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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 22-Jul-2022 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 23-Jul-2022 12:00AM EDT

I, Will 1, as Ravnos Coord, with the support of Will 2, as Ventrue coord, propose the following addition to the character bylaws (see below). This has the potential to Auto-Pass.

If you object, I would appreciate some feedback, so we can do something constructive with it.

As the Danava plot moves to America finally (got a slow start), the Ventrue/Anti are going to have options to befriend some Danava. Instead of piling tons of mentors out there, this seems like a better option to give some love to Ventrue/Anti, who don’t fit the mold for anything India centric. I’ll line item it into the packet in a couple weeks, and Will 2 can add it as his leisure.

In an attempt to help storytellers mitigate the power of their games, every part of the below merit gives a lot of flexibility for STs to decide what they wish in their game (besides the almighty no).

For more details! Read said Danava plot (which I won’t put here, since tech this can be shared, and don’t want to ruin the plot!). I don’t mind if it’s shared, maybe people will inquire more about the plot?

This plot was designed for Ventrue and Ventrue Anti, so we have zero intention of approving anyone who’s not one of those two.

Legacy is a thing, but as this was made up this week, I don’t see anyone having it. If someone does somehow magically? The NPC is still approval.

10.m.v.53 Danava Ally PC - Coordinator Approval NPC Coordinator Approval coordinator: Ventrue and Ravnos

Write up
Danava Ally (2 or 4 point merit)(Ventrue and Ravnos Coordinator Approval)

You have made a Danava ally in your local area. Where they are not abundant in the West, the few that have ventured over have entered into an alliance of sorts with the Ventrue (or Ventrue Antitribu). This alliance comes with various benefits. These Danava are rarely part of any sect outside the Jati, and still act on their own in regards to sect.

For two points this ally will loan you any influence you may need for limited use (At storyteller discretion). This could be anything as simple as a small allies use, or influence outside your region to extend actions to the greater India area.

For four points you have forged a deeper relationship. You may call upon the Danava for magical assistance, to include loaned powers via Blood Nectar (At storyteller discretion).

Lastly, where the NPC is the character’s ally, the relationship is not one way. Said ally may call upon the character for favors in return, or demand them in advance for larger requests.

*Due to Danava NPCs being Coordinator approval, the ultimate power of your ally will be decided by the Ventrue’s (or Ventrue Antitribu) Staff, and the Ventrue/Ravnos Coordinator at the time when the Merit, and NPC are created. If the staff wishes the NPC to be coordinator controlled, that arrangement will be worked out at the time the merit is approved.

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