[Proposal][Admin Bylaw Update] [General Consensus Vote] Increase in Server Budget - Changing Administrative Bylaw 5.D.i

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 11-Nov-2022 12:00AM EST
Closing: 12-Nov-2022 1:00AM EST

I, Kevin Wilhite, Head Coordinator of OWBN, and On behalf of William Lee, amend his proposal as follows, including requesting it be considered for  [General Consensus Vote]

I, William Lee, Council Member for Bartow, FL, and on behalf of the Finance and Web Coordinators,  do hereby propose a change to Administrative Bylaw 5.D.i - "Server Fees"

This Change is made per Administrative Bylaw 3.E.ii.2

"Within 48 hours of the original proposal, the Executive Team may amend a current proposal on behalf of the original author to a [General Consensus Vote] to Council."

The Bylaw currently:

i.The cost for the maintenance of the server will not exceed $2000.00 USD per year, to be paid as invoices are received

The proposed change would read as:

i.The cost for the maintenance of the server will not exceed $2500.00 USD per year, to be paid as invoices are received.


In 2021, the Previous Head Coordinator had to make a temporary increase in server budget due to cost increases and unforeseen website maintenance issues.

The effects of inflation have only gotten worse since this time, and the Finance Coord and Web Coord are in agreement that we will not be able to make it the rest of the year and stay under the $2000.00 hard limit on the budget. This condition will continue, as projected, in the years to come. It is simply more expensive to maintain and archive the data within the website and its assorted modules than what was once considered. This is not a temporary fix, but a necessary change to Bylaws to avoid a cessation of activity on the server, and associated email lists, going forward.

It is important to note that on November 18th, 2022, a monthly invoice to maintain the server is due. This is the server that all official email lists and accounts are on. The Finance Coord cannot pay that invoice without violating the bylaws unless this passes.

- Kevin Wilhite
Head Coordinator

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