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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 29-Mar-2023 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 30-Mar-2023 12:00AM EDT

I suck and sent this to the old council, try 2!


I, Will Lee, as ravnos coord proposal the following line item changes to the current Ravnos packet (this will only replace the Dacian sections of pages 51-53). This has the potential to auto-pass!

Also, added a cool graphic, because Adam does that. This has the support of the Sabbat Coord, and Tzim coord!

Reasoning: This group was made originally as part of a plot where they were all embraced black hand. The org has changed since 2020ish, and after talking to the sabbat coord we felt that said super secret group of black hand should exist, it shouldn’t be just them (as the idea of starting black hand is logistically difficult).

There are around 5 in play, and this was the goal of giving them options, and not just hand waving removing people. Also, cool options as Dracian Lore is my next big project. This is already in play, and in an approved packet. Just some background changes, and the name and flavor of the path changes.


Will L
Ravnos Coord
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