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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 10-Aug-2022 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 17-Aug-2022 12:00AM EDT

I, Adam Sartori, as Council Member for the One World by Night game Kings of New York; Propose the following to the One World by Night Bylaws:

Add Coordinator Bylaws:

2.A.V. Mediation Coordinator (7)

3.A.X. Mediator

3.A.X.1. Duties for the Mediator Shall be:

            a. The Mediation Coordinators may be sought as a binding arbiter in a disputed between parties with the consent of all involved, as opposed to taking the matter directly to Council. The Mediation Coordinators has the right to refuse.

i.This responsibility may not be delegated without prior permission from all parties involved.

ii.The specific details of such mediation shall remain confidential and shall not be made public unless Disciplinary Action as a result of such mediation is sought, in which case the executive team may make the action wholly or partially public, in the exercise of their discretion.

a.To protect the confidentiality of our members the Mediation Coordinators may opt to use pseudonyms rather than identifying individuals by name.

b.The Mediation Coordinators or the individual requesting mediation or their proxy (ST, CM) may ask others to make statements regarding the mediation.

            b. The Mediation Coordinators must make their best efforts that anyone who is on the receiving end of a Disciplinary Action Proposal is notified of such. The Mediation Coordinators must also make sure that the Individual has a Council Member to represent them if a conflict of interest may be there or the Mediation Coordinators office must find an agreeable representative, agreed upon by both parties. The Mediation Coordinators office is responsible for providing accurate and documented attempts at contacting the individual in the event that the individual has chosen to ignore the proceedings. Such attempts should include, but are not limited to, emailing the individual, contacting other members of a chronicle to obtain verifiable methods of communication, Social Media attempts, or anything else within reason and not in violation with any federal or state laws.

            c. The number of Mediation Coordinators shall be seven (7), five from North America and two from South America.  When members of One World by Night apply for this coordinator position for Council Vote, they must state on their application which region they are representing.  Those applying for their Regional Mediation Coordinator position must physically reside in the region they wish to represent.  If a region does not have an individual physically residing within the region to represent them; the Head Coordinator may accept the application from an individual who is outside of the region.

                        i. Function: In their duties as Mediation Coordinators they shall work together as one group.  Any disputes among the Mediation members is to be settled by a simple majority vote among those Coordinators.  In the case of a tie of these votes, the motion fails without a Majority.  The Mediation Coordinators are free to assign any and all members of these coordinators to a single issue to help resolve it as they see fit to do so.  Additionally, Mediation Coordinators have the right and authority to investigate and collect any evidence in relation to Disciplinary Actions brought to them.

            d. The Mediation Coordinators may take a vote among themselves as per their functions and duties to push forward and propose a Disciplinary Action to One World by Night Council.  When doing so they must present their findings, evidence, and work of investigation done to One World by Night Council.

            e. All issues brought before the Mediation Coordinators shall have a minimum of three coordinators address the issue.  If a Mediation Coordinator has a conflict of interest with the issue in question; they may recuse themselves and have another Mediation Coordinator take their place. The Head Coordinator and/or the Assistant Head Coordinators may be on any communications of the Mediation Coordinators as observers.

Remove Coordinator Bylaws:



Adam Sartori
HST and CM for Kings of New York
Subcoord for: Sabbat, Lasombra, Ravnos, Assamite, Ventrue, Salubri, Tremere, and Hunter

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