothly.
I've had the opportunity to have at least one interaction with most of the
chronicles, and as an organization we have raised enough money to keep our
server operating through March of 2003. I am glad to have deliberately kept my
agenda light these past months, as a good deal of confusion arose out of the
dues implementation and collection process.

Since the process is working well now, I'm feeling bold enough to put some more
things on the table to tackle. This next year I hope to include projects such
as: finalizing credit to chronicles that have previously paid, addressing the
incorporation issue once and for all, and opening the discussion to what
is "enough" of a monetary cushion for the server. I've done my best to reply to
people promptly and work around any situations that have come up, and I think
that the first two quarters of this position have been successful ones.

And yes, I still enjoy my unhealthy amount of organization. As I write this
application, the current balance for "excess" money is $676.89 (in US dollars),
I've kept the receipts I've sent to the chronicles, and my spreadsheet
detailing out the running balance.

As always, I am available for questions if anyone has any.

Kate Dunlap
Finance Coordinator
R&U Sub-coordinator: Red List
Email: sidhekate@snet.net
AIM: sidhekate


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