[OWBN-Council] [proposal][genre][auto-pass] Return of the Eye of Hazimel to the Ravnos!

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 26-Feb-2023 12:00AM EST
Closing: 26-Feb-2023 1:00AM EST


I, Will Lee, as Ravnos coord prop control of the cannon item, the Eye of Hazimel, to the Ravnos office (with no end). This has the potential to auto pass.

I thought I still had it. Apparently I don’t, so I am trying to correct a wrong. It’s been used in multiple national plots via my office, chronicles, and events, but hey, let’s get it logged so there is no future confusion.

The item is the eye of a 4th gen ravnos, hunted by a Ravnos, and part of many major ravnos stories in cannon.

If a game wants to prop for temp control, we can chat when they do. The drawback of the eye is controlled by NPCs that are under my office, so it makes little sense for me not to be involved when the eye is in play.

~Will Lee
Ravnos Coordinator

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