Summit Alexandria 2021

Summit Alexandria 2021

Event Description:

We are happy to announce the sixth annual Summit Alexandria (in the past called the Occult Summit) hosted in the St. Louis region. The Summit is a gathering of scholars, scientists, and lore masters on a variety of strange, rare, and wondrous topics ranging from astral geography to psychological alchemy. The Summit is hosted by the Virtual Alexandria Project, a massive umbral library that strives to carefully catalogue, thoroughly protect, and thoughtfully disseminate all the world’s knowledge.

The Summit will be held on the evenings of October 1 and 2, 2021 in the Illinois Greater Saint Louis region. All are welcome to attend. The event has drawn will workers, fair folk, ghosts, shapeshifters, night walkers, and many more.  And despite the many political, philosophical, and religious perspectives, there has never been any violence or untowards influence upon any of the event’s attendees.  We don’t expect this year to be different. Guests are welcome to travel physically or virtually to the event.

The focus of the summit is a variety of speakers who take up important topics related to lore and the occult.  Past presentations have included: magical theory, high rituals, the umbra, approaches to enlightenment, blending magic across supernatural groups, other worlds, the nature of madness, and many, many more topics.  Talks this year will have a similar scope and diversity, and materials logged from past talks can also be made available.

The summit will also include various other activities, including a mentoring network, magical performance art, wonder-making workshops, code-breaking, and riddle deciphering.  Many of the sponsored activities may reward their victors with copies of tomes straight from the library itself.

The Summit Alexandria is a mutually supported event. We ask that participants consider:
• Presenting – Give a talk!  Teach people what you know! The top speaker will win 30 quintessence.
• Volunteering – There are various volunteer opportunities from OOC sign-in duties to IC security.
• Donating – The event is sponsored by the Virtual Alexandria Project, but we also ask our participants to make a financial or magical donation.  A common donation in the past has been five measures of magical energies (such as quintessence, gnosis, pathos, glamour, or willpower).
  [[OOC: The event is free. If you would like donate $5 for a free retest in the event, contact event staff.]]

Please contact the summit organizer, the Librarian Hypatia et Alia, at
Register [[in character]] here:
Register [[OOC]] by sending sheets/item cards to (or through Haller Games) by 9/24/21.

October 1 – 3:00pm to 11:30pm central
October 2 – 11am to 11:30pm central

The Summit will be run on Discord:

Fine Print
Sheets & Cards sent after this deadline may or may not be approved, depending on the time availability of the Staff.
Custom Content & Item Cards which have effects that are not exactly per book will only be reviewed to be permitted if submitted on or before the Registration date.
Item cards of a mundane nature will be permitted without review.
CiET’s House Rules:

Event Dates: 01-Oct-2021 2:00PM CDT to 02-Oct-2021 10:30PM CDT
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Event Website: Link
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Lodging Type: Hotel
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The Summit will be run on Discord -

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