[OBJECTION] [BYLAWS] [AUTOPASS] Removal of Administrative Bylaw 6.C.iv from Disciplinary Action Procedures

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 01-Apr-2024 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 08-Apr-2024 12:00AM EDT



I, Chase Jelliffe, as Assistant Head Coordinator, hereby propose the removal of Administrative Bylaw 6.C.iv.


Here is the write up of section 6.C, with iv marked red:


  1. Disciplinary Action Procedure for Council

    1. There will be two representatives during every Disciplinary Action:

      1. Representative for the accuser(s)

        1. This representative will be the individual who proposed the Disciplinary Action

        2. If it is a member of the Executive Team, that member will not be permitted to be a moderator for this particular proposal.

        3. Representatives for the accuser may speak about this private proposal, for the purpose of gathering information related to the case.

      2. Representative for the accused

        1. If it is a member of the Executive Team, that member will not be permitted to be a moderator for this particular proposal.

        2. The Representative and Defendant: May discuss the proposal for the purpose of gathering a defense. The accused may also speak on the proposal to whomever they like.

    2. During the discussion phase, all questions regarding the proposed disciplinary action will be sent directly to an appropriate representative with the Executive Team, as a neutral party, copied on the email. No questions/comments/concerns regarding the contents of the DA will be posted to Council by individual Council Members not serving as representatives.

      1. The representatives may offer paraphrased versions of questions to represent multiple individuals asking the same thing, or to remove leading or suggestive phrasing.

      2. Representatives will post questions, along with the appropriate responses, to Council stating whether a Coordinator or a Council Member asked them, without naming the specific office, chronicle or individual.

    3. With the exception of the Executive Team in their role as mediators and moderators and the representatives for the accuser and accused, any Council Member or Coordinator who posts questions/comments/concerns to Council in a Disciplinary Action Discussion will be placed on moderation immediately for 24 hours.
      ​1. Further violations of this restriction will result in a Disciplinary Action against the Council Member or Coordinator in question.

    4. For all matters involving violations of the Code of Conduct, a member of the Executive Team must represent the accuser.

    5. Disciplinary Action votes will be blind, meaning that individual votes and comments will not be visible until the vote is closed.


Reasoning: Between 6.C.i.1.a and 6.C.iv shown above, only the Executive Team may propose Disciplinary Actions for matters involving violations of the Code of Conduct. While it is true that the Executive Team must uphold the Code of Conduct, it should not preclude Council Members from proposing and representing accusers in such matters.

Chase Jelliffe
Assistant Head Coordinator 1


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