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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 06-Nov-2022 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 13-Nov-2022 1:00AM EST

I, Matt Armitage, in my position as Sabbat Coordinator, do propose the following additional changes to the character Bylaws. This has the potential to Auto-Pass.

ADD Character bylaw 9.d. Sect Regulations
ADD Character bylaw 9.d.i. Sect Infiltration - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: None - Coordinator: Varies
ADD Character bylaw 9.d.i.1. Every vampire PC is required to have a sect listed on their character sheet at character creation or changed during a sect defection. A character is considered infiltrating another sect if they have another identity in a sect that is not the sect listed on their character sheet. If the sect they are infiltrating is different from the the sect they were created in as per Character Bylaw 2.f, or the sect they have defected to as per Character Bylaw 10.m.x.2; then they will fall under this bylaw. Coordinator Approval is required from the Sect Coordinator/s and/or the Clan Coordinator/s the character is infiltrating from and to, to be allowed to do such.

Legacy: Allowed.  We are requesting the normal 30 days allowed for legacy to be extended for up to three months with the passing of this proposal.  After this period of time, any character who did not register the legacy for this change will be considered out of compliance.

Reasoning- This has been passed back and forth on the Coord List for a few weeks now as we talked about the issues presented with Sect infiltration, the current vibe/meta of the org, and the lack of oversight the current Sect coordinators have over such a thing. All 3 sect Coordinators are on board with this proposal.  We feel that without any oversight being enforced via the database or bylaw, we continue to put ourselves into a position where we can not speak with any authority or information on the topic of current infiltrators, widespread infiltration, or bad behavior/detrimental effects on the genre of infiltration.

What would this Bylaw Do? It would create a 90 day period for all games to send in to the respective Coords, approvals for PC's to have a valid means of Infiltrating other Sects that are not their own. This is not concerned with # of Alt ID's, Clan Infiltration, or anything else. It is only concerned with creating a dialogue with ST's, Players, and the Sect Coords as well as a database of approvals for this situation for tracking and oversight purposes.

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