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Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat (Road Whose Course Does Not Turn Back)



Failing to pursue understanding of Zillah and the Dark Father for any reason

All we do is for our mother and Dark Father, we must revere all knowledge of her and him.


Failing to Perform the Rites of the Lost Tribe

You are the High Priests of Zillah and the Dark Father, it falls to you to perform their sacred rituals.


Failing to Protect the Weeping Stone

We are the Guardians of the Weeping Stone.  It is our most sacred duty to protect it.


Showing disrespect to other students of the Dark Father. All of the Children of the Dark Father deserve the respect due their heritage, as long as they strive to understand themselves.

All are children of the Dark Father.  Those who are scholars of the Dark Father and his children, are allies and should be treated as such.


Failing to guide other members of the Lost Tribe in spiritual matters.

The Paths of Enlightenment for members of the Lost Tribe and their guidance in matters of the soul falls to you and no one else as a priest.


Failing to pursue the Lore of the Dark Father or Zillah

Through knowing our history we can fight the ancients who slew their sires.


Refusal to aid a more advanced member of the Path

Those more advanced then you are wiser and further ahead.  You should listen to their wisdom.


Divulging Lost Tribe secrets to outsiders

Our honor is what sets us apart.  The will of the Lost Tribe is not up for public discussion or scrutiny.


Failing to participate in the rituals of The Lost Tribe

The rituals of the Lost Tribe teach us our purpose and our course.


Acting against another member of the Lost Tribe

Through unity the Lost Tribe can be kept strong, and the mistakes of the betrayers of Caine will not occur.





Basic Beliefs

You are the Priests and Guardians of the Dark Father and Zillah.  Your purpose and tradition are far older than any of the modern clans can even recall.  Your sacred duty comes to you by command of the Dark Father himself. It falls to you to guide those in the Lost Tribe on their way.  And above all else you seek to protect Zillah and await the time when the Dark Father will return to take revenge on those who betrayed her.  Without you the Lost Tribe would have no purpose or faith.  You are Zillah’s Heralds.


Ethics of the Path

·         You are the High Priests of the Lost Tribe.  It falls to you to guide others in the rites of the sect and help guide others on their paths.

·         It is your duty to protect the Weeping Stone.  You are her guardians and children.

·         Zillah’s Tears are the most sacred of relics, you must oversee and guide those who would partake in them.

·         You have sworn to be inheritors of Zillah’s Legacy.  There is no turning back, your loyalty to her and the Dark Father is absolute.

·         Those who lie outside the Lost Tribe are not worthy of her Mercy or Secrets.  They lay with the traitors to the dark father, and they must watched.  Those who show worth may one day be given the chance to feel our mother’s grace and learn of Dark Father Secrets.  Until then, they are not worthy.



Conviction, Self-Control, Courage



Long before the nights of the Camarilla or Sabbat, in an age long since passed and forgotten, there were groups of Cainites who gathered together for various causes.  The Lost Tribe was but one of them.  This ancient order of Cainites was first the guardians of the Weeping Stone and the High Priests of Zillah and Caine.  Rumors of this paths existence is claimed, by those who still follow it, to have originated in the time of Enoch, and by those who were in fact the priests and protectors of Zillah during the time of the First City.  Indeed, the Black Hand even has ancient fragments of the book of nod that would seem to hold some credence to this story.  What is known, is that this path was what all members of the Lost Tribe originally followed.  


Whatever the true origins of this path may be, what is known is that the common practice of this path by members of the Lost Tribe fell out of the habit of being the only path allowed and followed in the Lost Tribe during the times of the Anarch Revolt.  So much so, that by the time the Sabbat formed and the Black Hand was forged into what it is known today, only a Handful of members still walked the path.  By the time of the modern nights, the path was all but forgotten.  The Lost Tribe had long since passed its primary purpose, that of the Priests and Guardians of Caine and Zillah, that the path fell to obscurity and history.  It was even rumored the only members who still claimed to walk it by the time of the 21st century were those few Black Hand Agents who guarded the Weeping Stone, or those ancient founders of the Lost Tribe who had slipped into Torpor.


However, the all changed when members of the chosen started making pilgrimages once again to the Weeping Stone.  Slowly over time members of the chosen started interacting with an ethereal woman who seemed to be the stone’s caretaker.  As more and more came the ever illusive creature who stayed only at the stone itself was revealed to be Sati the Dreamwalker.  Sati is rumored to be the childe of Elimelech and one of the original members of the Lost Tribe.  Over time many of the chosen who visited the Weeping Stone have come to know her, and in Sati the old ways of the Lost Tribe found new life.  Though much mystery seems to surround Sati and the long forgotten ways of the Lost Tribe;  the Seraphim Council has yet to speak out for or against the return of some of the old ways of the Lost Tribe.  Dastur Anosh was and still is considered the High Priest of both the Lost Tribe and what is now the Black Hand; the Seraph walks the path of caine.  Anosh has yet to say if he approves or denies of what Sati is doing, but that is because his word could cause great uproar if he speak on the matter either way.  For now Sati continues to come to those she views merits the teachings of the old Lost Tribe.


Current Practices

In the Black Hand, the Akhkharu are the priests of the sect, also known as the Chaplins.  It is their job to oversee the sects Ritae, Traditions, and Paths of Enlightenment for the Black Hand as a whole.  Akhkharu often serve other roles as well in the Black Hand.  Many are also Magi, Removers, Shakar, or anything else the Black Hand requires of them.  But in Kamuts, they are always the priests overseeing the mission.  It falls to them and no others in the Black Hand as the primary religious guides in the sect.


Description of Followers

In ancient times many members of the Lost Tribe followed this path.  It is not so in the Final Nights.  Though the path was considered lost save for a few, with the return of the First Seraph, the path has seen a rapid resurgence in the Black Hand.  Sati the Farseer chose those few in the Black Hand she found as priests and taught it and the traditions of the Lost Tribe to them personally. She has charged them with overseeing its instruction and reintroduction in the sect.  Only those Hand members who shown a priest leaning will ever have hope of being instructed.  The most common followers are Pack Priests from the Sabbat.  As they already have an understanding of both Ritae and the Paths of Enlightenment.


Following the Path

Akhkharu are priests first and foremost.  It is then not surprising they often spend most of their time studying the history, rites, and religion of the Lost Tribe and Black Hand.  They are the consultants and guides for all spiritual matters within the Black Hand.  As such many spend their nights in the White Mausoleum or with their follow Black Hand members.  Akhkharu often find it difficult associating with Non Black Hand members.  They tend to view them as not worthy of the honor the Chosen have.  Only those few who do can hope to ever be graced with the truth of the Dark Father.  


Akhkharu almost never involve themselves in political matters of other cainites, unless it is to the betterment of the Lost Tribe.  However, within the Sabbat, Akhkharu associate and get along with best with the priests of the sword of caine and those who follow the Path of Caine.  As priests, they are required to study all knowledge on Cainite spiritual matters, and few place offer a better chance than the Sabbat Clergy.  Akhkharu also get along greatly with the Noddists of the Path of Caine.  They tend to view that path as a sister path to their own.  Often enjoying the company of Noddists whenever possible.


Besides being priests, the Akhkharu are also charged with guardianship of Zillah.  In fact being a priest is just one part of that guardianship (maintaining her legacy).  It is therefore unsurprising that the Akhkharu are very martial priests.  They train in the deadly arts of the Cainite tradition.  Indeed, Akhkharu often pride themselves on this fact as a warrior like monk group of vampires.  All Akhkharu must journey to the Weeping Stone itself at some point.  Simply tasting of her Tears is not enough for them.  Though the journey is most dangerous due to Alamut, Akhkharu risk it none the less.  In fact it is the Akhkharu who protect the Weeping Stone still and guide those in special Kamuts to the pilgrimage site.  The Akhkharu are the most fervent supporters within the Black Hand with dealing with Ur-Shulgi once and for all, as quickly as possible, so that all Black Hand can safely travel to their most holy site once again.


Common Abilities

Unsurprisingly the Akhkharu possess Ritae, specifically the Black Hand Ritae.  In addition to this, they often have high levels of Kindred Lore, Noddist Lore, Black Hand Lore, and Path Lore.  Also as guardians of Zillah, they often possess high levels of Brawl, Melee, Dodge, Athletics, and other combat related abilities.  Some even have levels of the Martial Arts ability, taken from their proximity to the East and adapted to help aid them in their task.


Preferred Disciplines

Akhkharu tend to prefer Presence, Auspex, and Fortitude.  Many who follow the path also practice Dur-An-Ki, the blood magic of the First and Second City as part of their heritage to the Lost Tribe.  They tend to favor disciplines that help reflect the mystical monk guardian aspect of their lives.


Notable Followers Sati the Dreamwalker, the High Priests of the Black Hand, the Guardians of the Weeping Stone.


Date of Archival: 31-Jan-2015
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:
Dharmic Dragon (Conviction, Self Control)
1.  Breaking your word/an oath.  Loyalty is Life.
Protect the Spirits.  They are part of this world, and where the Gods live and breath.
2.  Avoiding/Interrupting the Natural Cycle.  The cycle continues long beyond us, one should help it along.
Showing Cowardice.  You cannot protect those who matter if you flee.
3.  Failure to protect your allies.  Defend those who you deem worthy.
Help all living things thrive. When something appears to be dying, consume it and send it back to the Cycle.
4.  Failure to show hospitality to others.  The Spirits are always watching, and they are respectful - respect their view.
Meditate upon passions; don't shut them out, but experience them, learn from them and encourage them in others.
5.  Acting without judging the situation properly.  Haste makes mistakes.
Not trying to teach and guide those who are disreputable to their proper place.  They may not know the ways of the Cycle - your job is to teach.
  • This World is only one of the many planes.  Our actions resound in the Heavens and Below.
  • Those we touch most closely resonate with our actions, thus we must show our trust in them
  • Only together can the Cycle be protected
  • Life is a dance that should be understand and enjoyed
  • One cannot control everything


Date of Archival: 01-May-2017
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Path of Awakened Caine

Path of Caine Variant (Chaining the beast)

Virtues: Conviction/ Self-Control/Courage

Nickname: Awakened

Variant Sins:

5) Not learning all about your enemy and its secret.

6) Failing to strengthen ones will, forging one’s soul.

7) Failing to awaken one’s self to the true powers of Caine.

9) Showing fear of death.

Additional Ethic:

Awaken yourself, Awaken new powers, advance the power you have continue to pursue and gain powers of the blood, not those gained by the infernal or demonic as that is a shorter road to power, but limits your awakening by consuming your soul.

Changes to Preferred Disciplines:

Unlike those that follow tradition Path of Caine, no powers that are gained from the blood are impure. As Caine made childer they gained gifts different from Caine, these powers showed the ability for the Cainite form to adjust. The gifts of Caine awoken in them and then in turn himself with each new gift that surfaced. No Disciplines or powers are looked down upon except for those learned from the infernal or demonic means. 

Date of Archival: 26-May-2017
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:


                Because brothers don't let each other wander in the dark alone.

                —Jolene Perry

                Nicknames: Brothers

                Basic Beliefs: Brothers gather those they would consider their family around them like a warm blanket. Anything or any one who would cause that family harm or distress is antithetical to the Brother's way of life and the tenets of the Path of Brotherhood. Highly protective, Brothers do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and success of their kin.

                The Path of Brotherhood centers around the pack mentality. This makes it immensely suitable for Sects such as the Sabbat, who already form themselves into small packs, but it can also be successful in the Camarilla where coteries struggle amongst themselves for power. This Path by no means, however, limits the pack mentality to a single small group or organization. Who is defined as being in the Brother's "pack" is a matter of personal interpretation for each follower, and one can quickly find that the seemingly unconnected person they assaulted one night has caused the Brother to hunt them the next.

                Brothers are by no means restricted in what they will do to ensure the survival, success, and victory of their pack. The wide gammot of murder, personal debasement, and influence among mortal society is all acceptable to a Brother with an agenda to fulfill. To them, there is no "good" or "evil"; only "with the pack" or "against the pack".


The Ethics of the Path

·Protect those important to you in all ways, for they are your pack and your kin.

·Treat your kin as good as, or better, than you would treat yourself.

·Fear prevents action. Overcome fear, in order to act in the best interests of your pack.

·Your beast is your closest kin. Let him free when his reign would not endanger your other kin, but restrain him when he would.

·Never break your word of honor to your kin.

·If a kin's actions endanger yourself or another of the pack, then remove them, for they are no longer your kin.



                The Path of Brotherhood relies on the virtues of Conviction and Self-Control.



                The earliest followers of what would eventually become the Path of Brotherhood were the tribes of Western Africa. Tribal status made for an excellent environment for the Path to flourish, but the beginning of the slave trade in the 15th century stifled over three hundred years of success and brought the Path to an abrupt end. Many years later, in an attempt to reconcile his belief in both the Path of the Feral Heart and the Path of Honorable Accord within the Sabbat, a Serpent of the Light rediscovered it. As an Archbishop of the Sect, he took the wide view on the Path's beliefs, and now considers all Sabbat to be his pack.


Current Practices

                Brothers make their havens wherever it is most convenient for their pack. As the Path is found more commonly among the Sabbat in modern nights, most cities held by the Sect can profess at least one pack therein. While the Path isn't outright decried by the Camarilla, many of those who still cling to Humanity sneer at this Path and cause trouble for those who adhere to it, making most Camarillan cities unwise choices for a haven.

                Brothers in the same general area don't necessarily work together. What one Brother considers his pack can vary widely from that of another, and in many cases it is possible for those two packs to come into conflict. Ultimately, a Brother is responsible for the well-being of his own pack, and anyone else's be damned. On the occasions when two Brothers' agendas align, or even better, when their packs overlap, it is common for them to pool their resources to account for truly stunning displays of force and control within their environment.


Description of Followers

                To be a Brother is to take other's problems into account before your own. Self-sacrifice is a strange concept to most Cainites, so it can be difficult for many adherents to truly place others before themselves and most end up handling their pack's issues alongisde their own. By attaching themselves to a purpose, Brothers stave off the gnawing of the Beast upon their psyche.

                Brothers may come from any clan, but they are most commonly found among the Gangrel (both Country and City), Brujah Antitribu, Ventrue Antitribu, and Serpents of the Light. Since the Sabbat is founded on the principle of the pack, and such is the guiding philosophy behind the Path of Brotherhood, more members can be found within the Sword of Caine than any other Sect in the modern nights, although since its rediscovery is recent, that isn't saying much.


Following the Path

                Many Paths maintain scruples about how Cainites are allowed to pursue their goals. By comparison, the Path of Brotherhood has no such restrictions; rather, it provides the goal itself, one from which the Cainite must never waver. A follower of the Path should not let themselves be affected by things such as murder, diablerie, or torture, provided they are done for the pack. Conversely, there are moments when these things can be strictly prohibited, when they would cause potential harm to the Brother's kin.

                Common Abilities: With the success and safety of their pack in mind, Brothers can develop skills in a wide variety of fields, dependent upon what best serves their pack. A Brother in a large city environment may pick up stealth and streetwise, while those in more rural areas tend to learn Survival and Animal Ken pretty quickly. Regardless of surroundings, most Brothers possess an aptitude for Brawling, the better to defend their pack when push comes to shove.

                Preferred Disciplines: Most Brothers learn Animalism, viewing it as the best way to manipulate the beasts in others and prevent infighting amongst their kin. Potence and Dominate are also good choices, the former to defend their pack in times of crisis, and the latter to coax their pack's ambitions to life (or possibly cover up their mistakes).


The Path of Brotherhood Hierarchy of Sins

10. Turning down an invitation to a social gathering hosted by one of your kin

·Your pack must be supported in all ways. If they request your presence, oblige them.


9. Failing to engage or participate in a hunt with other kin when invited

·Communal activity brings the pack together. Fortify your bonds, so that they may never break.


8. Failing to uphold the shared precepts of your pack (ex. Camarilla - Blood Hunt, Sabbat - Diablerie)

·These are the laws by which the pack operates. Respect them as you respect your pack.


7. Refusing to remove one of your kin who endangers others of the pack

·True kin would not endanger their family. Those who do have lost the way, and must not remain.


6. Succumbing to frenzy when it would endanger your kin

·Although your Beast is your closest kin, it does not view your pack as such. It will harm them if it can, and this you must not allow.


5. Passing up a chance for personal power, or losing it, except to allow one of your kin to take it instead

·By growing stronger, you can better protect the pack. By growing the pack stronger, they can better protect each other.


4. Indiscriminate killing (killing without reason)

·Needless bloodshed strains the food supply and risks the safety of the pack. Every dead body is another chance at being caught.


3. Refusing to utilize whatever means necessary to protect your pack

·There is nothing you will not do towards the ends of your kins' safety.


2. Failing to show hospitality to your pack

·If one of your kin comes to you, treat him as if he were the best part of yourself, for he is.


1.  Refusing to pursue a threat to your pack or yourself unto destruction

·Those who survive, live to fight another day. Survive, and don't let your enemies live to fight you another day.


Date of Archival: 26-Dec-2017
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Conviction/Self Control


* Respect the Faithful Lasombra, for they exist to serve as the gatekeepers of Hell and keepers of Darkness
* Encourage redemption and repentance, punish sinners who refuse it.
* Protect the Innocent and the Pious; Punish the Damned and the Profane.
* Do not allow Darkness to exist unchecked in the world, keep it in its place.
* Do not allow that which is Foul to flourish in the Light, lest the Light be extinguished.
* Seek to maintain the balance of Light and Darkness at all times. Walk the Firmament between Creation and The Abyss.

Rating // Moral Guideline

5 // Neglecting an opportunity to exact divine retribution; Refusing to better oneself in the pursuit of Holy Balance
4 // Acting out of pride, avarice, gluttony, or some other sinful impulse.; Failing to punish corruption or sin.
3 // Refusing to take or give confession.; Not spending at least some time in prayer each night.
2 // Killing without striking Fear of God in the Victim; Failing to use any means Necessary to combat supernatural Evil.
1 // Killing Innocents or the Pious; Allowing Supernatural Evil to exist unchecked.

Date of Archival: 07-Jul-2020
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Conviction/ Self-Control/ Courage

Nickname: Eternalist


-Forget everything-simply be. Focus only upon what you are doing at the moment. Using chanting, t’ai chi and other methods to practice your focus. You cannot understand pain, temptation and all other feelings except through feeling them. You must understand these to truly show your visions to those around you.
-Know yourself. The beast is part of you, but do not become the beast. It seeks to cause destruction of even the most mindful.
-Master yourself. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Always learn. Always seek to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. These can always be strengthened through your activities and daily actions if done mindfully.
-You must have honor. He who has no personal honor is worthless and lost to the world and to himself. Lead by the example of such to those around you at every chance.
-Learn to love and understand all things have their purpose-even evil things. Being of your own free will means you must choose between the two, and good must be your choice.
-Enjoy the company of others, but do not subsist on it. You must not let others define your value; you must do so yourself.
-Honor nature and the spirits they are a part of the balance of our world that must be tended to. Many are blind in these areas, it is not their duty to tend to. Those who see this great world should ensure it is cared for.
-Believe that there is a greater purpose to everything. There is an Oversoul which guides things. Your vampirism is a test unto you. It will not taint your soul or destroy you unless you let it do so. Believe in anything that guides your soul. No one else can answer that for you, this is something you must know for yourself.

Description of the Followers:

Cainites on this path tend to be well-balanced vampires. Are usually in good shape and almost always respectful of others. They are non-violent warriors who fight with honor. They hold personal honor in the highest regard, and those who call them friends can depend on them. They are masters of their inner self, yet stay connected to those around them.

Their pack, factions and clan each have a unique and special place and purpose to the followers. Each of these usually have required the follower to give their word in one form or another to guide and protect each of them. They also will leave none of these members behind at all cost, even if it means bringing a fallen member back from battle. These groups are the heart and soul of our world. Spending time with them strengthens the whole, training, studying, or just connecting. All strengthen the mind, body and spirit to know what we fight for when we pick our battles. Yet live in the now and their company as the moments of peace allow you to, it can’t always be fighting after all.

Many of the followers have a connection to the greater worlds around them, the spirit realms and nature call to these cainites. They seek to insure that these worlds are left in balance against their own. Be it replanting a forest in the wake of war or cleansing spiritual locations that are sacred to the spirits of the world. Spending time in these areas allows the follower to observe and ensure that these balances are maintained through the years.


10- Failure to spend time in nature
It is through nature that the gods are revealed to us
9- Laziness of mind, body or spirit
Find strength in all activities
8- Turning away those who need inspiration
Guide those have lost their own vision for the future
7- Not treating others as you wish to be treated
Show the way of respect by example
6- Failure to conduct yourself with honor
For the spirits honor those who live with honor
5- Failing to honor the spirits of nature
The spirits aid and guide us
4- Abandoning any who follow you
Never leave those who follow you behind.
3- Acting to upset the balance of nature
For the righteous must seek balance in all things
2- Failure to seek-self knowledge
Never permit self-deception to obscure knowledge of the self
1-Succumbing to Frenzy
You alone control your actions

Date of Archival: 07-Feb-2022
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Path of the Guru's Embrace.

Created by Sir Leo Caster
Virtues: Conviction/Self Control
About the path:                                                                                                                                
        Members of the Path of the Guru's Embrace (P.O.G.E) value logic and power of the mind. Often when the vampire condition is gifted to an individual they become lost to the power they try so hard to cling to with all their might. Members of P.O.G.E use the power of the mind to live in a symbiotic relationship with the beast inside, Proving that even the beast knows the power of logic. They are often cold and calculating, preferring to measure every situation and person my the merit of their mind over the power of the body. 
Ethics of the path:                                                                                                                           
  • Test the limits of the mind
  • Think before you speak or act
  • Covet knowledge, but share what you can. above all seek it out
  • Show your beast it's logic, control if need be 
  • Understand and seek what you do not. 
  • Know that others may not be as knowledgeable as you, aid the less enlightened 
  • Lore is lore, Observe it but be not of it. 
Following the path of P.O.G.E:                                                                                                        
        Channel you mind, focus towards logic and enlightenment. Know that your beast seeks, in it's own way, to embrace logic. Guide it as you would anyone else. Threw knowledge and logic all things are possible, and every problem can be solved. Above all, let those that are around you find their own logic. You can lead a horse to water but you can not force them to drink from the well. 
        ** Vampires on this path follow the guide lines set forth by Conviction/Self Control. Keep in mind this paths version of Conviction  does not include remorse as logic is often cold and unyielding.
" logic, knowledge above all else" 
Hierarchy of sins:                                                                                                                            
5- Failing to learn/pursue dangerous knowledge; Failing to share knowledge even to the undeserving.
4- Refusing to participate in rituals or ritae; Failing to purse lore/knowledge even at risk of self.
3-  Failing to resist the Beast; Failing to pursue new lore/knowledge, and expanding what you know. 
2- Failing to test the logic of others; Allowing emotion to overcome rationality. 
1- Willful destruction of knowledge;Refusing to share what you can. 
Focus of the path:                                                                                                                           
        The path focuses on the ability of the vampire condition to rise above the constraints of mortal understanding. The world is full of lore and wondrous things. As such the members of this path focus on Academics, Lore, Philosophy, and other mind expanding abilities. 
        A few speak of the powers of the blood called Dementation, as it provides unique views on the world. Other disciplines include any that allow for an expanded view on the vampire condition. For example: Thaumaturgy, visistitude, chimestry, obtenebration and so on  
“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” 


Date of Archival: 12-Jul-2017
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Honor in Death focuses on the Clan of the practitioner and gaining control within it. A student of the path seeks always to use the power at-hand, gain more to elevate himself, and help those below gain enough to help them grow – for by standing on the shoulders of your lessers you are able to reach higher than if you stood alone. Show respect, earn trust, and uphold your Honor – those are the core tenants. If the Family, Business, and Blood are stewarded correctly a follower of the path will rise to the top and guide the clan for eternity.

Followers of Honor in Death espouse Conviction and Self-Control

One Trait Sins: Lying to a superior. Breaking a pledge made in good faith.

Two Trait Sins: Disrespect of authority in public. Ignoring a chance to prove your superiority to a lesser.

Three Trait Sins: Loss of control in front of peers or superiors. Showing weakness in front of a lesser.

Four Trait Sins: Allowing an equal to become a superior. Treating a lesser as equal.

Five Trait Sins: Disrespecting an equal in front of a lesser. Failure to gain power over another.

Date of Archival: 24-Oct-2016
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:


“People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well. That’s my burden, I guess.”

Pain and death are a fact of existence. Knowing who deserves which lies at the center of this version of Humanity. The nights are long and dark in the modern world, and even the uninitiated mortals are beginning to realize that tough choices must be made. For those who survive the Embrace and are already walking the lonely road of sociopathy, it became necessary for a less jarring exchange of ethics be available. Its adherents were mortal, and already had the ability to detach from the societal norm, to make the ‘hard call’ that so many find offensive or even sickening.


Those who follow the colder side of Humanity espouse the virtues Conviction and Self-Control.


·        Innocence is to be tested

·        Never act in haste

·        Control the Beast, it cannot control you

·        Walk among the cattle not with them, you are their superior

·        Enjoy the power, but remember it is merely a tool. Rely on yourself.


Channel your need to kill, direct your Beast at those deserving. Let no innocent be the focus of your rage, but do not be afraid to test the innocence of a worthy subject. You are after all, still a monster. Now so, more than ever however you know what being a ‘monster’ really means.


Conviction is not an entirely foreign Trait to us. Most boot camps instill a certain level of Conviction – the idea that it’s acceptable to harm, kill, or otherwise abuse ‘the enemy.’ Vampiric Conviction runs on an entirely different order of magnitude, however. It represents the capacity to overcome or ignore every previous teaching or urge, whether from any remaining human superego or the Beast.

At low levels of Conviction, a vampire still retains a modicum of basic human nature. She might still perceive a human baby as ‘cute’ because as a (former) Homo sapien, she retains a primal biological drive to protect the helpless who perpetuate the species. A vampire with high levels of Conviction doesn’t feel any such empathy, though. The baby is simply a squawling piece of tissue.

“Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos.”


5 - Succumbing to Frenzy. Allowing an offense to a pack mate go unanswered.

4 - Accidental injury to a pack mate. Stealing from a pack mate.

3 - Gluttony in the face of superiors. Showing extreme emotion in a public situation.

2 - Allowing yourself to succumb to a Hunger Frenzy. Utter perversion or heinous acts.

1 - Accidental killing of a mortal. Killing in Frenzy.



Date of Archival: 27-Mar-2017
Custom Content Category: Path of Enlightenment
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:
Nickname​: Hierodules
The Sword of Caine bases its origins in the first cities of mankind, through the documents and sacred
texts uncovered and studied by Noddists. This study is highly valued by the sect and provides the
basis for its practices and spirituality. That is however not the only spirituality practiced by the Sword,
although it serves as a guideline for any other. Home to several different religious practices, one of the
most common is the one practiced by those called Ashipu, practitioners of Dur-An-Ki. This old form of
magic pushes its practitioners to Ascend and reach for the Heavens, dealing with pacts brokered with
spirits and other astral entities that were and still are considered deities. If their divine nature is true or
not or what exactly those beings are is a complex theme open to interpretation that have fostered
inumerous debates and is still likely to not have a conclusive resolution any time soon. Such is the
nature of old and powerful spirits.
Innanna/Ishtar/Cybele is one of those. Patron Goddess of the cities of Ur, Niniveh and others, she was
worshipped for more than three millennia throughout the history of mankind, changing as the cultures
that worshipped her also changed, absorbing other local goddesses and originating others. The central
myth of the Goddess, the eternal return, her descent to the Underworld to rescue Tamuz from the
realm of her dark twin sister, Ereshkigal, is a mythological theme central to many religions and that
repeats itself in practically all of them. It is the story of creation, of life in its many aspects, both the
light and darker ones.
After all the old polytheistic religions usually did not see Creation as a finished act. The eternal drama
always reenacted, manifested in the seasons and the time of stars, speaks of a Creation that occurs in
the eternal time of now, with the Mother-Goddess, the Lady of Heaven and Earth, devouring her
creation and remaking it at the same time. It is the unavoidable force of nature that brings life and
destroys it. The death of the white winter and the rebirth of spring.
And embodying and living those myths and philosophy is what the adepts of this path seek. Having
descended to the Underworld once and returned victorious as the Goddess herself once did, in the
condition of immortals, the practitioners seek to be like Inanna on Earth, masters of themselves and
the world around them, seeking not a perfection external to themselves, but being more and more like
their own selves, as the manifested deity they are. The adepts of this path are, therefore, highly
spiritual cainites, often keeping sacred altars to the Goddesses above and the Goddess within.
The first and foremost duty of the follower is to know and accept his own self, including the Beast.
Practitioners of this path seek to understand and commune with their Beasts rather than to oppose it
and to this end, at least once every moon they let it loose and revel in its lack of limits and instinctive
behavior. It is a necessary relationship, as the cainite that denies or controls it is denying part of
himself and therefore going against the core of this path. The Beast is the darker, impulsive and
instinctive aspect of the adept and as the Lady of Heaven herself crossed the gates of the Underworld
and gained knowledge about herself, the adept needs to embrace this fundamental part of himself.
As part of a non dualistic world view, there is no moral judgement about the truths of what the adept
really is and what he wishes for. Likewise, the world isn’t seen as something flawed or intrinsically evil,
like Albigensians or Martyrs do, it just is and it’s there to be explored and enjoyed, a true playground
for the adept. Therefore, the follower needs to find a place in the world that best fit his ambitions,
desires and his inner deep self, thus making this a path of conviction. After all, conscience is nothing
but an anchor keeping the adept from seeing the real expression of the world by bounding himself in
guilt and remorse.
The great challenge of this path is the constant necessity of a brutal personal honesty. Both about
oneself and those that surrounds the adepts, pawns, allies and foes. After all the world is ever
changing and so are those in it and its circumstances. As the delicate web of relationships that
sustains the social network changes so must the follower. As Inanna, that brings change and the rains
of spring that shapes the earth, the adept must be truthful to himself and adaptable.
1 - Deny yourself, the deep self,
the true self and its needs.
- Deny an opportunity for self
There is no way of knowing your place in the world
without knowing who you are. Seeking to understand
yourself, your deepest desires, fears, passions and
personal values is necessary to understand who you
are in the grand scheme of things.
2 - Failing to commune with the
Beast within and avoid riding
the wave
- Failing to seek one own’s
pleasures and be restrained by
guilt or remorse in this search.
Denying the desires of the Beast is denying your own
desires and communing with its basic instincts is
necessary to create a symbiotic relationship and
better understand the impulses that guides your
actions. Just as well, denying yourself pleasures,
privation or self discipline when not necessary for
personal gain is senseless. Life is not worth without
being enjoyed.
3 - Submitting yourself to the
wills of others without it being
part of a previously chosen
cause or commitment.
- Avoiding contact with
civilization and shunning
Knowing oneself to know one’s place in the world is
useless if the practitioner does not venture in it, being
part of civilization and society. Pledging loyalty to a
worthy cause, following orders to an agreed upon
hierarchy and/or accepting commitments are part of
living in said society and must be must be weighted,
accepted and carried out without losing sight of the
follower’s ambitions and deep self.
4 - Failing or refusing to protect
or aid an ally when it doesn't
jeopardize your own goals
- Neglecting an opportunity to
exact vengeance
Existence does not happen in a void. Those that are
close, be it for being cherished or important, must be
protected, if the cost aren’t your own goals or
denying your deep self. Enemies must understand
that the practitioner is someone to be feared, a true
force of nature. After all, the follower of this path may
be many things, but ignored should not be one of
5 - Fearing and avoiding
- Killing without reason and
failing to kill when necessary.
Creation, as the self, is dynamic. The cycle of life
isn’t just about creating, but also destroying and
renewing. Renewing/changing yourself based upon
experiences and self knowledge is necessary to be
part of the cycle and fearing and/or avoiding is to
become static and oppose the inner divine nature.
Destruction is also part of the cycle and showing
mercy to one that deserves to die is to prevent his
rebirth and evolution. Just as well, destructing
without cause is to disrespect the divine creation.
- Know and accept one’s self, including the Beast.
- Honesty to one’s self is fundamental.
- Spirituality and meditation is vital to understand the self and needs to be practiced.
- The world is not a duality, flawed or intrinsically evil, it just is and it’s there to be explored and
- Live in the moment and explore the pleasures that civilization has to offer.
- Submitting to the will of others outside of personal commitments is losing your self to another’s.
- Interpersonal relationships, both good and bad, are intrinsically part of living in the outside
world and must not be ignored.
- Adaptability is necessary to survival in an ever changing world.
- Death is part of life, but to destroy without purpose is to disturb creation.
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct, Courage (Convicção, Instinto, Coragem)
Common Abilities: Theology, Cosmology, Meditation, Survival, Social related skills.
Favored Disciplines: Dur-An-Ki, Fortitude, Animalism, Presence, Auspex
Date of Archival: 21-Oct-2017