[AMENDMENT] [SECOND] Character Bylaws and Coordinator Bylaws: PCs Living in Coordinator Territory

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 20-Mar-2024 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 27-Mar-2024 12:00AM EDT

I, Adam Sartori, CM and HST for Kings of New York, Propose the following addition to the OWBN Character Bylaws and Coordinator Bylaws:

---Character Bylaws---

1.c. A PC May not claim any Location/City based position within Coordinator Territory

1.d A PC may not In Character claim residency within Coordinator Territory

                a. Residency is defined as the character's home they live within. I.e. A Camarilla PC cannot claim to be under the authority of an NPC Prince in Coordinator Territory.

1.e. A PC may In Character shelve in Coordinator Territory, but remain under the authority of their home game.

---Coordinator Bylaws---

3.C.ii.1.j. A coordinator may conduct any scene or event they require within the Territory they control in relation to the duties of their coordinator office.  To that effect the following rules apply to all Coordinator Scenes run in Coordinator controlled territory.

1.       For the purposes of scenes or events run by the Coordinator within the Territory they control, they are considered the HST over those scenes and possess authority as such. This does not supersede bylaw 3.C.iii.

2.       The Coordinator must make available any and all house rules they will use for scenes or events run in coordinator territory.

3.       PCs may not be based in Coordinator Territory as their home game.

Reasoning:  OWBN was founded as a confederation of games, and player characters should be based in, have positions in, and on an in character level reside/live in those games.  We previously passed bylaws barring PCs from holding positions in Coordinator territory.  Coordinator Territory’s function is for the Coordinator to conduct scenes as needed for their office, not to hose and run games.  We believe all PCs should In character reside within the games they are based in. 

Adam Sartori
HST and CM for Kings of New York

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