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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 25-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 02-Jul-2020 12:00AM EDT

-- I believe this covers everything, everyone brought up.   Except one thing which I think now is simply just becoming its own proposal. --

As the CM for CNMR I am proposing this additional item to the Administrative bylaws.


The administrative bylaws list "redline" 3 times.
The Character bylaws list "redline" 1 time.

As gamers, we largely and vaguely have a sense and understanding of "what we mean when we say "redline"   However this can vary from game to game and as the Administrative Bylaws specifically list it twice in the Consent section.  Which allows the term, its actions, and its understanding potentially vague since in the Bylaws, the actual term "redline" is not defined.

This proposal will place "Redline" as the official term, its meaning, and the results of it as Administrative 1.C, so that it is listed before any other instance of the word.

Administrative Bylaw Addition: 



     Frequently characters interact with other characters not only in their own game, but due to travel and internet mediums also in other chronicles.  There are times in which certain aspects need to be removed from the continuity of the overall story of OWbN.  A "redline" is defined as removing a specific thing from the continuity of OWbN Story.   This "thing" can be as simple as a single spoken word by a (non)player character, to more complicated things such as role-play scenes (either in person, or online mediums), combats, or following the specific rules outlined in Character Bylaws - even character death.    When an item is redlined, that item is removed from play as if that item never existed, and the greater world at large, as well as (non)player-characters will react equally as if the item never existed.

  • Redlines may only be performed by an HST of a OWbN Chronicle only in which the item originated

  • Redlines must be submitted to the relevant parties within 6 months from the original events taking place. 

  • Redlines that happen which have any potential to have had information of the item in question, must be submitted to the OWbN Storyteller list to ensure all chronicles are aware of the redline and can attempt to reinforce the change to continuity of OWbN's overall story.

  • Redlines of items which erase continuity for characters with a current or former Binding Agreement, must be mediated with the Coordinator who held the Binding agreement.

    • Mediation may include exec at the request of either the HST or the Coordinator in question.

    • This is meant to ensure that any changes in continuity while the character holds the binding agreement is changed and upheld in a consistent way the Coordinator is both able and has the power to enforce.

  • Redlines which need to occur beyond 6 months from the original events taking place must be submitted to council for private vote.

  •   These proposals go immediately into discussion and do not require a second.

  •  Any and all information regarding the item of the proposal's discussion is temporarily embargoed until the results of the proposal conclude.

    • To facilitate this, knowledge of this private proposal may specifically be shared with any storyteller as well as communicated on the OWbN Storyteller communication list.

    •  These proposals may be granted General Consensus, however it must be requested by an eligible Voting Council Member, different from the proposing Chronicle. 

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