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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 27-Nov-2006 1:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Dec-2006 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Casey O'BrienApplicant Email: brujahcoord@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Sacramento
Support From:


Support From:
Iowa City
Columbus in Darkness
St. Aug
Whispers of Atlanta

Brujah Qualifications-

I have been Brujah Coordinator for a year, additionally I have been the West
Coast Brujah Sub Coordinator under the following Coords:
Carmien Owen
Jayson Bright
Trevor Burroughs

I have traveled the country for the purpose of speaking to Brujah players of
different regions. What they have shared has helped me to work on both plot
and genre points that have needed to be addressed. I have coordinated with many
games on matters relating to Brujah genre. Yet there is still much more work to
be done. Which is why I am reapplying for the coordinator position yet again.

OWBN Qualifications-

Beyond the Brujah Coordinator and Sub Coordinator duties I have also
participated in the org in
the following capacities:

Founder of the Lux Tenebras Chronicle (Auburn, CA)
Sabbat SubCoord (West Coast)
St'd for two years in OWBN
Council Member for a year (2 if you count coordinator time)
Been a member of OWBN since 1998

General Qualifications-
I have gamed outside of OWBN in many different types of games, including
tabletop, war gaming, board gaming, larp, ccg's, mmorpg's, computer strategy and
others over a span of 17 years.

Personal Statement:

I plan on making decisions in as unbiased of a fashion as possible. I will
endeavor to be professional in my actions. Meaning I will not be cursing or
running people down in any form of communication. I will hold my
sub-coordinators to the same standards as myself. I want people to know that if
they need to come to me that they will get a fair deal. I will cooperate with
chronicles and work towards making the players experience fun. When dealing
with council or St's I will listen to their opinions with an open mind, whether
I agree with them or not. I have done this in the past and have not had any
problems with St's or council. I find just about every person is reasonable if
they are treated with respect. I have also found that most situations can be
resolved amicably for all parties if they are approached with a spirit of
cooperation. Yes, this is the same ethics text as last year, but it still holds
true today.

My Team-
My team will consist of the following people. These individuals have been
associated with the Brujah in various capacities. They have acted as St's,
Council members and subcoords at one time or another. I will also be looking to
fill several vacancies on Team Brujah. I will welcome all requests and submissions.

Northeast- Sarah Murphy
Mid-Atlantic- Looking for applicants
South & Rantlist Administration- T .Doug Madsen
Midwest (Central/east)- JT Whitney
Midwest (Northwest)- Looking for applicants
West Coast- Kevin will stay on for the first month or two as West Coast Subcoord
until a replacement is found.
BBN- Looking for applicants
Admin- Jeff H

Goals I would like to accomplish this term:

- Refine the genre document that has been passed so that it is both more
comprehensive and detailed.
- Work with Council & Coords on National/International plot and intrigue.
- Finish the Brujah website (It is partially built at the moment).
- Weed out dead e-mails on the rant list as was done last year.
- Maintain current rant administration as it seems to be streamlined and working.
- Work to establish and maintain ties and plot with game in other nations.
- Continue major clan story plots which have begun during the last year.
- Follow up on multiple Ordeal plots.
- Clarify edicts as necessary.

Why I am doing this-
I feel that we have made good progress this year but there is still more to be
done. I would like to have an additional year to finish up various projects and
plots that need attention. I also want to say that I have had a blast as coord
this year and I think many players have as well. I have received many
suggestions from Brujah players to improve upon several aspects relating to the
Brujah in the org and would like to implement some of them.

I like the Brujah, I want to finish what I began. I want to make the Brujah
faster, stronger, tougher ect. In seriousness though, I want to help the
players have fun. If you elect me again, I plan to do just that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Casey O'Brien
Brujah Coordinator


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