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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 22-Aug-2022 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 29-Aug-2022 12:00AM EDT

I, Destiny Pacheco, as CM of Bradenton Chaos and Entropy, Propose to establish the Assamite Justicar position within the One World by Night Canon with Tegyrius filling the position at inception. This proposal has the support of the Assamite Coordinator and seeks to confirm the desire of Council to proceed with establishing the Assamite Justicar position within our shared story.

Should this proposal pass Chase as the Assamite Coordinator would be tasked with plot and detail follow-up after confirming with the affected offices as was proposed previously in vote 85697 [PLOT] 2015 Conclave Ratification: Assamite Justicar https://www.owbn.net/votes/85697

“... a discussion will be hosted between the Camarilla and other relevant Coordinators to determine how best to proceed with the end goal that the Assamites do receive a Justicar.”


From Chase’s Magister Proposal: “Assamites have been criticized for not handling their bad actors internally. However, they have no structure for legally doing so within the Camarilla. While there are Assamite Princes, a Prince’s powers and authority extend no farther than the borders of their Domain. Therefore, if an Assamite is suspected of disloyalty to the Ivory Tower, the only option for the Clan to ‘handle it’ is to invite that individual to a Domain with an Assamite Prince. If the suspected Kindred declines the invitation, there is no further legal recourse without calling in resources from other Clans.

While policing Clanmates is not the primary purpose of a Justicar, the Clanmates are often the first to become aware of potential problems. The Justicarial offices allow an avenue for addressing these issues internally while fully adhering to Camarilla law. Expecting the Assamites to address their ‘problem citizens’ without giving them the legal tools to do so is setting them an impossible task.”


These two paragraphs ring entirely true for the conversations that even I have heard over the past several years, and I feel they cleanly summarize the need for a leading body within the Camarilla for the Assamites.


The topic was voted to be allowed at future conclaves, which leaves the option of it being brought to a conclave open as a means of resolution.

Per vote 85693 [PLOT] 2015 Conclave Ratification: Tabling Assamite Justicar Discussion for 100 Years https://www.owbn.net/votes/85693

I feel the below section from the original proposal provides valuable information still and is thus worth including for reference and recording purposes.

Per vote 55125 Assamite Justicar (the original plot proposal for an Assamite Justicar) https://www.owbn.net/votes/55152

“Per WW Canon: the Assamite Clan was admitted into the Camarilla in 2001 (with the schism itself happening in 2000). During that time, an Assamite rose to the role of Primogen, as well as Prince of the Camarilla. In 2004, the Assamites had a Justicar of their own. While we understand that the ToJ material has not been brought into OWbN Cannon, we felt that it shows the line of progression that White Wolf was taking for Clan Assamite that will allow for further growth and more roleplaying for all of the OWbN players.

Footnote: WW References:

JUSTICAR [WW2425: Archons & Templars - 2002, pg. 16]

The Vizier [WW2359: Clanbook: Assamite (rev) - 2000, pg. 35]

Tegyrius [WW2359: Clanbook: Assamite (rev) - 2000, pg. 99]

Gehenna - The Final Nights, [WW: Vol 1 - 2004, pg: 199 - 202]

Kasim Bayar, Assamite Justicar [V20: Dread Names, pg 17]”

It is also worth noting that the original 2010 vote above only failed by four votes and it has been 12 years since then.

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