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Proposal Type: Global/Meta Plot
Opened: 21-Aug-2023 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 22-Aug-2023 12:00AM EDT



I, Pumpkin, in my Duties as Changing Breeds Coordinator of One World by Night propose the following Plot on behalf of the Changing Breeds Genre


This proposal is made in accordance with the Coordinator Bylaws, section 3.C. (Subsections ii. and iii.):

3. Coordinator Duties

C. Genre Coordinators

iii. Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, enforced policy, R&U named characters, or binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.

Hopefully attached via link are the Public Release document to share with players and non-council, and the Packet that if this prop and plot ends successfully, will be propped on its own as a genre packet.

(written originally by Dominic with some edits highlighted and noted at the bottom reposting the prop addendums with permission. I know doing the addendum adds another week to the discussion)


“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”



Hi guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!!


Before we get into the meat of this prop, I wanted to take a moment to peel back the curtain

and let you know why this is happening.

“The Croatans were gone forever, for even their ancestor spirits participated in the rite. Their Kinfolk bloodlines would merge with those of other tribes or be lost entirely. In the modern day, there are legends that perhaps a single ancestor spirit survived, or that there is one cub of pure blood that might awaken Turtle as a tribal patron again. There’s always hope.” - Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th anniversary, pg 391

We wish to provide an avenue for that hope to come to fruition.

It is our hope that this proposal will lay the initial groundwork for the Croatans to return to the lands of their Ancestors as a full and recognized tribe, playable in an appropriate context by the players of One World By Night.


“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”




We are the tribe that they cannot see

We live on an industrial reservation

We are the Halluci Nation

We have been called the Indians

We have been called Native American

We have been called Hostile

We have been called Pagan

We have been called Militant

We have been called many names

We are the Halluci Nation

We are the Human Beings

The callers of names cannot see us

But we can see them

We Are The Halluci Nation by The Halluci Nation

We understand this is a bold proposal but we feel there is substantial backing to allow it to go forward.

2011 - https://www.owbn.net/votes/54990

The turtle was 'saved' but is an Incarna in its infancy wandering the back woods of Ohio. [due to that game being in a complicated situation we will not be stealing or using that turtle but assume should the plot go forward that turtle will be added to turtle’s knowledge so that that the tribe has a caern]


Back in 2016, One World By Night, as part of the Red Star Plot, had players sacrifice an egg of Turtle to put the Red Star into slumber the Red Star. [ 2016 - https://www.owbn.net/votes/89071

Turtle eggs were somehow added to the plot for the Red Star but decided by the player to make the sacrifice instead of sacrifice of multiple caerns.

At the conclusion of this, the 'Last' of the turtles were killed during the shattering of the Red Star, and their spirits were given over to a Wraith, somehow not returning to the Cycle.]

Later on, players tell stories of an awakened egg of Turtle that was changed it into a new spirit.

Regardless, 5 Years beyond, we feel the time is right to put forth this proposal and continue that story. This would add the little turtle in Ohio back to the spirit network and give it the power of big Turtle. It would also sooth some of the scars from the lost turtle eggs and lost turtle spirts.

We wish to continue the story from a culturally respectful perspective and we wish to incorporate real-world aspects of Tribal Culture and Life to make that happen to do things ‘right’.

We plan to use the Ghost Dance Camp to push this plot forward. We are using this camp because, historically, the Ghost Dance was a spiritual movement that arose among Western American Indians. It began among the Paiute in about 1869 with a series of visions of an elder, Wodziwob. These visions foresaw the renewal of the Earth and help for the Paiute peoples as promised by their ancestors.

We feel that when you align this historical fact with alongside the nature of the world as it is right now that the time has never been more right for the birth of the mystical cub of potential that has the ancestry to truly and completely awaken Turtle to totem level power.

We know this isn’t guaranteed and that Council may ask us to make edits, but we’re proud to

present “The lost tribe: What once was lost....”


We hope you enjoy what we’ve created!



“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”

OOC - Note on Cultural Responsibility 



Got this history in my blood

got my tribe that shows me love

So when I rise

you rise

come on let's rise like

It's been months since I've seen a Native

It's messing with my creative


It's got me jaded


No one understands me like my people

these white kids don't know my struggle

I ain't equal in their eyes and their intolerance brings me troubles

I'm not

Their noble savage

doing damage

to their perception of who I am

AbOriginal by Frank Waln

The Yikes Factor

-This section was written solely by Dominic-

This plot was created by Dominic Frost, of the Grand Portage Anishinaabe. Member of the Turtle Doodem. I have family on the rez and speak from the authority of both my lived experience and family history on this topic.

When I started on this project, I pitched this concept to my Tribe Called Gaming, a BIPOC gaming group made in the Twin Cities after there was a racist event at a larp organization separate from One World By Night. I wanted to try and do things differently; in a way that was culturally responsive to my culture and would also allow those not of my culture to understand and appreciate it the way it is meant to be experienced. The feedback I received was a universal nod in favor of the flavor and support for the reasoning. Even though many did not understand the MET system, the response was universally in support of a BiPoC story being put forward by BiPoC people.

As an indigenous person who has loved this system since I first played Hunter The Reckoning video game in 2002, went out and read every part of the Werewolf books, and harassed my DnD group to switch to Werewolf the Apocalypse. I have a lot of love for this system, I have always wanted to have the Purelander tribes become a family once again. I’ll admit as an indigenous person, hearing a bunch of white players playing European tribes tell me how cool and awesome it is to sacrifice the Croatan rubbed me the wrong way.

Where will these new Croatans come from? Well… to be frank? Given the number of murdered, lost,  missing, and kidnapped Native kids that happened during the res school period, the “Save the man, Kill the Indian” attitude that drove the extermination of cultural heritage? It is never a doubt there might be more indigenous people than popular culture and governments know. If both North and South America were part of the Purelands and they had kin throughout both, why would there not be a couple more?

As for the by-book yikes factor… Well, yeah the books were written by a bunch of white guys in the 80s and 90s. The Croatans are a real tribe of the First Nation/indigenous people. If we do not want to use the by-book name or use this chance to rename the werewolf tribe something less appropriative… We have some ideas.

Since the other Purelander tribes are named after monsterS from Indigenous cultures… we were thinking Skadegamutc, 'skuh-da-goo-much’, or Thunderbird.

We are of course willing to ride with the flow of just keeping the by-book name for the tribe as well. We’re easy.


“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”

The Meta Plot



… All my life I've been an underdog

Out numbered in a nation under God


At least I got my dogs

Barkin' up the wrong tree my outspoken outlaws

Snotty Nose, we dem renegades, Rez Kids, diabolical traits

Primitive livin' where nothings forgiven

I'm driven by fate get the hell out my way

Young savage, man of the year

We got Nates at the gates with some ever sick beards

They seem cool But their accent is weird

They rolling with freaks or so it appears

(Dear white folk) you got nothing to fear

I look pretty nice when I look in the mirror

I look even better when drinking a beer

Its love in the air when my goonies are near

I'm a little too bright but my future is clear

I've been making these hits, I've been grinding this year

Its been wearing you down, its been grinding your gears

Open the gates 'cause the goonies are here

Lost Tribe by Snot Nosed Rez Kids featuring Kimmortal


What we propose for the plot is as follows: Three young cubs, triplets all bred true, went on their vision quest (Wendigo rite) and their Rite of passage. During their Vision quest, they saw the path before them. They saw what they must do.


Pax “Blood Runs Cold”, Justin “Water Runs Deep” and Raven “Earth Runs Red” all Theurges. Two of Wendigo, one of Uktena. They made a blood pact. They swore an oath. They would make their vision come true. They did their duties to Gaia, to certain fellow Garou they shared their vision. But more often than not, they were dismissed out of hand. Pax and Raven, as Wendigo, joined the Ghost Dance while Justin joined the Bane Tenders. They kept their bond tight. They formed packs and brought others to believe in what they believed.


After they reached the rank of Elder they took those who believed as they did to a hidden place, a place no one outside of those who believed the triplets’ vision could go. They made families. They lived and worked. But most importantly, they performed the Ghost Dance as was described by the old ways. They have been performing the rite for ten years.


Justin for his part has found and bound a Dream-Maker bane. He has spent his life binding and manipulating the spirit until he feels he can get one wish where he knows what the price will be.


The time has finally come.


A Cub of pretense no one has seen in ages has appeared. She has no memory of where she came from before she stumbled upon the hidden place. She was named Aki, and raised by the siblings, for they know her path will be a hard one.



“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”

When the players get involved:



we ain’t agitators, we educators

we ain’t protesters, we protectors

dream chasing with dream catchers

we the wildest dreams of our ancestors

all my sisters and brothers of Black

Indigenous and people of colour

let’s hold it down, and uplift one another

there’s beauty in unity

War Club by DJ Shub


For the lead-up to the ritual…


For the Wendigo:


A spirit message goes out to the pc Wendigo. They are asked to get ritual parts and offered to be rite casters. They are told what the triplets are trying to do. Told not to tell the uktena about the ritual, given the past where Uktena have willingly and mercilessly sacrificed chances for turtles to return in the past none but the few can be trusted to know beforehand. (Enforced by spirit pact)


For the Uktena:


An elder uktena sends out a message asking if anyone knows what the wendigo are doing. They have been witnessed as being secretive. Some older bane tenders have been witnessed leaving their charges to apprentices. Some have been witnessed going to the deep umbra or to a Wendigo sept in secret. There are rumblings in the umbra, something major is about to happen and we need to know what.


The Ritual:


The triplets will call for a tribal gathering. A Moot, a celebration of life. The last part of the Ghost Dance will be performed, a wish will be made. 5 Wendigo Elders, 5 Uktena Elders. 2 Lupus, 2 Metis, and the rest Homid. Also a aspect of each of the other totems of the garou tribes would be sacrificed. All will sacrifice themselves at the height of Aki’s rite of passage. Their spirits will not go to the Uktena or Wendigo homelands. They will become Croatan ancestor spirits as part of the ancestral heritage to help future generations.



Uktena and Wendigo:


We are willing to make all 10 elders NPCs but we are willing to leave spaces open for Players who play elders of the purelander tribe to be willing to retire their characters in this way.


The tribe will have kinfolk from the families of the Elders who sacrificed themselves. Other cubs who went through their rite of passage will be gifted with Turtle’s blessing. The Tribe will be small and young at first but guarded by those of Turtle’s brood [See attached genre packet] as well as Uktena and Wendigo players. Some Garou may view this as blasphemy against the cycle and may object to its reawakening.


Failure Options:


Disruption 1:


If players from both tribes try to make the ritual fail it can fail. But if it is just Uktena players it will not fail. Or just Wendigo. It has to be from both tribes. Because this a combined tribal plot. Unlike other plots where one tribe or the other has been shut out, this has to be combined. It also needs to be done through chops.


Disruption 2:


There will be BSDs attempting to stop the ritual as well. If people learn that dead tribes can be brought back what is to stop them from getting hope? What is to stop them from believing that they can do more? What is to stop the tribes from uniting and finally defeating the wyrm? No, the BSDs aren’t gonna let that happen.


So there will be a combat scene at the edge of the little ritual site and players can do that. If they fail, then obviously everyone dies.


Disruption 3:


If anyone attempts to bring anyone to the ritual who is not a purelander they will be turned away. If they force the issue or sneak the person onto the ritual site the ritual will fail and the non-purelander and the purelander who brought them will be marked with massive spirit’s displeasure for the rest of their character’s lives. Do not pass go. Do not collect any more renown.


Failure looks like:


All the Elders in the ritual will still die. Aki will not return from their rite of passage. Everyone makes harano chops. Because for the briefest moments… they had their brother back.




As turtle has awakened and has some power to be a totem for Aki and a few others turtle is still weak. Survivor of the ritual tells the players that an offerings of the other totems  avatars should be made as well, so this could work as personal plot. (I know Twin Cities Garou is willing to ‘host’ the scenes attached to this plot that I or Drew  would run as purelander subcoord connected to this plot if it involves some nonpurelander players).



“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”

OOC - What could be objected to



Wolfpack, to the max

We don't pay tax

This our land

This our brand

This is my clan

They try to wipe us out

But, bitch, here me shout


Windigo by Anachnid

The ‘world building’ factor

The Croatan tribe was dead and gone. This plot could be a “slippery slope” to bring back other dead tribes.


We understand that. But this would hardly be the first time something hard genre-wise was changed. The Ravnos Clan was meant to be pushed to the point of near extinction after the Week of Nightmares but post-Week of Nightmares Ravnos are no longer restricted. There are not meant to be more than 13 Salubri at a time, but they have been scaled back from a two-thirds Council vote to Coordinator approval. What was lost can be found again.


There are player characters out of books that were never meant “by genre”. The game is an ever-evolving story we are all telling together. Why not continue to let it grow and breathe?


As for the Eater of Souls, while we acknowledge that Turtle and her tribe was used to seal it away we feel bringing back that plot would cause undue tension against purelander players. So we’ve made the adjustment that Turtle’s main power is still in that rite which would need the help of the other tribes to bring back to full.




“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”

The Plot Outline for the event


Hell naw, I ain't ashamed of my drum

Fuck you mean, bro?

I feel it in my soul, you ain't even know

Granddaddy was a real one

Rest in peace to my Baba'o

'Cause real eyes realize real lies still

Like grandpa like grandson

Big-headed neechie for real, fuck how you feel

Hard not to see us, we came out of left field

Fuck it mask off in this bitch and reveal

Creator Made an Animal by Snotty Nose Rez Kids featuring Boslen


A call will go out from the siblings' Pax “Blood Runs Cold”, Justin “Water Runs Deep” and Raven “Earth Runs Red”. They will call it a grand celebration. There will be drum circles. There will be food. There will be the teaching of rites and the like. They will present Aki to the gathered Garou and send her on her rite of passage. Those who are going to sacrifice themselves start to do the Ghost Dance.


[For the purpose of this prop all named characters are NPCs created by the Purelander Subcoord team]


When Aki returns, the elders will die, Turtle will awaken to its rightful power and a new tribe will be born for Uktena and Wendigo to protect.


An Uktena Theurge Malika “Speaking of Ways” Adren Homid will explain that turtle’s power is still mostly holding back the Eater of Souls so that the players would be given the mission to find avatars of the other tribal totems who would be willing to sacrifice their strength to pay turtle back for all her sacrifices. 




“The lost tribe: What once was lost....”

OOC an IC Where and When


Pull your drums out

Let your soul speak

I sang a song last night

This is what it told me

Kill the hate and make sure your family witness it

Behold a Pale Horse by STOiK feat. Jahkota, Plex & Drezus


We were thinking it should happen during a seasonal rite. The Original idea was the Longest Night Rite but with the busy schedule of the Changing Breed Coord, it was not possible. We also understand that this prop will likely go to discussion and then go to vote so understand. While we would love to get this done as soon as possible we are not trying to rush anyone. Right now the idea is to do it during the summer rite.


As for the Where discord is the most accessible way to include as many pureland players as possible. Drew and Dominic would make a special discord serve for the event under the guise of it being a purelander tribal event with the rite and gathering being the point the players would know of coming in. Then the plot happens with approval from Council.


But if the council feels this needs to be in person The Purelander Subcoord team will be willing to work with events and see where and when would be a good time to get most of the Purelander players in one place.

TLDR edit list:

Correction on past events: updated the history and what the circumstances of the sacrifice of turtle's eggs involved player action while risking caerns being destroyed.

Note on 'New' Croatan - W20 has removed the weird genetics and breeding, the Spirits choose those who embody the most direct aspects of the tribe. Removed reference to purebred accidentally left in the original prop. It can continue to be Purelander peoples, but a reawakened Tribal Incarna can select those going forward.

Sacrifice - Rite can use PC's and NPC's. Return of Turtle requires a Spirit (avatar) from each of the other tribes' Broods to be sacrificed.

The ritual to give more playuer agency: - Rite brings back weakened turtle...Sacrifices of the Brood SPirits return Turtle to full powerful. Could also involve finding new spirits to join or rejoin turtle

an afterward two-parter - Games assists in finding the Spirits who were once Turtle's Brood and convincing them to return/Pay Chiminage to their Current Totem Spirts to allow them to return home to turtle.

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