[OWBN-Council][Proposal]Territory Claim: Portland, OR (and surrounding counties)

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 02-Nov-2022 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Nov-2022 12:00AM EST

Bylaw -
3. C. iii. 5.
Passing new Coordinator Territory before council is considered something that affects multiple chronicles. All Coordinator Territory must be designated either "Approval" Territory or "Notify" Territory in the Proposal. After passing Coordinator Territory of any kind that territory should be added to the Territory List which shall be posted to the OWBN website.

I, Marion Birdsell, acting as Anarch Coordinator, propose the following territory proposal:
Location: Portland, Oregon and surrounding suburbs (Multnomah County, Oregon/Columbia County, Oregon/Washington County, Oregon/Clackamas County, Oregon/Clark County, Washington)
Joint Control: No
General Restriction Level: Anarch Coordinator Approval
Vampire/Ghoul Background for Clark County, Washington: Open for Camarilla and Anarch PCs and NPCs, Sabbat PCs and NPCs: Approval
Vampire Actions for Clark County, Washington: Anarch Coordinator Approval
Vampire/Ghoul Background and Actions for Multnomah County, Oregon / Columbia County, Oregon / Washington County, Oregon / Clackamas County, Oregon: Anarch Coordinator Approval
Changing Breeds Background and Actions: Anarch Coordinator Notify
Changeling Background and Actions: Anarch Coordinator Notify
Mage Background and Actions: Anarch Coordinator Notify
Other Supernatural Backgrounds and Actions: Anarch Coordinator Notify

I have plans for a series of self contained Discord and/or email events that players will be able to sign up for. Ideally, to do this I need territory that is currently unclaimed. These events will be held with the goal of reinforcing genre and helping players develop their characters. Portland has the right environment and attitude and is a large enough city to justify supporting several vampires and stories.

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