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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-Jun-2022 9:00AM EDT
Closing: 05-Jun-2022 12:00AM EDT

Google Doc In is attached. ***This is the delayed proposal  agreed upon for General Concensus - it will up for a little less than 24 hours from this posting, as it needed to be logged.


Below are all amendments thus far, if anyone else finds anything, just highlight the error and make a comment in the document. It will notify me and I will correct it in efforts to have a final revision for Exec tomorrow.


Amendments (thus far)


2.0 - No overall change

Spelling of Keui-Jin - bylaws After

3.0 - Word count: 828ish (down from 896ish, Original Text 1478 )

Assamite Approval Levels - Bylaws After

“Non-assamite” qualifier added to Assamite Lore sections - Bylaws After

Adjusted all items to reflect a uniform entry while maintaining the same information

[Name of Lore] [Level(s) Restricted] [Who or Non-Who] [PC] [NPC]

[Qualifiers or Exemptions]

Some items were missed which still read individual numbers or number ranges, these were adjusted to reflect the uniform listings used elsewhere in this update of [#+]


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