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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 15-Nov-2023 12:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2023 12:00AM EST

I, Jason Newcomb, council member for Unchained Arizona, propose a fundraiser to provide the OWbN Webcoord Team with funds to solve the issues of our current website and have a new website built.

The full fundraiser details are contained in the document below. The document lays out:
Definitions involved
Preferred Vendors
The expected website design
Timeframe for the fundraiser - January 5th, 2024 until June 8th, 2024
Tier 1 $2000 raised, every character in OWBN gains 10 additional experience points
Tier 2 $5000 raised, every character in OWBN gains 25 additional experience points
Tier 3 $7000 raised, every character in OWBN gains 50 additional experience points
Tier 4 $10,000 raised, every character in OWBN gains 75 additional experience points
Tier 5 $12,000 raised, every character in OWBN gains 85 additional experience points
Tier 6 $15,000 raised, every character in OWBN gains 100 additional experience points
Expectations of the Organizer
Reward use Rules and Restrictions - including how the XP must be logged and spent with ST staff
How Total XP will be calculated after the fundraiser
What the money will be spent on if
Tier 6 is reached
If a Tier lower than 6 is reached
Please see the exact details of the fundraiser in the attached document.


Changes from past fundraiser props include:
This prop has tiers going to 15,000 dollars as that is close to the amount that has been quoted previously to the Web Coord
Players will have to log how they spend the XP with their STs in an email (and the player is responsible for maintaining the record) in order to ease future XP audits
The XP may be spent on anything the ST deems appropriate
The XP may NOT be spent on anything that requires logging with the Archivist team

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