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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 03-Nov-2022 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 11-Nov-2022 12:00AM EST

(Due to the sheer size of the edit involving ritual tables in 2 seperate places in a current packet, this proposal was truncated into a GDrive link, otherwise it wouldn't send with Council's word/character limit. Tried to send it once already and it got 'moderated' so the changes are contained in the link below!)

I, Matt Armitage, in my Duties as Sabbat Coordinator of One World by Night propose the following Meta-Plot for the Sabbat Genre.

3.C.iii.Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, R&U bylaw revision, R&U named characters, Coordinator-NPC Character Resurrections, territory requests, in character enforced policy, or in character binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.

The following line item edits to the current OWbN Faction Packet as follows:

Reasoning: So there is a lot to take in here. First and foremost it is important to remember that the current system for Bacaban and Judicium (the only Sabbat Thaum that is ‘sabbat’) were created by Adam several years ago as a means for providing the Thaum listed in emerging books and White Wolf History to the Sabbat Genre. Canonical, Bacaban was always supposed to be Hermetic Thaumaturge that Father Juan Carlos, his pack, and others pieced together from the remains of the Tremere Antitribu. Judicium then would become a secondary breakdown from there provided to the Inquisition. Due to disagreements with the Coord Staffs at the time, Adam was not able to make that happen and instead just made Bacaban and Judicium their own faith based magics.

Since then the Org culture has changed, Thaum has become a bit more prevalent in a variety of hands, and in a conversation that began with Lauren and continued with Drew, we decided to open up the Sabbat controlled Thaum to its original origins.

Yes this means that Bacaban and Judicium would become Hermetic Thaum as opposed to Faith Based Thaums, and this backing has the support and approval of the Tremere Coord, both the former and the current. However we do still want to maintain the theme of both magics with grounding in their original faiths, and still capable of being 'faith based' for players who desire the RP.

As we made this change we also took into account the last few years of work players have done to expand the ritual list and paths included in Bacaban and Judicium. It should come as no surprise but players have, with ST and Coord approvals, converted Thaum over to their respective Paradigms. The combined list above contains Paths/Rituals that either have been successfully converted by members of the OU/Inks or are naturally already Sabbat based magic in V20.

The addition of Lash of Xipe Totec, and associated Rituals, as a heavily Mayan/Aztec themed magic which keeps to the flavor of Bacaban does have the full support of the Setite Coord.

The addition of the Custom Inquisition Path (Path of the Venator Haereticus) listed above has the full support of the Demon Coord. With the reduction of Infernalists to NPC status, and with the growing desire to see the Inquisition focus less on PvP where possible, and more on PvE, we wanted to see the Inquisition provided something that targets Infernalists and provides some unique support for their order and their stated mission of combating such threats where and when possible.

Finally, we want to address the rarities listed in this prop. When discussing how we wanted to move forward with Approvals with the Tremere Coord, we knew they wanted to maintain some degree of oversight over some of the more sensitive powers. As such we decided that all R3 rituals/Paths would require dual coord approvals for this purpose. As such, anything that ‘was’ R3 but wasn’t something the Tremere Coord was concerned with was reduced to R2 so as not to create extra paperwork so to speak. We still intend to apply the classic ‘pyramid’ requirement for all purchases of thaum when possible.

It is important to remember that Bacaban and Judicium are highly limited magic for the Sabbat to access, and will remain so. At present only Inquisitors (R3 in the Inquisition) get access to Judicium, this will remain. While Bacaban has been taught to non-OU members before, it remains a very rare thing, and it remains a resource primarily for Ah Nakom members of the Occult Underground (Coord Approval to join.) The Sabbat remains composed heavily of Faith Based magics regulated by other Coordinators and Bacaban/Judicium remains a limited magic overall. We do not intend or desire to see it proliferate, and with the elimination of the Faith element, we will instead focus more heavily on the faction element.

I am happy to field all questions related to this topic. In the future Faction Packet we will condense this list down to 1 list located in the packet, as opposed to 2 lists separated across 2 different factions in the packet, for ease of reference. We would also like to see the conclusion of several plot lines that players have engaged in with Coord Staffers over the years to do something similar to this proposal, as an official ‘conclusion’ to those RP elements. Allowing players to have a hand in this change on an IC level.

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