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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 07-Jun-2023 12:05AM EDT
Closing: 07-Jun-2023 12:10AM EDT

I, Will Lee, as ravnos coord propose the following change to the character bylaws. This has the potential to auto pass, and will be no legacy. From! 10.e.ix.b.x.b Ravnos lore 4+ Non ravnos coordinator approval, NPC coordinator approval To; 10.e.ix.b.x.b Ravnos 4+ PC coordinator approval, NPC coordinator approval Reason: the packet for years has had this as coord approval, and when the bylaws got shifted to their current style it was lost to the above From, instead I all around approval. Anyone who was properly approved, and didn’t hide behind packers not being binding, will get to keep it with no questions asked. If you didn’t? We’ll talk it out and go on a case by case basis. Ravnos lore is supposed to be rare after almost all the ancients were killed. Where packets aren’t binding, generally when they don’t match the bylaws it’s an error, not an exploit. Will Ravnos coord

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