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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 06-Jan-2022 12:00AM EST
Closing: 13-Jan-2022 12:00AM EST

I, Destiny O’Brien, as CM of Bradenton Chaos and Entropy propose the following addition to Administrative Bylaws 5.C (Dues and Allocation).


 iii.            Failure to pay chronicle dues will result in the following disciplinary action:


a.       One to two weeks after the due date for chronicle dues has passed, the Finance Coordinator shall send a private email to the Head Storyteller and Council Representative of the overdue chronicle, requesting action on the part of the Chronicle.

b.      One month after the due date, the Finance Coordinator shall send a message to the OWBN-Council and OWBN-ST e-mail lists. This message shall include a list of chronicles that have not submitted chronicle dues and shall request immediate contact from those chronicles.

c.       Bi-weekly (once every other week) requests for contact shall continue until three months after the due date. If chronicle dues have not been submitted for three months past the due date the chronicle shall no longer be eligible for plot from Genre Coordinators, including Non-Player Character appearances at major events. The Finance Coordinator is responsible for notifying Coordinators of the status of delinquent chronicles.

d.      From six months past the due date and beyond, with no attempt made to set up a reasonable time frame in which to submit chronicle dues, and no request to the OWBN Council made for an exemption, the chronicle will be put on probation. The chronicle will lose all voting rights but will not be removed from any e-mail list(s).

e.       Nine months after a chronicle has completely failed to submit chronicle dues or any arrangements for either delayed chronicle dues or exemption, the chronicle will be expelled from OWBN.


    iv.            These measures are cumulative; meaning that while the chronicle is on probation it is also not eligible for plot from the Genre Coordinators. All measures short of expulsion are immediately ended upon submitting all due chronicle dues.


a.       A chronicle may request an extension from the Finance Coordinator, who shall accept and grant such requests at his/her discretion. Such requests shall not be considered if the Chronicle provides false information.

b.      Failure to meet an extended due date granted by the Finance Coordinator causes the process to resume where it left off.

c.       A Chronicle may also request an exemption from the OWBN Council, at any time, including during the disciplinary procedure outlined above.

d.      Exemptions granted by the OWBN Council give the chronicle the right to not submit chronicle dues for the duration outlined in the granted exemption.

Reasoning: There was brief discussion among some other topics recently about putting something more behind the financial responsibilities of a chronicle in the same way as reporting currently has.  The above suggested addition mostly mimics the verbiage of consequences for not filling an archivist report.
This proposal is offered with support from The Finance Coordinator and Head Coordinator.


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