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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-Sep-2023 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 22-Sep-2023 12:00AM EDT

I, Adam Sartori, CM and HST of Kings of New York Propose the following change to the OWBN Admin Bylaws:

C. Dues and Allocation

i. Dues shall be set at $20 USD per chronicle per year. Dues will first be set aside for the yearly OWBN server and banking/paypal costs. Dues must be paid by January 31st of each calendar year.

1. Probationary chronicles are not required to pay dues if they are in their admissions process.

a. When a chronicle becomes a full member of One World By Night, they are required to pay dues starting the subsequent calendar year.

b. Chronicles placed on probation after already having achieved full membership in  OWBN are still required to pay dues.

2. Altering overall dues requires a 2/3 majority vote.

3. Council can discount dues for a single given chronicle due to extraordinary circumstances, international exchange difficulties, or similar reasons with a simple majority vote.

4. If a chronicle does not pay their annual dues and is not given a discount by Council, they will lose their full member status and become a probationary chronicle.

a. A loss of full member status caused by non-payment of dues will be reversed when the annual dues are paid or by a simple majority vote from Council.

5. Satellite Chronicles of OWBN are required to pay full Dues as a normal Full Chronicle and are not exempt from Dues Payment.

Reasoning:  OWBN is relatively poor and needs to raise funds.  We need to be able to afford things like a new website, a larger marketing budget, and lawyer retainer fees when needed.  We currently cannot afford those things.  Dues currently exist largely for web hosting.  If we hope to grow, we will need funds to do that.  Furthermore, by all technical standards, a Satellite game uses the same amount of web resources as a full game.  There is no difference.  We believe they should pay their fair share to the org, and also help raise our funds.  I have a second idea to help raise funds for the org that I will be discussing with the Marketing coord.

If this proposal passes, Satellite Chronicle dues will come into effect for 2024 and not 2023.

This proposal will require a second.

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