2004 Election for Camarilla Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 28-Nov-2004 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2004 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Amber KendelApplicant Email: owbnhistorian@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Fred
Support From:


As a player:

- I have been part of OWbN since early 2001, with my start playing in the
known as) Winnipeg Centre of the Chaos game.
- Pre-OWbN, I have played TT Vampire (both Camarilla & Sabbat) for 7 years,
have dabbled sporadically in various other table top games, such as Werewolf,
Shadow Run, AD&D, Mummy and Adventure!.
- Played the Toreador Primogen (of 126 Cam Torrie players) on the Offical
Moderated White-Wolf sponsored java-based game (New Bremen) for almost two

As a Storyteller:

- I took on the role of AST for Winnipeg by Night: Cold Embrace when it formed
like a phoenix out of the ashes of it's former incarnation in August 2002, and
stayed on until March of 2003.
- I am currently HST of Winnipeg by Night: Cold Embrace, having been elected
into the role in September 2003.
- I ST'd a long-running Vampire: The Masquerade Camarilla TT from 1999-2001.

As a Council Member:

- I have been the Council Member for Winnipeg by Night: Cold Embrace from
August 2002 - present.

As a SubCoordinator:

- I have acted as the Canadian/Upper Midwest Historian as well as the Status
SubCoord under Stefanie Moser since her election as Historian mid-term in
April 2002 through to the present.

As a Coordinator:

- Completed the 2003/2004 term as the elected Historian/Status Coordinator.

Personal Statement:

I guess this is where I tell you that I will be the most amazing Cam Coord
this organization has ever seen...of course, I am hoping to be the first, so
that does not apply here.

I will tell you what I hope to accomplish in the term.

The key to this position is working well with others. Especially in the first
year where new lines of responsibility between the Cam Coord and the Clan
Coords with Justicars will be drawn. I believe I can do this, and do this

On to Genre...

"Lest we become the monsters we hunt..."

I've heard this quote by Camarilla members so many times, and it is one of my
favourites. The Camarilla clings to it's humanity, holding to that last bit of
rope as a way to justify everything it does. The Traditions are everything,
and the elders use them as a way to keep a stranglehold on those beneath them.

Who are the real monsters? Some would say the Sabbat, those of the damnable
rebellion who try to ruin all the years of work that we have done to keep the
mortals from burning us all in our sleep.

Truly though, the Camarilla is its own worst enemy. The infighting,
backstabbing, machinations of elders, uprising of neonates against the rule.
They are liars. If they say they are not, they are lying to you.

In the end, this will be their own downfall. Really though, what else do they
have to do? It is the way things work, and change is slow to come.

The Camarilla are the worst monsters of them all...

Here is what I would like to see done this year:

I would like to see a more unified Justicariate when it comes to handing down
decisions from the spy offersadidas Yeezy 350

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