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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 11-Apr-2001 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 18-Apr-2001 1:00AM EDT

Coordinators are of two general types, Administrative and Genre coordinators. Genre coordinators are those who have been entrusted a Clan, Sect, or Species to coordinate.
Genre Coordinators are responsible for:

1. Providing local STs with informational resources regarding the clan, sect, or species for which they have responsibility.
2. Providing local STs with the portrayal of elders (including the Justicar for Justicar Coordinators) of that clan, sect, or species, within the bounds of OWBN wide consistency and genre concerns.
3. Providing OWBN with the occasional presence of NPC elders of their clan, sect, or species (including the Justicar for Justicar Coordinators) on the OWBN lists, or in person at OWBN events, within the bounds of OWBN wide consistency and genre concerns.
4. Providing OWBN with guidance regarding the general direction of their clan, sect, or species, and with suggestions for plots which may enhance OWBN's usage of that clan.
5. Maintaining the consistency and genre appropriateness of the genre resource under their care.
6. Keeping local STs and other appropriate Coords appropriately informed of their activities. This includes informing local STs of communications with PCs.

To this end, Genre Coordinators have the following powers:

1. They may create and portray (or delegate the portrayal of) a reasonable number of elder level NPCs, as appropriate to their position. Delegated NPCs, however briefly portrayed, must be reported to Council. Council may remove any of these NPCs with a majority vote, at which time the Coord will be permitted to script a suitable IC disappearance. If these delegated NPCs are requested by STs for use in a particular chronicle, they are primarily subject to the authority of those STs, but may be removed at any time by the Coord. Coord NPCs become subject to local ST authority when they appear in person in a chronicle, but the Coord or his or her delegate shall remain free to refuse to take any action if it introduces a vital inconsistency of character or a breach in global genre in the Coord or delegate's opinion. If STs feel they require an action which the Coord has refused, they may appeal the matter to Council, whose decision shall be final. Coord NPCs are subject to article one constraints except where otherwise noted in the bylaws. If they fall under an R&U category, they must be passed as normally for that category through Council.

2. Genre Coordinators may collect information on clan/sect/species activities (or in the case of the Justicar Coordinators, on matters which have been brought IC to the Justicar's attention) from the STs or other Coords, who shall not misrepresent such information. Failure to provide necessary information to a coord or intentional misrepresentation of information shall be brought before Council and considered appropriate grounds for punitive measures.

3. They may request permission of the appropriate STs to take any actions via their NPCs towards PCs. The appropriate STs shall be deemed to be the STs with OWBN jurisdiction over the PC at the time and chronicle at which the action is to occur. If the action is foreseeable in advance, permission should also be sought from the PCurl cloneAir Jordan

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