[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Amended 2] Exemption for Elder Disciplines on Vampires

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 27-Nov-2021 12:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Dec-2021 12:00AM EST

I, Lex Lopex, council member for Hartford: Dark Colony, propose the following Exemption to Character bylaw 6.a.ii and 6.a.iii for (1) Cambridge, MA - USA, The Midnight Rose and all its satellites, (2) Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony and all its satellites, and (3) Boston, MA - USA, Reclaimed and all its satellites.

For a period of 6 months from the passage of this proposal, permanently 8th or 9th generation Vampire PCs within these chronicles may purchase “Elder” (level 6) disciplines but lose access to custom content as defined in the bylaws. This will not change their R&U logs for the time being, it simply means that they lose access to such powers while at local games. When traveling to chronicles beyond thise that are participating, PC character sheets will have access to their custom content but may not travel with Elder powers.

This has been discussed on council, and the staffs of these games are interested in temporarily playtesting the ideas as presented on council before more permanent proposals are considered.

This vote is an exception vote as it does not permanently alter the bylaws. This exemption is to last 6 months, after which time character sheets are adjusted. Elder level disciplines are removed from character sheets and they again have access to custom content.

Lex Lopez

CM for Hartford, Dark Colony

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