[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL]Hunters and Hedge Magic Packet and Bylaw revision - Take 4e - Saturnal paths

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 09-Dec-2023 12:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2023 12:00AM EST

Pursuant to bylaw C. iii. Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, R&U bylaw revision, R&U named characters, Coordinator-NPC Character Resurrections, territory requests, in character enforced policy, or in character binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.

I, Andrew Mackenzie, as Hunter Coordinator, propose the following character by-law revisions and additions. This has the potential to autopass. All by-law revisions are with legacy.

[by-law before]

[by-law after]
xiii. Numina, Sorcery, Theurgy
1. Sorcery Paths: Saturnal Anima and Saturnal Manes PC: Disallowed – NPC: Disallowed – Coordinator: Hunter

Reasoning: These two paths of sorcery were only ever known by the the Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon. They were canonicaly wiped out in 1913 and the knowledge of necessary to recreate these paths scattered. If any player wants to go through the process of raiding various Chantries and Septs to get that knowledge back, I will run it, but without that, no one should know these paths.
Drew Mackenzie
Hunter Coordinator

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