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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 30-Mar-2023 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 06-Apr-2023 12:00AM EDT

I, Matt Armitage, in my Duties as Sabbat Coordinator of One World by Night propose the following bylaw update and change for the Sabbat Genre.

3.C.iii.Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, R&U bylaw revision, R&U named characters, Coordinator-NPC Character Resurrections, territory requests, in character enforced policy, or in character binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.

10.e.ix.1.xi.a. Black Hand, Non-Sabbat - PC Coordinator Approval - NPC Coordinator Approval
10.e.ix.1.xi.b. Black Hand 3+, Sabbat - PC Coordinator Approval - NPC Coordinator Approval

10.e.ix.1.xi.a. Lore: Black Hand/Black Hand Knowledge, Non-Sabbat - PC Coordinator Approval - NPC Coordinator Approval

10.e.ix.1.xi.b. Lore: Black Hand/Black Hand Knowledge 3+, Non-Black Hand Sabbat - PC Coordinator Approval - NPC Coordinator Approval

Reasoning:  It has been brought to our attention that the Ability: Black Hand Knowledge is not listed in the OWBN Bylaws but Lore: Black Hand is.  These abilities are one in the same.  As to make sure no one has the secret knowledge of the Black Hand due to this loophole; this requires proper regulation. The additional language of  Lore: Black Hand/Black Hand Knowledge 3+, Non-Black Hand Sabbat is to relax the need for approvals on Black Hand PC's or NPC's to have Black Hand Knowledge/Lore, but still allow for Non-Black Hand Sabbat to learn the basic levels of the Lore without our oversight, while maintaining the heavier control on Non-Sabbat needing approval at all levels.

I pulled down the original prop to add the language about Non Black Hand Sabbat at request of several players and staffers to relax the regulation on Black Hand members and to reduce some oversight on the Archivist.

Legacy: No legacy as it pertains to Black Hand Knowledge. There should be no issue with the actual Black Hand Lore which was already regulated in this fashion, all we did on that end was remove some regulation for existing Hand PCs/NPCs.

~ Matt Armitage
Sabbat Coordinator
Ohio Knights Sabbat HST

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