Custom Sabbat Ritae

Some chronicles allow for their players to develop customized powers for their characters. The following is a compilation of player created custom content in OWBN. At this time, custom content that is created and/or used by vampire PC's is required to be listed.

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Custom Content Category: Sabbat Ritae
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

At first glance this ritae bears a very strong resemblance to the Vaulderie.  Each member of the pack (min of two) adds a small portion of their blood (the total must be at least a trait) to a chalice using a ceremonial chalice, and cutting tool.  The priest then speaks an incantation over the vessel.  The ghoul (or would be ghoul) is then given the chalice to drink from.  If they refuse to drink the priest will tell them to drink once, if they still refuse they will most likely become the victim of the pack’s next blood feast.  In heavily ritualistic packs this ritae is often used to give ghouls their monthly feedings. 

Mechanics: This ritae allows a mortal to be blood bound to more then one cainite at a time.  It will not break existing blood bounds, but it can be used to give a mortal more then one full three-step blood bound.  The mortal who drinks from the chalice will be bound one more step (Max 3 of course) to each cainite who contributed blood to the chalice. 

Date of Archival: 18-Feb-2015