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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 11-Oct-2023 12:05AM EDT
Closing: 18-Oct-2023 12:05AM EDT

Here is the new amended version of the Proposal based on all the feedback! Thanks!!

I, Adam Sartori, Council Member for Kings of New York, propose the following Fundraiser for OWBN:

One World by Night will be fund raising via donations to help fund our organization’s Marketing Budget, pay for the creation of a new website for the organization, or any other use of these funds as dictated by a future council proposal. As such, we are proposing the following reward tiers for donations made to One World by Night by its members: This fund raiser will be a one-time exception to the OWBN Character bylaws in regards to experience points. The rewards tiers for donations are listed below:

· If we raise 1,000 dollars, every character in OWBN gains 10 additional experience points

· If we raise 2,000 dollars, every character in OWBN gains 25 additional experience points

· If we raise 4,000 dollars, every character in OWBN gains 50 additional experience points

· If we raise 6,000 dollars, every character in OWBN gains 75 additional experience points

· If we raise 8,000 dollars, every character in OWBN gains 85 additional experience points

· If we raise 10,000 dollars, every character in OWBN gains 100 additional experience points

All currently active and eligible One World by Night characters at the conclusion of this fundraiser can be awarded these additional experience points to their characters with storyteller approval, and based on what the final amount of money was raised. These additional experience points may only be spent on the following items for a character:

· Abilities

· Backgrounds

· Merits

· Attributes

· Buying off Flaws

· Buying off Negative Traits

· Willpower Traits

· Vampire/Ghoul/Revenant/Mortal/Dhampir: Virtue Traits

· Changeling Breeds/Kinfolk: Rage and Gnosis

· Mummy: Balance and Sekhem

· Kuei-Jin/Shih/Dyhampyr: Virtues

· Changeling/Kinan: Glamour

· Demon the Fallen: Faith

· Wraith: Pathos

All approval and awards of experience points from this fundraiser are subject to the approval of the character’s storytelling staff and any coordinator approval for restricted items. Additionally, these additional experience points do count in the character total experience points for the purposes of determining future experience points. The Fundraiser's additional experience points count towards a player's total experience points when they spend these experience points, not when they earn it.

Any brand new player to OWBN in the year 2024 may apply this bonus experience points from this fundraiser to their new characters. New players after 2024 may not gain the additional experience points from this fundraiser, unless a separate council proposal is made to allow them to do so.

This fundraiser shall be managed, run, and promoted by the OWBN Marketing Coordinator and the funds raised shall be collected and managed by the OWBN Finance Coordinator per their normal duties in the OWBN bylaws.

This fund raiser shall run from 11/01/2023 until 3/01/2024.

Donations will be accepted through the official OWBN website and managed by the OWBN Webcoordinator.

Reasoning: In order for OWBN to grow and succeed as an organization we can no longer simply rely on good will of others. We will require money as an actual organization. We have previously been quoted in the thousands of dollars range to build a new website for the organization, which we have desperately needed for years.

We also need a substantial marketing budget for our Marketing coordinator. This will allow us to to advertise and promote OWBN. We may also use it for other things that Coordinators are currently paying out of pocket for. Please remember, all use of OWBN funds requires a Council Proposal and vote. Thus these funds raised can be used for anything that helps the org as a whole.

The end result of both will be an increase of players and interest in One World by Night which benefits all member chronicles.

Concern about Experience Point Bloat: While concern over increased experience points for character in OWBN is a valid concern, I would like to address why to myself it is not a concern for me. During the Year of Smoke OWBN proposed and passed an additional 100xp for all starting Jocastican and Mysemsoyne characters (Or a lesser amount for existing ones.). We also limited what those experience points could be spent on. As a result, from that proposal, I can confidently state there was little to no real impact on owbn game play from that experience point boost.

Furthermore, I feel charity retests are also not an ideal answer. I have largely seen that be turned into “Pay to Win” in the sense of just buying retests until the player wins the challenge. I find that, as a Storyteller to be more disrupting to my telling of a story then experience points. But that is my experience with it.

Additionally, this is unilaterally fair to all players regardless of if they can donate to the fundraiser or not. It does not discriminate between those that can afford to donate to the fund raiser and those that cannot. Everyone in the organization will benefit from it.

While some may be uncomfortable with rewarding experience point for making fundraising goals, the reality is that it is the only real economy that OWBN has to offer its members as incentives. While some may not like that fact, it is hard to argue that it will not result in a successful fundraising campaign that in the end will only benefit all member chronicles and the organization as a whole. We are asking for that trust that 100xp (should it reach that goal) will not, ultimately have a large negative impact of the players of One World by Night in the grand scheme of things.

This proposal will require a second and is a 2/3rd Majority Exception vote.

Adam Sartori
HST and CM for Kings of New York
Subcoord for: Sabbat, Ravnos, Assamite, Ventrue, Salubri, Tremere, Lasombra and Hunter
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